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How Long Does It Take to Earn  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (BJJ Belt Timeline)

How long does it take to get a black belt

How long does it take to get a blackbelt in BJJ? Well this would depend on the practitioner and their dedication to the sport. 

Additionally, levelling up in BJJ is quite different from any other martial art. Each of the schools, coaches or professors have different things they look at in order for their students to earn a stripe.

So let us go over some of the major things we have to consider for one to get their blackbelt. 

  • Time spent training – one of the biggest factors you have to look into is how much you show up to train and how much time you dedicate to learn the sport.
    • Earning your blackbelt does not happen overnight. It takes time, effort and dedication. Moreover, one thing you also have to note is that each time you go to training, there will be something new to learn. 
  • Skills – they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. But for jiu jitsu with so many techniques and skills to develop (sweeps, take downs, submissions, pass, guards, etc.) you will have to keep on training to master and perfect your techniques. Eventually, these movement will become more instinctual and be apart of your muscle memory, so you will be able to react and perform these technique with the utmost efficiency.
  • Leadership – in the rank or belt system of BJJ once you become a purple belt, others in the gym will often look toward you for guidance and believe it or not you will be a factor in influencing the gym culture. From here, you start showing leadership as you slowly progress in rank up until you reach black belt.
  • Competitive skills – in the years spent training, one should occasionally compete to test their skills in the sport. Additionally, this can also show the confidence you have in your techniques and self as a BJJ practitioner. Lastly, this will also reflect your knowledge about the sport which can help you earn your black belt. 

Can you get a black belt in 5 years?

Can one get a black belt in 5 years? Well, the answer here is yes. This is not impossible because there are people who actually managed to achieve this already. 

Moreover, these people have shown great dedication to the sport already and proving that they deserve the belt. 

Here’s a short list of people who achieved their black belt in BJJ in less than 5 years:

  1. Travis Stephens

As of today, the fastest person to earn their black belt is Travis Stephens who earned his rank in just 18 months under John Dahaner. 

Check out this video of Travis Stephens.

  1. Caoi Terra

Caoi Terra dominated local BJJ in Brazil and was promoted by Reyson Gracie after 3 year of religious training. 

Check out this video of Caoi Terra.

  1. Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez

Richie of 10th Planet BJJ is also one of the fastest students to earn their black belt. He earned his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu black belt in 3 years 11 months, while his brother Geo Martinez earned his in 3 years. 

Check out this video of Boogeyman.

 BJJ Belt Progression Timeline

So let us go over the belt progression timeline of BJJ. It starts with the lightest color which is white then progresses to blue, purple, brown then the last which is black. 

So what does these belts mean and what are the set expectations for each of them? 

  • White belt – if you are a white belt, then this means you just recently started jiu jitsu and are learning the fundamentals of jiu jitsu. In this rank, you are expected to focus on your escapes and survival. 
  • Blue belt – once you are a blue belt, it means that you may have spent a lot time learning the fundamentals of BJJ. In this rank, you are expected to be able to know the basic technicalities in BJJ. Moreover, you are able to demonstrate and apply the basic principles and fundamentals like sweeps, take down, guard, passes and different submissions.  
  • Purple belt – purple belt means you have levelled up and are no longer in the beginner lever. Additionally, this means that you are getting closer to being an advanced BJJ practitioner. You can consider this rank as the middle child since it is the one bridging the beginner and advance level. Once you reach this level, it means that you are also equipped and skilled with your fundamentals. You already have a series of moves and attacks up your sleeve. Furthermore, it is expected that you are to assist in guiding the lower ranks because you are preparing yourself as you earn a higher belt. 

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  • Brown belt – If you are a brown belt in BJJ, it means that you are almost there! You can now read the movements of your opponent. To add on to that, you are capable of stringing a chain of attacks already, and you are very comfortable on the mats since you have hundreds of hours of experience already. Furthermore, you are now capable of spotting errors in techniques of those of lower ranks and more than capable of teaching them how to correct it.

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  • Black belt – Black belts are the professors of BJJ. They are the living embodiment of what the sport is all about. They are the ones passing on to the new generation of practitioners what BJJ is about on and off the mats.

How many belts are there in jiu jitsu?

How many belts are there in BJJ? Just like any other sport, there is a rank system for BJJ.

The lowest of the rank is called white belt, then once promoted they will become a blue belt. From there, one will be promoted to purple, then brown. Lastly, it will be the black belt.

So all in all, there are 5 major belt ranks in BJJ. Namely these are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

How long does it take to get each belt

How long does it take to get each belt? The answer here is it would be different for each and every practitioner out there. 

As you can see, earlier in this post, I discussed those who are able to achieve their black belt in less than 5 years.

What does this mean? Then it means, earning a stripe and levelling up on the ranks fast is not impossible. 

However, there are certain things that you have to consider. As we all know that any martial arts practitioner, one should have the mindset of discipline and constantly aiming for improvement. 

One thing I can tell you though is you have to keep showing up. Train as much as you can and never seize the opportunity to learn and improve. 

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 Is it hard to get a black belt in bjj?

Is it hard to get a black belt in BJJ? All I can say is yes, but it will be worth it. Trust me, nothing good comes easy in life. 

One must spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours on the mat in order to become a black belt. This will require a mindset of a warrior 

You can consider earning a black belt in BJJ like your doctorate in the sport.

Some would even say that only 10% of white belts continue until blue, then only one percent out of those blue practitioners will progress and keep going until they reach the most prestigious level as a martial artist which is the black belt. 

Additionally, earning the blackbelt requires time, effort and dedication to the sport. For one to keep on going and pursuing their BJJ journey, they must be able to have the passion and love for the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. 

How long to get a black belt in bjj

So how long does it take to earn your black belt in BJJ? Well, it can take 18 months like Travis Stephens, 3 years like the Boogeyman or 10 years like the others. 

Take note that our journey in BJJ is a lifetime pursuit. You will continuously grow and learn the more you expose yourself out there and train. Additionally, learn how to listen and be open to learning.

I hope you keep on training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and achieve your BJJ goals one step at a time.

Hope you enjoyed the read today, til next time!

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