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Martial Arts for Girls (What Martial Arts Should I Learn?)

Martial Arts for Girls

What are the best martial arts for girls?

If you’re looking for:

  • self defense
  • a new hobby
  • physical activities to burn calories
  • a way to improve your self confidence

Look no furhter ~

Choosing a martial arts for girls shouldn’t be that difficult. In fact, everyone should be trained in some sort of martial art. It should be a requirement just like all the other physical activities done during schooling.

With the world we live in today, we find a lot of women being at risk for harassment, molested, groped publicly, etc.

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what do you think is a good way for these women to be able to protect themselves? 

Well, one thing that these girls can do is to learn a martial art.

In this way, they will be able to learn how to defend themselves if caught in a self defense situation (which we hope does not happen to anyone.) 

Furthermore, aside from learning self defense through different forms of martial arts classes, another benefit is that it can actually help women stay fit through the martial arts training sessions that they have. 

These women will feel empowered as they grow accustomed to their chosen art and are able to build friendship and camaraderie with their training companions or team. 

So what are some of the best and effective martial arts for girls to try?

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – BJJ is one of the fastest growing sports nowadays. It is a grappling based martial art also known as the gentle art. An easy way to describe BJJ is that it involves a lot of ground play. One’s goal is to bring their opponent to the ground and be able to limit their movements by controlling and restricting their limbs until help arrives, or attack them through different submissions like chokes, arm bars, leg locks, etc. 

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  1. Muay Thai – you probably heard about muay thai already. Muay thai is a martial art form that originated from Thailand. It is a sport that involves  a lot of striking (punches and kicks). ts moves rely on the use of elbows, head and knees making it very effective on the street. 
  1. MMA – MMA or mixed martial art is the combination of different forms of martial arts. It is known to be a full combat sport that involves different techniques from different sports/martial arts like: 
  • Boxing
  • Taekwondo 
  • BJJ
  • Muay Thai 
  • Krav Maga 

Best Martial art for Women

Is there really something you can consider as the best martial arts for women? This would depend on the person’s goal. Everyone has a different reason why they want to start or have started a martial art in the first place. 

Besides that, you have to keep in mind is that you have to be comfortable in what you are doing and that you enjoy it. Moreover, women are just as capable as men. They are more than capable of learning, doing and achieving a lot in their martial arts journey. 

Some of the main reasons women might feel hesistant to join a martial art are:

  • they feel uncomfortable joining a male dominated martial arts program
  • they may be worried about the risk of injury

To be honest, I have heard about some girls who are scared to enroll themselves in martial art classes because they feel uncomfortable joining a mixed class where men and women attend .

The reason? Well this can vary from person to person. However I have heard some say that they feel scared joining a martial art class dominated by the opposite gender. 

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, one should feel comfortable, right? So if you want to start a martial art class but are worried about the class being composed of mostly men:

I want you to know that there are different gyms that offer all women’s martial arts classes. 

Here are some of the resources that you can check out if you’d like to try going to an all girls martial art class: 

  1. Atos Jiu Jitsu
  2. 10th Planet
  3. UFC Gym
  4. Jane Jitsu
  5. Gracie University

If those listed above are not established or available in your area, then do not worry! You can always go to your local gym and inquire first if they have an all girl’s class. 

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Most effective martial arts

What are the most effective martial arts?

What I can say about this is that the most effective types are those that include live sparring or practicing techniques on a fully resisting training partner.


This is the only true test that shows how effective a martial art really is.

Moreover, you are able to test out your skills and discover what you can improve on and have undeniable proof that these techniques will work in a real life self defense scenario.

What I can say about this is that the most effective types are those that include live sparring or practicing techniques on a fully resisting training partner.

Which martial art is best for me?

Can’t decide what is the best martial art for you? Do not worry! I am here to help you out. Heavy BJJ created a diagram on which type of martial art will be fit for you. You can start off by deciding whether you want to try something that involves striking or is grappling based. 

I hope that the diagram was able to help you decide on what martial art to research about or at least try. 

Keep in mind that most of the gyms or schools offer a free trial session. Hence, if you are still undecided, sign up for the free classes and find out which one you will enjoy the most. 

Moreover, you can also always check out resources on the internet if you’re interested in trying out a sport.

You can search videos on the type of moves done, or even read about what you can expect during your first month of training the sport. 

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What’s the most effective martial art in a street fight?

What is the most effective martial art in a street fight? If you find yourself in a street fight (which, again, I hope you do not), know that if you have a background in martial arts and your opponent does not, then you are at an extreme advantage.

The scenario would also depend on what will be effective, you have to consider if your opponent has a weapon.

Moreover, if you have multiple opponents –

  • will grappling be effective?
  • or would striking be more effective  

Let me talk about some martial arts and how they can be effective for you in a street fight. 

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsuso BJJ is a sport where one who is smaller and lighter can have an advantage over their opponent. It is a sport based on technique and it can allow you to overcome a stronger attacker. Furthermore, in BJJ you do not have to attack or physically hurt your opponent. Lastly, you can simply limit their movements by using pressure and limiting their movement until help arrives.

Check out this compilation video of women doing BJJ.

  1. Boxing – boxing is also really effective during a street fight because it involves throwing punches to your opponent. Moreover, with boxing, you are capable of keeping distance and dodging your opponent as defense. 
  1. Kali – Kali is another form of martial art that can be new to you that involves weapons. It is a Filipino martial art that involves sticks(long/short), blades and empty hands. With that in mind, Kali has been proven effective on the streets because you are capable of defending one’s self with bare hands or even with an umbrella or pen. Additionally, did know that Kali is the ancient martial art that defeated the 1st world circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan?

Check out this women’s Kali demonstration video.

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Womens Martial Arts – Conclusion

Women’s martial arts:

I know that we have gone through a lot of things in this read. But I think and believe that learning martial arts is considered an essential for women in the world we live in today. 

Moreover, there are several things that one may have to consider before starting though, but it is always important to be comfortable and enjoy what you do. 

Here are some of my tips for those women who want to try martial arts: 

  1. Believe in yourself. You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. 
  2. Read or watch videos. Do your research about the sport that you would like to engage and learn. 
  3. Invite a friend or a loved one to try and train with you! Having someone you know in class can help you feel more confident and at ease.
  4. Nobody is good the first time. So keep showing up to class and train. 

Lastly, I hope this has been a good read and that we were able to encourage you to try martial arts!

Til next time!  

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