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Top 15+ Fastest Knockouts in Boxing History (Ranked with Videos)

If you are looking for the fastest knockout in boxing history or the fastest knockouts ranked with videos you’ve come to the right place.

Boxing knockouts can be brutal and are the most definitve form of victory a boxer can achieve.

I’ve include videos of the fastest knockouts in this post wherever possible (with the video starting just before the boxing match starts).

Fastest Knockouts in Boxing History – Key Takeaways

  • The fastest knockout punch ever recorded was thrown by Mike Collins in his fight with Pat Brownson in 1947
  • In more modern times, the fastest knockout in boxing history is recorded at 10 seconds by Phil Williams against Brandon Burkein 2007.
  • Fastest knockouts are not exclusive to the heavyweight category as lightweight fights like Zolani Tate’s victory over Sibonsio Gonya in 11 seconds show.
  • In the UFC, Jorge Masvidal’s victory over Ben Askren in 5 seconds is notable due to its speed and surprise.

Fastest Knockouts in Boxing – (starting from quickest knockouts)

1. Phil Williams vs Brandon Burke in 10 sec – July 6 2007

The fastest knokout in boxing history took place on July 6, 2007, between Phil Williams and Brandon Burke.

When the opening bell sounded, registered spectators were about to witness a landmark moment in boxing history. Brandon charged quickly at Phil Williams, but Williams hit a lightening fast right hand before slipping to the side.

With one strategically placed punch from Williams, his opponent was sent sprawling onto the canvas just 10 seconds into the fight- honestly what took up the most time was the ref checking if Burke could continue.

2. Jeremy Williams vs Arthur Weathers in 10 seconds – March 19, 1996

March 19, 1996, was the date of another historical match that has captured the eye of boxing enthusiasts worldwide. Jeremy Williams found himself squaring up against Arthur Weathers and within only 10 seconds, had etched his name in history as a knockout artist.

Williams landed a powerful uppercut that left Weathers collapsing on the canvas in mere seconds, making this without a doubt one of the quickest KO triumphs on record.

3. Al Couture vs. Ralph Walton in 11.5 seconds-Sep 24, 1946

This fight goes back all the way to September 24, 1946, the boxing match between Al Couture and Ralph Walton held the record for fastest knockout for many years.

Al Couture was able to knockout Ralph Walton in 11.5 seconds. While we were unable to find any video of the fight at such a short time it definitely deserves a mention on this list.

4. Zolani Tete vs Siboniso Gonya in 11 seconds – November 18, 2017

On November 18, 2017, an unforgettable knockout came courtesy of Zolani Tete, who defeated Siboniso Gonya in a mere 11 seconds.

This secured Tete’s position as one of the fastest fighters to achieve a knockout in a world championship boxing match. With a quick right Tete knock Gonya to the mat. It goes to show that even the ligher weight divisions can have that lightening fast knockout power.

5. Jimmy Thunder vs Crawford Grimsley in 13 seconds – March 18, 1997

Another of the fastest knockouts in boxing history comes on March 18, 1997. The first punch by Jimmy Thunder, the New Zealand-based Samoan, knockout his opponent, Crawford Grimsely, right to the canvas.

Thunder, a former IBO heavyweight champion, took on Crawford Grimsley for a boxing match in Fukuoka. The bout ended at the 13-second mark, making it one of the fastest knockouts in world heavyweight championship history and definitlely should be towards the top of this list.

As the bell rang, Thunder landed his first punch with such force that Grimsley collapsed the moment he was hit. The spectacle was as thrilling as one of Thunder’s signature single-punch knockouts and made him a boxing legend.

6. Daniel Jimenez vs Harald Geier in 17 seconds – September 3, 1994

A notable entry in the fastest knockout records was the bout between Puerto Rican boxer Daniel Jimenez and German challenger Harald Geier in 1994.

After an electrifying beginning, the WBO Super Bantamweight Title match was concluded abruptly as Geier was knocked down within just 17 seconds by Jimenez.

The fact that Geier went in as a crowd favorite only intensified the drama of the victory.

7. Allan Green vs Jaiton Codrington in 18 seconds – November 4, 2005

At just 18 seconds Allan Green was able to knockout Jaiton Codrington at the start of their boxing match.

Green came out hard and fast and visibly shook Codringont before getting him against the ropes and eventually taking him down to the canvas.

