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How Much Does BJJ Cost? What To Expect When You Want to Sign Up

A Guide to BJJ Gyms – How much for jiu jitsu classes?

Here is our quick guide to bjj gyms when considering how much for jiu jitsu classes.

Do you want to start training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu but can’t decide which gym to go to for classes? Well, this read is perfect for you!

I have trained at several different gyms across the US over the past 5 years and have dropped into other international bjj gyms over the course of my training.

Let me help you decide which type of gym that fits you perfectly. 

How Much Is a Month of Jiu Jitsu?

So how much is a month of Jiu Jitsu? Let’s talk about pricing.

How much does bjj cost? If you’re currently living in the United States, you can expect cost for brazilian jiu jitsu to be around $70-$200 per month of training.

The price for Brazillian jiu jitsu classes can vary widely depending on many different factors such as:

  • Location of the gym
  • Types of classes offered
  • Frequency of training offered
  • Their reputation and affiliation
  • Quality and amount of instructors

In terms of other country’s prices you can expect the below range:

CountryAvg Monthly Cost for BJJ (in USD)
South America$60-$120

There are two types of gyms that you can actually find (This would also effect pricing):

  1. One that offers jiu jitsu classes but also caters to other forms of martial arts like Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, etc. 
  2. The other type is the one that solely focuses on jiu jitsu training.     ‘

Since most gyms do not opene offer their prices on their website, a good way to get a better idea is to call a local gym, see if they offer a free class trial.

However, be aware that you will likely hear sales pitch either before class or on your way out.

Generally, you may be able to do walk-in sessions, pay monthly or yearly rates. Some gyms will even offer a free first day or week trial.

Most gyms usually require yearly membership before you can actually start enrolling yourself in their classes.

This again, would depend on the gym that you will be going to. Additionally, adult classes usually have a different rate compared to kids classes. 

If you’re the type to calculate everything, you can include here other associated costs such as:

  • your gas to get to and from the gym
  • required apparel such as gi or no gi attire
  • other recommended gear like:
    • mouth guard
    • head gear
    • flip flops
    • water bottle
    • finger tape

With these additional items in mind you can see that the cost of bjj may be a bit more than just the membership.

Finally, some of the gyms offer free usage of their gym equipment for strength training and conditioning. 

They may have a weight training area offered with their membership so if you are paying for a weightlifting gym you may be able to cancel it and get all your training at your bjj gym.

Average Jiu Jitsu Price

In terms of the average jiu jitsu price, ff we average the yearly cost of training BJJ, you can expect to spend around $1000-$3000. But don’t get too overwhelmed, let me break it down for you. 

You will have your monthly fee/rate which is your yearly membership. 

Then you will have your gear and apparel:

  • You’ll need a Gi (BJJ uniform) and belt for your Gi classes
  • your rashguard and spats for no gi training sessions
  • Your protective gear can be included in this also, like your mouthguard, groin protector, knee pads, etc
  • Also, sometimes you’ll have to use finger tapes and kinesiology tapes during training. 

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Prices

BJJ Etiquette - What You Should Know Before Your First Class

What are 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu prices?

If you are interested in training at Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu or one of their affiliate locations, which are one of the largest bjj affiliates today, you can expect the cost for adult classes to be roughly around $100-$150 monthly.

Their kids’ classes would be around $80-$90 dollars monthly.

Keep in mind that you can usually take advantage of their yearly one time payment offers, or referral options to get a discounted rate – this again will depend on specific 10th Planet location.

Gracie Barra Cost

For Carlos Gracie Jr.’s Gracie Barra cost, training would be around $120-$150 for adult classes and $100-120 for kids classes

One thing that you can take advantage of here is they would have family discount rates. The more family members enroll in their classes, the bigger the discount can be.

From what I’ve seen, if you bring 2 more people with you, you can get a 20% discount for referrals which is not bad.

Gym Fees

Not all gyms require a monthly gym fee or membership, some charge per class.

But one of the reasons why it would be great to pay a monthly or yearly fee, depending on the contract, is that you usually get a discounted rate. 

If you’re wondering why are bjj gyms so expensive?

Well they likely have quite a bit of costs such as:

  • rent
  • utilities
  • instructors/staff
  • gym maintenance

Gym prices often vary widely with the largest factors being

  1. reputation/quality of teaching
  2. location cost of living

Gyms are supposed to be clean and safe. Its definitely not easy to a clean and safe environment for everyone.

BJJ Apparel Costs – How Much Is a Gi?

how long to get a bjj blue belt

Let’s talk about what you’ll be wearing for your first class!

So you’ve probably heard about “gi” which is the traditional training uniform for BJJ that is also called Kimono. 

The average cost of gi will depend on the quality and brand that you will be purchasing them from. You can also consider the shipping fee if you’ll be ordering them online. 

Here are some brands and their price range: 

  1. Shoyoroll ($180-$260)
  2. Wartribe ($79-$170)
  3. Tatami ($75-$150)
  4. Venum ($75-$150)
  5. Hayabusa ($80-$150)

Tip: If you’re interested in competing in the future, make sure to get a competition that is IBJJF approved*

How Much do Jiu Jitsu Competitions Cost

If you become more confident in your BJJ skills and want to start competing you may be wondering how much do jiu jitsu competitions cost?

For bjj competitions you can expect that there will be a registration fee. Roughly, it can cost you around $75-$250. 

One thing you have to keep in mind, to be able to get a lower cost for competitions, is to take advantage of their early registration discounts.

So make sure, if you’re interested in joining in a tournament, you’ve already followed and subscribed to IBJJF and gyms that are hosting competitions.

Is BJJ Worth the Cost?

In the end is bjj worth the cost?

You may be thinking twice now, because of the rates. But trust me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be a pricey hobby, but it’s definitely worth it. 

The coaches and professors that you’ll meet along the way are definitely well trained and can provide you with their knowledge from experience. 

BJJ is great if you’re looking to get in shape quickly, without even noticing because you’re having too much fun on the mats.The drills can also help with your mobility, strength and flexibility.

It’s a sport that does not only keep your body healthy, but it actually helps sharpen your mind with all the techniques that you’re learning every time you train. 

To be honest, it’s quite addicting. Every class, every open mat session will be different. There will always be something new to learn and there’s always something you can improve upon. 

Take into account that it’s not just a sport, for many it is a way of life. Hopefully, one that you can one day enjoy too.

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