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Best Boxing Glove Brands (35+ Boxing Gloves Reviewed for Beginners, Bag work, and Sparring)

Here is our post on the boxing glove brands. We made this comprehensive, unbiased post of all the most popular boxing brands and gloves out there to help your find your next favorite pair of gloves – so let’s get to it!

Best Boxing Glove Brands – Our Top Rankings

1. Byakko 

+ Affordable
+ Solid padding
+ Well ventilated
–  Can be tight fit for some hands

Byakko Boxing Gloves are my number one recommendation, especially for beginners.

As a beginner, doing mostly bag work and other types of training you’re not going to find another pair of gloves at this price range with this quality.

These are easily comparably with gloves in the $100+ range. I would also rank them above other common, affordable boxing gloves like those from Everlast, Title, and Sanabul.

While these may not be as popular as other brands, they have some solid padding and excellent ventilation, and I predict them growing in popularity over the next couple years.

2. Ring to Cage C17

+ Soft and comfortable inner liner
+Fingers line up comfortably in glove
+ Padding is very durable
May be a little bulky for some
-Thumb compartment may not offer as much protection as other gloves
Velcro may not last as long as padding

As you may or may not know these Ring to Cage C17 gloves are meant to be knock offs of Winning gloves. Winning gloves are extremely reputable but come at a pretty high price point especially for beginners.

I honestly found these C17 gloves pretty comparable to my Winning MS-200-B gloves. So if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend $300+ on boxing gloves these gloves from Ring to Cage are one of my top recommendations.

3. RDX

RDX Boxing Gloves EGO in golden
+ Great starter gloves
+ Affordable
A little bulky
-Padding may be limited for some

These RDX gloves are Muay Thai gloves, but I’ve used them in my pure boxing training with no problem. Plus they are pretty decent for the price. However, with Muay Thai gloves there’s usually a concern with lack of padding/wrist support so if you’re concerned with wrist support, I always recommend gloves from Hayabusa.

If you train boxing and are looking to one day transition to Muay Thai these are my top recommendation.

4. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves in black
+ Top of the line wrist support
+ Thick and great padding
Can be too stiff for some

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are also one of my favorites. For beginners you may not have the best punching technique so you want to make sure that your hands and wrists are protected.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I hit the bag at the wrong angle and my wrists paid for it. So for any beginner you’re not going to find a glove with better wrist support that these from Hayabusa.

5. Xmartial

Xmartial Tiger Boxing Gloves

Xmartial gear shines for their standout and slick designs.

While not as popular as other gloves, these are a decent option for beginners and a solid all around glove. Plus they have some decent wrist support with a hook-and-loop design.

These gloves do everything well and doesn’t have any standout flaws. I’d rank it up there with gloves from Title at a similar price range with better designs.

6. Cleto Reyes 

Cleto Reyes High Precision Hook and Loop Training Boxing Gloves - Black/Red
+ Great for training and bag work
+ Genuine leather
+ Easy to clean (don’t retain moisture)
– Not ideal for sparring
-Not a lot of padding (known as puncher’s gloves)
Require a break in period
-Provide quite a bit of feedback in the knuckle area compared to your average glove
– Expensive

The Cleto Reyes is one of the biggest names in boxing gloves. They are up there in terms of price and popularity next to Winnings, Grant, and Onx.

These gloves are my current go to for training and bag work, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend them for sparring because they seriously sting to get tagged with.

If you’re looking for a higher end glove these one’s from Cleto Reyes definitely should be up for consideration.

7. Rival RB1 2.0

+ Very comfortable
+ Thick padding
+ Fair price
+Good wrist support
+ Shorter cuff
– Take a good amount of time to break in

I’d probably consider these gloves from Rival on par with gloves from Cleto Reyes at a more affordable price point.

They are probably the most comfortable gloves I’ve ever trained in. If there’s one downside is that they run small and were a bit difficult to take on and off.

Please note that these gloves are specifically designed for bag work and punch mitt use and are not intended for sparring.

8. Top Kings

Top King Boxing Gloves in yellow
+ Ideal for small hands
+ Quick break in
+ Great wrist support*
+ Fair price
Smaller sizing

I am thoroughly impressed by the outstanding design and performance of the Top King Leather Gloves.

These are another glove made primarily for Muay Thai, but I have no issues with using them in my boxing classes. They have great wrist support which is often rare in Muay Thai gloves.

Although it fits best for small hands, these gloves provide excellent wrist support and padding.

If you’re looking to spend less on a somewhat comparable glove I’d go with Twins.