Allan Green, an accomplished boxer, used this bout to stamp his dominance in the sport’s landscape. His knockout punch visibly illustrated the impressive power he wielded against his opponents. Green’s assault on Codrington wasn’t only swift; it was highly tactical too.

If anything, this match is a testament to the repeated significance of timing, strategy, and, most significantly, raw power.

8. David Tua vs John Ruiz in 19 seconds – March 15, 1996

Now we are getting into the era where I was first exposed to boxing matches and was immediately a fan.

In March 1996, David Tua squared off against John Ruiz. While David Tua isn’t one of the most well known fighters to casual fans he shouldn’t be dismissed – many opponents even say he had some of the hardest punches of the era.

David “The Terminator” Tua, the explosive Samoan-New Zealander, was the embodiment of fearsome power coupled with strategizing intelligence. Tua measured his target with calculated precision, landing two jabs on Ruiz before skillfully launching a monster left hook on Ruiz’s chin. You can visibly see Ruiz shook. A barrage of unrelenting blows followed, and Ruiz collapsed in a only 19 seconds.

9. Chris Eubank vs Reginaldo Dos Santos in 20 sec – September 22, 1990

September 22, 1990 another memorable addition to the fastest knockout records, occurring in a twenty-second between Chris Eubank and Reginaldo Dos Santos.

Eubank, known for his formidable power and unconventional fighting style, seemed unperturbed by the challenge from Dos Santos. With a stoic demeanour and tenacious focus, Eubank squared off against the Brazilian, undeterred by his opponent’s strengths. It took Eubank just a few seconds to dismiss Dos Santos, landing a decisive right punch that crumbled the latter into the canvass.

10. Gerald McClellan vs Jay Bell in 20 seconds – August 6, 1993

The boxing clash between Gerald McClellan and Jay Bell, going back to August 1993, was another very fast knockout with McClellan ending the bout in just 20 seconds. It’s no surprise McClellan was ready; he was one of the most furious middleweight contenders of that era.

McClellan’s aggressive start applied substantial pressure on Bell, culminating in a knockout that has been hailed among the fastest successful defenses of a world title and definitely deserves to be on this list.

With a brutal body shot McClellan dropped Jay Bell to the canvas. Bell was unable to continue, and this is the first time a body shot has led to a knockout in such a short amount of time.

11. Sechew Powell vs Cornelius Bundrage in 22 sec – May 6 2005

This is probably one of the most if not the most entertaining knockouts on this list.

Sechew Powell’s victory over Cornelius Bundrage on May 6, 2005, was an exemplary display of speed and power within the confines of the ring.

Powell, a Brooklyn native, needed just 22 seconds of the first round to stamp his authority over Bundrage in their light-middleweight contest, delivering one of the fastest ever knockouts noted in boxing history.

They both exchange some heavy hits and both stumbled but after they were separate Powells came at Bundrage hard and after some relentless punches was able to knock him down again. Soon after the ref called the fight and declared Powell the victor.

12. Bernard Hopkins vs Steve Frank in 24 seconds – January 27, 1996

Bernard Hopkins holds the distinction for another one of the fastest knockouts in the sport, with his remarkable victory over Steve Frank in January 1996 taking just 24 seconds.

Among his many accolades, this match stands as an indelible testament to Hopkins’ speed, accuracy, and raw power.

Hopkins’ tactical understanding of the sport was often his greatest weapon, allowing him to exploit openings and swiftly capitalize with thunderous power. His match with Steve Frank showcased all these merits, with Hopkins dismantling a formidable contender in shocking time.

13. Nigel Benn vs Ian Chantler in 16 seconds on November 24, 1987

Nigel Benn, also known as ‘The Dark Destroyer,’ had enthralled fans with his power punching throughout the 1980s and the 90s.

One memorable bout occurred on November 24, 1987, when he faced Ian Chantler. Just 16 seconds into this bout, Benn dodged a couple punches from Chantler than with his first punch knocked Chantler to the ground.

Benn, a two-division world champion, was known for his ferocious boxing style, and his match against Chantler stands as a testament to that. Strategically well-paced, Benn’s knockout victory over Chantler was not only swift but took everyone by surprise.

14. Mike Tyson vs. Marvis Frazier in 30 seconds – July 26, 1986

I bet you were wondering when Tyson would appear on this list.

So last but not least, we have Mike Tyson vs. Marvis Frazier (the son of Joe Frazier) in July 1986. Tyson, known for his invincible power, at this point, was rapidly establishing himself as the brightest star in boxing with his undefeated record.

