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Why BJJ Will Overtake Judo? How BJJ Is A Fuller Martial Art

Judo vs jiu jitsu

Whats the difference between judo vs jiu jitsu?

Have you thought about what the difference between Jiu Jitsu and Judo is?

I have trained (brazilian) jiu jitsu for over 5 years and judo for two years.

Let me be honest with you. Even though they originated from the same art and both are great for self defense, there is still a big difference between the two.

BJJ is a fuller martial art because it includes all the takedowns, throws, and foot sweeps of judo, but also includes a large emphasis on ground based grappling and submissions.

Of course you will be able to spot the similarities, but the difference in application, techniques, goals and philosophy are notably different from one another.

Judo and Jiu Jitsu are both forms of martial art that originated from the Japanese art Jujutsu.

So, if you are wondering, how come Jujutsu, a Japanese art, ended up in Brazil? Well, one of the students of Judo founder, Kigoro Kano found his way to Brazil and taught the Gracie family Judo.

They eventually evolutionized the sport, and is now known as the most effective ground fighting sport in the world, BJJ.

BJJ is simply a fuller martial arts it includes:

  • takedowns
  • pins
  • submissions
  • is constantly evolving
  • takes from several martial arts such as
    • wrestling
    • judo
    • sambo

Reasons why bjj will overtake judo:

  • it can be practiced by anyone regardess of age, shape, size, level of athleticism
  • there are more resources to learn (instructionsals, books, etc)
  • it can be learned with relatively little injury
  • it can be more easily commercialized

Judo while still very effective seems to be stuck in its current traditional, sports-based form.

Judo martial arts

Judo martial arts aims to bring down your opponent to the ground through takedowns and throws.

In a competition setting, once there is a takedown (usually in the form of a throw or a footsweep) and your opponet lands on the mat first you have achieved a victory.

Common Judo Techniques
Tai otosh
Osoto gari
Harai goshi
Ushiro Goshi
Ura Nage
Te Guruma
Uchi Mata
Deashi barai

Judoka practitioners train their throws, trips, takedowns, as well as some joint locks, holds, pinning.

Here is my current favorite bjj no gi takedowns using a judo foot sweep known as a sasae:

One of the main goals of Judo is to allow its practitioners to dominate opponents who may be stronger and bigger through the use of efficient and effective techniques which rely on

First breaking an opponent’s stance > offblancing > landing a throw or sweep

Where is judo from

Kigoro Kano

Wondering where is judo from?
Judo originated in Japan in the early 1800s with its creator often being cited as Kigoro Kano.

Kigoro was a young boy who was very sickly during his childhood years, so when he turned 18, he decided to do something that can help his health become better and to strengthen him.

He found himself studying the art of Jujutsu (Ju-gentle, Jutsu-art) and as he progressed learning and training the ancient Japanese martial art, he found himself learning a lot more and seeing a different perspective.

From there, he developed his art, Judo. (Ju-gentle, Do-art.)

Is Judo Effective?

Now, is judo effective?

Judo is an effective martial art both in real life scenarios and mixed martial arts.

A number of famous professional mixed martial arts fighters right now have a Judo background, and they have proven Judo’s effectiveness in their fights.

Some of them include:

  • Ronda Rousey
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Fabricio Werdum
  • Vitor Belfort

Moreover, if you’re put in a situation where you have to defend yourself, then your Judo skills can help you dominate the fight through your techniques.

Also, if you are looking for a physical activity that can help you strengthen yourself, improve your health, mind, and physique then Judo is definitely effective.

One thing you just have to keep in mind is, for something to be effective, you have to be consistent and open to learning.

Difference between judo and jiu jitsu

What is the difference between Judo and Jiu Jitsu? Judo is more focused on standing techniques/takedowns to be able to bring down your opponent to the ground and pin them.

Meanwhile, BJJ does start in a standing position, but the techniques are more focused on ground fighting and submissions.

Judo vs Wrestling

Judo vs wrestling – sports are are a bit more similar in goals and competition.

Judo and Wrestling are both grappling sports that are part of the Olympics.