9. Twins

Twins Boxing Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves in black
+ Designed specifically for sparring
+ Great color and design options
+ Comfortable
-Weaker wrist support (common in Muay Thai gloves)
Some have issues with tight fit (not great for those with long fingers)

Twins Boxing Training Sparring Gloves are an overall decent pair of gloves for boxing (even though they are made for Muay Thai).

These gloves are an excellent choice because they offer durability, comfort, and a fair price. While some people mention tight hand wraps, I found them snug. Plus these are great for sparring.

The only thing lack may be wrist support so if you want a glove with more wrist support I’d recommend going with Top Kings or Hayabusa.

10. Title 16 oz 

Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0 in black
+ Durable
+ Great leather
+ Fair price
Long time to break-in
Sizing problems

Another mid range pair of solid boxing gloves, he Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0 are tighter fitting but still a solid entry boxing glove.

These should definitely be considered over gloves from Everlast, and I’d put them up there with Hayabusa.

However, if you’re looking for better options, I’d recommend checking out Rival or Twins (for similar price range but, in my opinion, better quality).

11. Fairtex BGV1

Fairtex BGV1 in black
+ Fair price
+ Durable
+ Genuine leather
+ Easy break in
-Forces your fingers to curve down (in a constant closed fist)
Not enough wrist support for some (can go for lace up models*)
May have too much hand room

The Fairtex BGV1 gloves are a personal favorite. Yes, these are made for Muay Thai,

Generally, when using Muay Thai gloves for boxing, you may find them too stiff, roomy, and not offering great wrist support.

For me, they fit my hand nicely. However, I know some people, especially beginners, may find wrist support lacking.

If you are concerned with wrist support I would go for a lace up model (lace up will always provide more support than velcro).

Finally, if you find the BGV1’s too spacious but like everything else about the glove, I recommend checking out their BGV19

12. Venum Challenger

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves
+ Affordable
+ Comfortable
+ Great leather
+ Fair price
Not enough wrist support
Padding can be better

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves is a decent entry level glove for beginners diving into their training journey – especially if they would like to eventually train kickboxing and Muay Thai as well.

I know Venum gear sometimes gets some heat for not being less durable and more expensive than other brands, but one of my closest (and toughest) training partners recommends Venum gloves and has used them for years.

13. Winning MS600B

+ Amazing fit (most natural feeling gloves I’ve ever used)
+ Ideal padding (thicker on knuckles/softer on outside)
Not for beginners
Very expensive

Winning Boxing Gloves are the top of line when it comes to premium boxing gloves, but expect the price point to be up there as well.

At +$300, I wouldn’t recommend a pair of these to a beginner or someone who is still testing out boxing and striking.

However, if you’re serious about boxing and plan to do it for a long time these are the holy grail of boxing gloves in my opinion.

If you’re a seasoned boxer, I’m sure you’ve already heard of Winning boxing gloves.

If you want a more affordable options I’d check out the C17 gloves by Ring to Cage (these were aimed to be a knock off of Winning gloves at a more affordable price).

14. Superior

Superior Boxing Super Safety Boxing Gloves Red/black

Superior Boxing is a company based out of the UK which offer some decent gear at a mid range price. These are another pair of gloves meant to be similar to Winnings at a more affordable price.

If you prefer a Japanese style glove with a wider/flatter thumb (similar to Muay Thai gloves), these are a decent option and are great for bag work and light sparring.

15. Yokkao

YOKKAO Boxing Gloves in Yellow
+ Very comfortable for bag work
+ Breathable
+ Many great designs
Can be tight fit for some hands

YOKKAO Boxing Gloves are made for Muay Thai – if I had to pick Yokkao are some of the best if not the best Muay Thai gloves out there.

The fit will feel similar to other Muay Thai gloves like Fairtex and Twins.

I bought these Yokkao gloves for Muay Thai, but they feel great for heavy bag boxing training too with some standout padding (which is rare with Muay Thai gloves).

16. Ringside

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves
+ Easy to clean
+ Soft and comfortable padding
+ Fair price
Lacks a bit in wrist support
Can be tight fit for some hands
– Very long break in period

Ringside gloves are great for sparring and mitts. They feel like they are lighter and let me pop off combinations pretty quickly.

These are a good option (they are not the high end gloves like Winning or Cleto Reyes) but are solid.

17. Grant

Grant Gloves for sparring

Grant Boxing Gloves offer an incredible range on their website, featuring Velcro (Puncher’s) Gloves and laced options. These products are carefully made using the best materials, giving them a sense of high quality and stylishness.