Against Frazier, his intense aggression and power were evident from the first bell. Within 30 seconds, Tyson had Frazier down from a series of powerful punches. Frazier managed to get up only to be overwhelmed with another barrage of Tyson’s punches.

Left on the canvas, Frazier was unable to continue, conceding the fastest knockout in Tyson’s career.

Other Fastest Boxing Knockouts Worth Mentioning:

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam vs Daisuke Naito in 34 seconds – March 18, 2002

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam’s 34-second knockout victory over Daisuke Naito is another gem embedded in boxing history.

The Thai boxing legend, Wonjongkam, stylized his matches with not only his skills and tactics but also with captivating swiftness, etching him as one of the boxing greats.

Fighting in the Flyweight division, he cemented his glory by achieving one of the fastest knockouts in Bell’s title defenses. His calculated power punches outdid Naito in under a minute, flipping the script for the standout Japanese boxer.

Naseem Hamed vs Said Lawal in 35 Seconds in 1996

Naseem Hamed, fondly known as Prince Naseem, was truly a dazzling spectacle in the boxing ring.

His charismatic persona, brimming with energetic showmanship alongside his relentless punch power, presented a multifaceted threat to his opponents. When facing Said Lawal in a fight in 1996, Prince Naseem exemplified his unique brand of aggressive energy and power.

In a matter of 35 seconds, Naseem demonstrated his acute boxing prowess. He filtered the raw intensity of his offensive strategy into a force that shattered Lawal’s defenses. The swift knockout served to establish the dominance of Naseem, leaving the spectators spellbound.

Tim Witherspoon vs David Jaco in 35 seconds – February 2, 1985

The intensity and peril of heavyweight boxing were rendered apparent in the bout between Tim Witherspoon and David Jaco in 1985.

Witherspoon needed just 35 seconds to finish off Jaco, etching his name into the record books with the swift, one-sided victory.

From the opening bell, Witherspoon was relentless in his approach. A swift barrage of heavy shots sent Jaco tumbling down to the canvas, proving the brutal efficiency of Witherspoon’s strategy.

What Was the Quickest Mike Tyson KO?

We all know that Mike Tyson has scary knockout power.

If we are talking about his quickest KO ever it would have to go to the fight mentioned early in this post between him and Marvis Frasier, the son of the legendary Joe Frazier. At 30 seconds, Tyson kncoked out Frazier with vicous combinations and his devastating uppercuts.

Despite Frazier’s commendable efforts to rise, the referee called the match in favor of Tyson, marking it as his fastest knockout.

Mike Tyson’s Fastest Knockouts

Although the Marvis Frazier match holds the distinction of being the fastest Mike Tyson knockout, it’s not the only instance where Tyson’s matches have come to an abrupt end due to quick knockouts and stoppages.

Amongst the extensive list of his victories, Tyson’s notable triumphs via knockout include matches against

  • Robert Colay (37 seconds)
  • Trent Singleton (52 seconds)
  • Sterling Benjamin (54 seconds)

In the match against Robert Colay, Tyson delivered a display of his tremendous agility and power, with the bout coming to a swift conclusion in 37 seconds. Observers of that match claim that Colay never even saw the punch coming, a testament to Tyson’s ability to catch opponents off guard with his devastating blows. His ability to weave and bob through the ring, combined with his explosive punch release, makes this match a textbook study for any aspiring boxer.

Similarly, Trent Singleton bore the brunt of Tyson’s wrath in a bout that concluded in 52 seconds. Despite being an early entry into Tyson’s professional roster, the match hinted at the dominance Tyson would soon display in his career. Notably, Tyson’s unyielding pressure from the starting bell left Singleton struggling to maintain pace and ultimately couldn’t sustain the volley of blows delivered upon him.

Equally exhilarating was the Tyson vs Sterling Benjamin match, which came to an end in a mere 54 seconds. This fight painted a vivid illustration of Tyson’s tactical brilliance, showcasing his skill in exploiting openings with crippling body shots, a trademark style which often left his opponents susceptible to his power hooks and uppercuts. His swift victory over Benjamin was another testament to his unparalleled speed and power.

Who Has Scored the Most Career Knockouts in Boxing History?

The holder of the record for the most knockouts in a career is Archie Moore, incredibly scoring 131 KOs in his 28-year-long career.

If we had to choose a runner up with the most career knockouts it would have to go to”Sugar” Ray Robinson.

