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Will Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear in BJJ?

Will Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear in BJJ?

Will headgear prevent cauliflower ear in bjj?

Headgear is protective equipment worn on the head that minimizes the possibility of sustaining injury to the ears during grappling martial arts such as wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Specifically, it is designed to minimze risk of common ear trauma – most notably cauliflower ear while participating in these grappling martial arts where impact or friction to the ear is common.

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My younger brother, and I both started Brazilian jiu jitsu at the same time. His ears seemed to be quite susceptible to it or sensitive, and they immediately began to swell and harden, and he developed cauliflower ear in both ears, quite quickly, within 3 months of bjj training.

I, on the other hand, have trained for over 5 years and have never worn headgear and never had the slightest sign of developing cauliflower ear – even after taking minor blows to the ear or after intense friction from sparring.

Headgear is the most effective method for preventing cauliflower ear in bjj. However, even with headgear, there is still a chance that you can develop cauliflower wear. This will come down to your training habits, ear impact or ear friction, genetics, and grappling style.

While it is not required for jiu jitsu training it is highly recommend if you notice your ears becoming senstive and swelling.

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Because it may absorb part of the impact and minimize the ear from being exposed to direct pressure and friction, the headgear may assist in avoiding cauliflower ear in BJJ. And there is some proof and testimonies from users to show that it does.

So will a headgear prevent Cauliflower in BJJ? If yes, how does it work? Let us find out the answers as we discuss that matter here.

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Table of Contents

    What Causes Cauliflower Ear in Wrestlers and BJJ?

    What causes cauliflower ear in wrestlers and bjj?

    Ear trauma or repetitive impact may lead to cauliflower ear, an injury that causes swelling and deformation of the ear. 

    Causes of cauliflower ear in BJJ fighters include:

    1. Repetitive impact on the ear. The constant impact from headgear or continually putting the ear in an unsafe posture.
    2. Direct ear trauma. Unintentional strikes or when performing grappling or submission techniques might cause direct trauma to the ear.
    3. Lack of or poor quality safety gear. Headgear reduces the impact and risk of ear injuries and may help prevent cauliflower ear.
    4. Level of Sensitivity/Susceptibility to injuries
    5. Age. Reduced elasticity and increased fragility due to aging reduce the skin’s and other tissues’ elasticity. Because of this, older BJJ fighters may be at a higher risk of getting cauliflower ears.

    Does Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear?

    For a straight answer, yes, headgear can prevent a cauliflower ear.

    Cauliflower ear may be avoided when practitioners use protective headgear that acts as a buffer between their ears and the impact of grappling or the friction of their opponents or mats.

    But one should instill in their minds that even if you wear headgear, you are still at risk of developing cauliflower ear.

    However, BJJ fighters with ear injury concerns may greatly minimize their chance of acquiring it by using protective headgear.

    Why You Should Wear Headgear for BJJ

    Why You Should Wear Headgear for BJJ

    If you are at all concerned with avoiding cauliflower ear we strongly recommend using headgear during training – don’t wait until your ears become sensitive or after minor damage to them.

    While genetics and training style play a big part if you don’t want your ears swelling and hardening training with headgear even before a sign of any swelling is the safest option

    Cauliflower ear may be avoided when practitioners use protective headgear that acts as a buffer between their ears and the impact of grappling or the friction of mats.

    But one should instill in their minds that even if you wear headgear, you are still at risk of developing cauliflower ear.

    In addition, BJJ fighters with ear injury concerns may greatly minimize their chance of acquiring it by using protective headgear.

    All in all, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea for BJJ practitioners of all skill levels to wear protective headgear when training.

    Can You Prevent Cauliflower Ear in BJJ?

    Cauliflower ear is a common problem in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Still, one may prevent it by wearing protective equipment that wraps around the ears, and one of the best ones out there is the BJJ headgear.