These gloves have been worn by legendary athletes like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

18. 1v1 

Pro Trainer Elite (Lace Up) in black

These gloves are up there in terms of cost and premium quality along with Winning and Cleto Reyes.

I’ve found 1v1 to be more compact and somewhat front heavy than gloves from Winning, but also found the hand compartment to be the tightest of the three.

These gloves are crafted using high-quality Italian leather and dense foam, ensuring comfort and long-lasting toughness. So if you’re looking to drop some serious money these are a good option.

19. Top Boxer


The TopBoxer Boxing Gloves provide excellent shock absorption and wrist protection. The hand compartment may run a bit short for those with longer fingers.

I’ve used the Win1 gloves, and they are great for bag work, but they really shine for sparring. These are pretty comparable to Winning gloves in size and fit.

20. Adidas Speed

Adidas Adi-Speed 501 Pro Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves
+ Good for sparring (not the best for heavy bag work)
+ Soft leather and padding
– Leather isn’t very durable
Some reviews says problem stitching in some areas

While I tend to avoid gear from big brands, these gloves from Adidas are pretty decent.

At a higher end price point, I don’t know if it has enough for me to rank it up there with other gloves that sit around $200+. I would also note that the quality is a bit less than those from Winning.

In terms of fit, these fit similar to Ringside IMF gloves but probably smaller than Twins gloves.

21. Trideer

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves
+ Great padding
+ Good wrist support
+ Came with a storage bag
Single color option
Not the most comfortable interior
– Strongly recommend using wraps with these

The Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves have some decent padding and are great for heavy bag work.

The one thing I would note is that the interior of the glove feels a bit rough so I would always recommend using wraps with these.

22. Boon

BGCBK Compact Velcro Glove Black & White

TheseBoon Boxing Gloves are another glove made for Muay Thai, but can definitely be used for boxing.

They are great for smaller hands (similar sizing to Top King) and have a longer cuff for more wrist support. Plus it has a grip bar which is more prominent and similar to traditional boxing gloves.

Other Boxing Gloves to Be Aware Of:

1. Superare

Superare One Series Strap Closure Gloves in black
+ Comfortable
+ Slick designs
Not much wrist support
– Not very durable
Some have issues with small sizing
– A big over priced

Another Muay Thai glove that’s pretty popular are these from Superare. My training partner who owns a pair said that initial break-in period was difficult, but that they definitely became more comfortable over time.

However, he said these really weren’t the most durable gloves he’s every used and at their price range I’d probably go with a more affordable option like those from Cleto Reyes or Ring to Cage.


FIGHTR Premium Boxing Gloves
+ Affordable
+ Good padding
–  Small hand room (small sizing)
Not recommended for sparring

These gloves from FIGHTR are some of the most popular on Amazon.

For the price they are a pretty good deal.

In terms of quality, I feel that FIGHTR ir pretty comparable to Venum. While won’t be the top of the line gloves, they are cheap and affordable and may be a good go to pair for beginners.

3. GoldBJJ

Gold BJJ Foundation Boxing Gloves
+ Very Affordable
+ Breathable
+ Come with hand wraps
–  Limited color options
–  Light padding

Gold BJJ Foundation Boxing Gloves are another mid range boxing glove to consider if you’re a beginner.

It seems that Gold BJJ is aiming for the boxing beginner demographic and including a pair of hand wraps with the gloves.

Although a few users have mentioned that the padding could be thick enough, it still provides sufficient support for most average workouts.

4. Sanabul

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves
+ Very affordable
+ Decent padding
–  Lacks a bit in wrist support
-May not be the most comfortable
Small sizing

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves are probably the most heavily reviewed boxing glove on Amazon likely due to the very affordable price point.

If I had to compare these gloves to another brand, I’d say that they are a cheaper and more affordable version of Fairtex gloves.

The padding infused with gel is designed to absorb impacts effectively, providing maximum protection and allowing you to concentrate on your punches without any concerns about experiencing hand pain.

5. Everlast

+ Very Affordable
+ Good padding
+ Well ventilated (odor protection)
–  Lacks a bit in wrist support
Stitching is not that good
-Not very durable

While I’m not a big fan of Everlast, if you really want to go with a pair from them I’d strongly recommend Everlast Power Lock gloves.

Again, these gloves, like those from Sanabul, are also very affordable. While buying these or Sanabul gloves may save you a bit of money, I’d probably still recommend other gloves for beginners like those from Ring to Cage.

The biggest con with these Everlast gloves are likely their lack of wrist support. The padding isn’t bag (except there is no real padding on the thumb). While if I had to pick their biggest pro is that they are don’t hold a funk or odor like other gloves.