They are both martial arts where one is not allowed to strike to win over their opponent.

Judo uses Gi or Kimono for uniform. If you are able to throw your opponent, then you will get points.

The ways you win a judo match is by:

Throw/trip your opponent onto their back with power and control.
Armbar your opponent while on the ground
Choke your opponent while on the ground
Pin* your opponent for 25 seconds while on the ground

*Pins in judo are similar to bjj in that a pin is when you are in mount, side control, or north sout positions

Moreover, once you’ve taken down your opponent, you can win by having one shoulder to the ground and pinning them for 25 seconds. You are also allowed to do submissions once you’re on the ground as long as you are still advancing position.

Meanwhile, wrestling is done in a one piece tight suit. Once you’ve taken your opponent to the ground, the match continues unless you were able to pin your opponent on both shoulders for three seconds. Note that there is no submission allowed in wrestling.

The ways you win a wrestling match is by:

  • Pinning both of your opponent’s shoulders to the mat
  • Achieving points by
    • getting a takedown – 2 pts
    • getting a takedown with back exposure to the mat – 4 pts
    • getting takedown with a throw and opponent’s feet go over their head – 5 pts
    • getting them to step out of bounds – 1 pt
    • reversal from bottom posisiont – 1 pt
    • exposure of their shoulder blade to the mat – 2 pts

Judo No Gi – Is Judo Good for Nogi BJJ

What are some good judo no gi options?

Ippon Seoi Nage
Hikikomi Gaeshi
Tawara Gaeshi

Judo training is always in Gi, unlike in BJJ where there is a mix of classes of Gi and No Gi sessions.

So is Judo good for No Gi BJJ? It would really depend on the scenario.

But one thing here is that you can note that there are several Judo techniques that you will not be able to apply in the class because it would require grabbing of clothing/Gi.

If you take a look a the table above these are the recommended Judo No Gi takedowns that are very effective for bjj even when not wearing a gi.

Judo in a Street Fight

Ofcourse Judo is a martial art which means it is a form of self defense. But when in a street fight, is it really effective?

If your opponent is someone who has no idea at all about martial arts then you are of course in a direct vantage point.

Moreover, Judo starts in a standing position and focuses on taking your opponent down to the ground with your throws which is definitely an advantage if you’re a Judoko in a fight.

However, one thing you can consider is that Judo is mainly focused/trained when wearing the traditional Kimono or Gi, so some of the moves, techniques and detail are not that applicable if you’re in a non competitive environment.

Judo or bjj?

Judo or bjj – what is better to learn?

You can say that Judo and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu are very similar.

However, the notable difference here is that Judo focuses on taking down your opponent through throws.

Meanwhile, BJJ does have throws, takedowns, and foot sweeps but places more emphasis on ground grappling and submissions.

Of course, you can note that Judo training is always in the traditional Kimono, so some of their moves may not be effective in a street fight, unlike BJJ where there is grappling in No Gi (which often is in the form of regular closes or rashguards)

The advantage of No Gi sessions?

You learn techniques without depending on grabbing or pulling your opponents attire in order to gain control over the situation.

Moreover, there will always be a solution to every move that your opponent makes in a BJJ fight scenario.

The submission and controlling techniques are so detailed that you can stall while waiting for help in the scenario or until your opponent just gives up because you were able to tire them out just by putting pressure on some of your moves.

Jiu Jitsu vs Judo – Conclusion

Jiu Jitsu vs Judo – now that we know the difference and hopefully understand the broader appeal of bjj, its important to note that judo will always be effective and influential.

Being knowledgeable and trained in martial arts is essential in the world we have today.

Both sports are equally capable of training self defense, improving strength, flexibility, well being, etc. of its practitioners.

Their origins are the same and they are both grappling sports but there are notable differences with their techniques and system.

I would still choose BJJ over Judo because it is more effective for me.

I get to learn how to do takedowns and throws, how to never let my guard down to avoid submissions.

Moreover, I like how there’s an opportunity to counter the move that your opponent is making once you are on the ground grappling.

So, which one would you choose?

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