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Beginner Jiu Jitsu-What to Know For Your First Month of Training

Beginner Jiu Jitsu

What is a beginner jiu Jitsu? Have you finally decided to join that free trial session in your local gym? Or sign yourself up for a full class? Well, that is totally great! This is probably one of the best decisions you have made. Trust me when I say that Jiu Jitsu can change your life. 

But as a beginner in BJJ, you must focus on learning the main concepts of jiu jitsu and spend the majority of your time working on surviving and escaping.

Its important to understand that your first few classes in BJJ will be like your orientation to the sport. This will give you a guide idea of what to expact on your future jiu jitsu journey.

One thing main thing for those who are starting BJJ is that it will all be about survival.

You may not have the attacks or submissions yet so your focus will be all about surviving and escaping from bad positions.

From here, you will gain knowledge through experience on what to avoid, what to focus on and what to learn. Furthermore, you will learn about the different attacks that you can apply.

Here is a breakdown of the bjj positional hiearchy from worst to best:

What is BJJ Training Like?

What is BJJ training like? It is probably one of the best and hardest experiences that you will have. You can even say that BJJ training is quite addictive. 

And so what is BJJ training really all about? Of course, you enter the mats, start with the line up. Take note that the lowest belt stays at the end of the line.

Moreover, you will have to warm up. Of course, you shouldn’t start any physical activity without basic warm up and stretching to avoid injuries during training. 

There will be drills to learn fundamental movements, that is if you are a beginner.

For those who have been training BJJ for quite some time now, drills are for enhancing basic movements that are often used.

This will be followed by the lesson of the day taught by your coach and your professor. Lastly, it will be the rolling session which is technically sparring in BJJ. 

Note that this can vary depending on your school.

What to Expect in your first bjj class

What to expect in your first BJJ class? Quite likely, it will be a totally different experience for everyone. 

If it is your first time trying a grappling sport, then you might find a lot of terms new during your first class.

But if you have tried sports like: wrestling, judo, etc. then you may be familiar with some of the terms involved in BJJ. 

So what should you expect, really? Expect that you will sweat. I am not here to tell you that your first class will be easy and smooth.

To be honest, it will be very difficult. In fact,  you will find yourself in a whole different scenario and you have to try all the means to survive!

However, its all totally normal everyone has been through their first day in jiu jitsu and believe me its all down hill from there!

You may even realize that you have a lot of things you have to work on physically like your cardio, strength and flexibility. 

Check out this video.

 How to Learn Jiu Jitsu

How does one learn Jiu Jitsu?

You probably watched a couple of videos or heard about BJJ already.

So in order to learn BJJ formally is to sign up for your first class already, this can be a trial session or a complete set of classes. Take note that each gym or BJJ school has their own way of teaching BJJ. From here, you will learn the basics of BJJ already. 

Once you are in your class, make sure to listen!

As a beginner in BJJ, you may not have the skill yet to understand a lot during the rolling sessions.

So what you can do is to make sure to listen to what your coach is saying. One must understand basic terms and look at how these details are being applied. 

Additionally, do not hesitate to ask questions!

If there are things that you think you are having difficulty doing or understanding then ask your coach.

Trust me, your teammates who are already more advanced than you will not judge! These people here started the same as you and just molded themselves slowly as they progressed with the sport. 

 Rolling in jiu jitsu

What is rolling in jiu jitsu?

You might find yourself hearing this a lot from your friends who practice BJJ. But what is it really?

Rolling is the form of sparring for the sport.

This is the last part of your BJJ class, where you test your skills and apply your new learnings with your training partner or teammates. 

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Check out this video on how to survive your first six months of rolling.

Is bjj hard to learn?

Is BJJ hard to learn? To be honest, it is! But I hope my answer does not discourage you! One thing you have to keep in mind is,

you will not be a master of the sport immediately, but the more time you put in on and off the mat the faster you will learn.

In order for one to have a full depth of learning, you must keep showing up!

Show up to class and get all the exposure you can get. Additionally, take advantage of those rolling sessions and seek advice from your training partner. 

How much BJJ can you learn in a month?

How much BJJ can you learn in a month?

This would depend on you! You may be showing up to class but not paying attention to all the lessons being taught, then you may not learn a lot then. 

However, if you show up to class, listen to everything and try to apply them as much as possible then you will be able to understand the concept and hopefully get to apply them moving forward. 

So if you are a beginner, expect that you may learn what the following are during your first month: 

  • Back take 
  • Side control 
  • Mount 

How many times a week should a beginner do bjj?

How many times a week should a beginner do BJJ? This will depend on you. There are several thing that you might consider here like: 

  • Schedule 
  • Recovery period (if with injuries) 
  • Commitment to the sport 

But one thing you have to keep in mind here is to keep showing up. Show up as much as you can to class but make sure not over work yourself to avoid any injuries. 

Here’s the full guide on how often you should train jiu jitsu by Heavy BJJ. 

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