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    For the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there is a selection of headgear available in a few distinct styles, including those that protect the ears and the whole head. 

    It is essential to choose a piece of headgear that provides enough coverage, such as the head, face, and, most important, the ears. But to be effective, one must wear it correctly, be fit enough, and stay in place until one finishes training.

    How to Treat Cauliflower Ear

    When the ear is struck or injured, it may swell and take on a cauliflower shape, a condition known as “cauliflower ear.” Such injury is typical in combat sports like BJJ. 

    BJJ cauliflower ear is treated by draining the fluid and blood collected in the ear. 

    A medical expert may do this by inserting a needle into the ear and letting the fluid drain. The ear is wrapped in a bandage after fluids have been removed aids and protect the ear while it recovers.

    In some severe cases, a surgical procedure may be required to fix the torn tissue and return the ear to its usual form. 

    Does Cauliflower Ear Heal on Its Own?

    No, a cauliflower does not heal on its own. Left untreated might lead to more ear problems or permanent deformities. 

    While in some rare cases, it can lead to other more severe damage or hearing loss. 

    Most chances of cauliflower ear are harmless. They are minor issues treated by draining and prevented with headgear.

    Seek immediate medical assistance in the event of an ear injury. A medical expert can help you avoid developing cauliflower ear after an accident by prescribing the proper treatment.

    How Long Before Cauliflower Ear Hardens?

    Depending on the degree of the damage and the efficacy of therapy, the time it takes for cauliflower ear to harden may vary widely.

    But in minor and usual cases, cauliflower takes several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the damage, before it hardens.

    Why Should You Avoid Cauliflower Ear?

    Avoiding cauliflower ear is important for a number of reasons:

    • Cauliflower ear affects the appearance of the ear if this bother you, you should avoid having one. 
    • Pain and discomfort may be brought on by fluid and blood building up in the ear.
    • Danger of infection may occur due to bacterial development caused by accumulated fluid.
    • The buildup of fluids in the ear may interfere with the proper functioning of the ear, which can lead to a loss of hearing

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Wear Headgear in BJJ?

    Yes, you can wear headgear in BJJ. 

    Regarding training in BJJ, the decision about whether you should wear protective headgear depends on how comfortable you are and how you take preventive measures for BJJ injuries.

    Can You Get Cauliflower Ear from Headgear?

    Even if you’re wearing headgear, it is possible to experience a cauliflower ear. However, this is less prevalent than the condition brought on by direct damage to the ear.

    While protective headwear may lessen the severity and impact of head and ear injuries, it may not always be effective in avoiding such injuries altogether.

    A person’s vulnerability to ear injuries, the duration and intensity of training, and the headgear worn are all risk factors for developing cauliflower ear.

    Does Draining Cauliflower Ear Hurt

    Yes, it does hurt slightly.

    It will feel like a slight pinch when the needle is inserted into the fluid-filled part of your ear. However, draining a cauliflower ear alone is not the permanent solution.

    A permanent solution is to get them drained and then wear headgear in the future. As always, seek a medical professional for any cauliflower ear treatment.

    Why Do Some Grapplers Want Cauliflower Ear?

    Although cauliflower ear can be painful and unsightly for most, some grapplers want cauliflower ear since they believe they are a badge of intense grappling training.

    Suppose you see someone out in public with a cauliflower ear. Truthfully, in that case, one will likely suspect or assume that the person has extensive expertise or experience in grappling or martial arts.

    Will Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear in BJJ – Conclusion

    Cauliflower ear is a fairly common condition that can occur in any contact sport, but is especially prevalent in grappling sports like wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

    The good news is that it is easily preventable by wearing headgear, and if you do end up with cauliflower ear it can be treated relatively easily as well. 

    If you have any questions about how to prevent or treat cauliflower ear, feel free to reach out to us for a discovery call. 

    We would be happy to chat with you about this topic and answer any other questions you may have.

    Thanks for reading, and see you at the next one!

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