Known for his impeccable movement and blistering speed, Robinson’s record features an awe-inspiring 108 knockouts out of 173 victories. However,

Amateur Knockouts Worth Mentioning

Significant fastest knockouts have also been recorded within the realm of amateur boxing, which acts as an exciting platform for aspiring professional fighters.

Topping this list is boxing titan Mike Tyson, who managed to knock out Dan Cozad in a jaw-dropping eight seconds at just 16 years old. Tyson’s victory is recognized as the fastest knockout in amateur boxing history, showcasing his early domination in the sport and laying the groundwork for his successful professional career.

Another notable mention within amateur boxing is Ray Robinson’s nineteen-second knockout against Bernie Miller in their 1939 amateur bout.

The advantage of swift victories in the amateur field, aside from the accolades, is the additional layer of competitiveness they bring to the sport. It encourages young boxers to enhance not just their strength and endurance, but also their speed, finesse, and tactical prowess, equipping them better for their future professional duels.

Fastest Knockouts in Women’s Boxing

If we are talking about women’s boxing, there have been quite a bit of lighting fast knockouts but when it comes to the fastest knockout it would have to go to Seniesa Estrada’s seven-second triumph over Miranda Adkins in 2020.

While this bout has some serious controversy when considering matchmaking and Adkin’s experience in the ring, it still currently holds the record for fastest knockout in women’s boxing.

What Were Some of the Most Brutal Knockouts in Boxing?

Ray Mercer vs Tommy Morrison

First of Tommy Morrison was no joke, but Ray Mercer had some scary power and aggression.

Ray Mercer’s knockout victory over Tommy Morrison held on October 18, 1991, is remembered as one of the fastest and deadliest knockouts in boxing history.

Mercer, known for his hard-hitting style, took on the popular Morrison in a head-to-head bout where the former displayed an extraordinary knockout punch. This matchup lasted only to the fifth round before Mercer exploited a slight window of opportunity and delivered a powerful right upper cut, rendering Morrison unconscious.

Despite criticisms of Mercer’s ruthless final punch while Morrison was almost out cold on the ropes, the speed and incredible power behind it cannot be undermined.

Arturo Gatti vs Joey Gamache

Another brutal knockout that we should mention happend during the match between Arturo Gatti and Joey Gamache on February 26, 2000.

Gatti threw a rapid combination of powerful jabs and hooks, leading to a second-round knockout. In just 42 seconds of the second round, Gamache was flat on the canvas, paving the way for Gatti’s impressive victory.

One can’t overlook the quick hands and measured power of Gatti. He saw a window of opportunity during the second round where Gamache’s defense was slightly off. As Gamache dropped his right-hand guard momentarily, Gatti seized this lapse and threw a left hook that sent Gamache off balance. Gamache’s attempts to regain his footing were met with a right cross from Gatti, sending him crashing onto the canvas.

Herol Graham v Julian Jackson

Firstly, anoterh standout inclusion in our list of brutal knockouts is the eagerly contested match between Herol Graham and Julian Jackson.

True boxing fans fondly recall the power of their performances and the stupefying knockout punch Jackson landed.

Graham, a British middleweight boxer, was advantageously swift, while Jackson, the Virgin Islands native, possessed a brutal right hand knockout punch. Graham utilized his defensive prowess to thwart Jackson’s persistent early advances, dancing around ferociously precise right-hand punches.

Jackson, however, showcased astounding tenacity in the face of relentless defense, landing a decisive blow to Graham in the fourth round. His knockout punch, succinctly timed with the countdown timer, is revered as one of the most lethal knockout punches in the history of boxing.

Tommy Hearns vs Roberto Duran

Next, we travel back to a 1984 match that bridged warring nations: the ferocious Tommy Hearns, representing Detroit, USA, and Roberto Duran, Panama’s revered champion.

Billed as “The War,” this face-off was an eagerly anticipated showdown that lived up to its fanfare. Hearns was a then-rising star, known for his long reach and potent right-hand punch. Duran, on the other hand, was a seasoned fighter and tactician, but he was nearing the end of his prime.

In the infamous match, Hearns emerged victorious, staring down his foe with a commanding presence. He showcased an aggressive fight plan, firing lightning-quick jabs that vanquished Duran within two rounds. The fight was over in 1 minute and 7 seconds of the second round with Duran falling helpless to the canvas.

What Are the Fastest Knockouts in MMA and the UFC?

Jorge Masvidal vs. Ben Askren in 5 sec- July 6, 2019 (UFC)

Shifting to the world of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and heading to the more recent history, the quickest and probably one of the most brutal knockouts in the history of UFC has to go to Jorge Masvidal in his fight with Ben Askren.

It currently holds the record for being the fastest knockout in UFC history – concluded in precisely five seconds with a brutal knee from Masvidal.

Masvidal, a mixed martial artist, blazed out of the gate with a flying knee that landed square on Askren’s head, taking him down immediately. This explosive opening move was a testament to Masvidal’s strategic fighting plan, coupled with his agile and precise movements, all of which paid off.

Who Had the Fastest KO in the UFC?

The world of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has seen numerous surprises throughout the years, but nothing quite like what took place at UFC 239. As we had mentioned in the previous section, the fasted KO in the UFC took place during Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren.

As soon as the fight began, Masvidal charged at Askren and managed to connect a brutal flying knee to his opponent’s head, rendering him unconscious in a mere five seconds. This knockout not only made Masvidal a superstar overnight but also marked the first loss in Askren’s career.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the Fastest Knockout in Fighting History?

If we had to choose the fastest knockout in fighting history it would have to go to Jorge Masvidal with his knockout over Ben Askren.

With a brutal flying knee Masvidal knockout out Ben Askren in just 5 seconds.

What Is the Fastest Knockout in Boxing History?

The fastest knockout in boxing history, as per the official boxing recordsbelongs to Phil Williams.

In Williams’s professional bout against Brandon Burke, it took merely 10 seconds for Burke to be floored by Williams’s devastating right hook.

In the world of championship boxing, the shortest world title fight occurred within an impressive 20-second span. The spectacle unfolded when Gerald McClellan of the USA managed to outperform Jay Bell, also from the USA, in a WBC middleweight bout in Puerto Rico in 1993.

Finally when it comes to amateur boxing, the fastest recorded knockout goes to Mike Tyons with his knockout over Dan Cozad in just eight seconds.

What about the Fastest Knockout in Heavyweight Boxing History?

The fastest knockout in heavyweight boxing history goes to non other than Mike Tyson with his knockout of Marvis Frazier in just 30 seconds.

While Tyson continues to bear the title of fastest knockout in heavyweight boxing, an honorary mention goes to Jimmy Thunder, who achieved the fastest recorded knockout in the World Heavyweight Championship history, clocking at 13 seconds against Crawford Grimsley.

Who Currently Holds Fastest Knockout in Boxing Guinness World Record?

Since its conception hundreds of years ago, boxing has definitelywitnessed an array of impressive records. But when it comes to speed, the Guinness World Record for the fastest knockout in boxing history goes to Mike Collins. During a Golden Gloves tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1947, Collins delivered a lightning-fast punch, ending the bout in only four seconds against Pat Brownson.

The fight was declared over without a count, marking a knockout victory for Collins.

As far as the fastest knockout in world title fights, the record is held by Zolani Tete, who knocked out his opponent Siboniso Gonya in just 11 seconds in a bantamweight title fight. South African Tete launched a single swift punch to Gonya’s chin and down he went. His spectacular victory awarded him not only the WBO World Bantamweight Title but also etched his name in gold for the fastest finish in a world boxing title fight.

Who Has the Best Knockout Percentage in Boxing History?

To determine the boxing champion with the best knockout percentage, we need to consider their total number of fights and calculate how many of these resulted in knockout victories.

We have to bring up Edwin Valero first who out of his 27 fights he won with all knockouts giving him a 100% knockout rate. In recorded boxing history he is the only fighter with a 100% knockout rate.

Another name that strikes a powerful punch is Deontay Wilder. A quick glance at his career statistics uncovers a stunning fact: out of Wilder’s 42 boxing victories, a whopping 41 were won by knockouts. This translates into a tremendous knockout percentage of about 95%; without doubt, a legacy to be reckoned with.

Lastly, we couldn’t not mentioned Big George Foreman. He recorded 68 knockouts out of his 76 victories, amounting to an impressive 89% knockout rate.

What Was the Fastest Knockout in Olympic Boxing?

Stepping into the Olympic rings, the record for the fastest knockout distinction belongs to the Hungarian Boxer, Tibor Csík, who executed the fastest knockout in Olympic boxing in 1948. He dispatched his British opponent, William Treadwell, within a blistering 53 seconds in a Bantamweight bout.

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