6. Hawk

Hawk Sports Boxing Gloves
+ Affordable
+ Good for heavy bag
+ Good padding
+ Waterproof lining
 Not ideal for sparring
–  Can be too stiff for some

Another very affordable pair of boxing gloves are these Hawk Sports Boxing Gloves. I’d probably consider these on the same level as those from Everalst – in fact, I’d probably recommend them over Everlast if I had to pick between the two.

Generally, while affordable boxing gloves are great, they usually fall short when it comes to:

  • quality of materials used
  • durability
  • comfort

However, I haven’t seen any of those factors falling short with these Hawk gloves. I bought these for my wife for her fitness class and she hasn’t had any complaints.

If you’re taking boxing focused classes with intense bag work and sparring these may not be the best for you.

7. Onx


The ONX makes premium boxing gloves usually at the $300 dollar mark. While not for everyone due to the price point, I’d say these are definitely high quality with Winning (Onx padding feels a bit more absorbent and less pillow-like when compared to Winning gloves).

However, I’d probably still go with Winning since I prefer more protection when training.

The glove has both laced-up and velcro closures and solid wrist protection.

8. Fly

Superlace Lightning


Another very high end boxing glove, Fly Boxing Gloves average at the $400 mark.

These are very high quality and perfect for sparring and due to them using lace ups offer some pretty great wrist support.

9. Engage

Engage E-Series Boxing Gloves

Engage E-Series E-400 Gloves have some slick designs and fall at about mid-range in terms of price and quality. These gloves are a solid option for beginners. They’re reliable and efficient.

If there’s one con, I’d say that their hand compartment is pretty wide which may be an issue for some depending on preference.

10. Fiving

Pro Boxing Gloves
+ Extremely affordable
+ Breathable
+ Includes grip bar
  – Limited color options
– Not very durable

The Fiving Pro Boxing Gloves are probably the most affordable boxing glove in this post.

If you’re taking a fitness class or aren’t sure about boxing yet, these may be an option for you.

The biggest pro is probably the widened wristband which makes them easy to put on and take off.

11. Liberlupus

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves
+ Very Affordable
+ Great wrist support
– Padding can be better
–  Can be too stiff for some

Liberlupus boxing gloves are another very popular glove on amazon with nearly 8 thousand reviews as of this writing.

I’m not really a fan of cheaper gloves. I just find the fit and feel uncomfortable with many. Also, while the padding is fine, I feel like it could be better.

If I was to recommend a pair over these, it would probably be those from RDX.

12. R-6 from Jayefo

R-6 Boxing Gloves
+ Very Affordable
+ Sufficient padding
+ Comfortable
Hard break-in
    – Limited color options

The R-6 Boxing Gloves from Jayefo offer a decent fit and solid wrist support at a very affordable price.

These are another pair of beginner gloves for you to consider.

While they may need time to break in, they eventually become comfortable. They also have some decent padding which is rare for cheaper gloves.

13. Anthem

Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II Genuine Leather
+ Very Affordable
+  Great leather
+ Sufficient padding
+ Good thumb protection
Not that durable
– Shallow finger compartment
  – Small sizing

While these gloves from Anthem Athletics may not have the same level of durability as other brands, they offer a luxurious feel thanks to their use of 100% genuine buffalo leather.

If they have one major con, it would be the shallow finger compartment.

14. Fighting Sports

Fighting Sports Fury Professional Training Gloves in white
+ Fair price
+  Great leather
+ Good wrist support
+ Sufficient padding
Not that durable
  – Small sizing

The Fighting Boxing Gloves are a bit more expense than other gloves recently mentioned but they have the quality to match.

For there price range, they’re not bad, but definitely feel like they are better quality than Sanabul or Fiving.

Best Boxing Glove Brands – Key Takeaways and Tips

  • For pure training and bag gloves you really don’t need to invest in a very expensive pair (and can go with anywhere from 12 oz-16 oz gloves, however, I prefer 12 oz for heavy bag)
  • Sparring gloves is where you should spend more money on higher quality gloves (I recommend 14 oz-1 6oz gloves for sparring)
    • If you want to save money can go with a mid level brand for sparring and another pair around a the lower mid level for bag work
    • Or can go with a single pair of 16 oz gloves from any of the brands below
  • If I had to pick some of the best boxing glove brands for beginners they would be:
  • If you’re worried about real leather vs synthetic leather in terms of quality, I wouldn’t be – synthetic leather is now just as good as real leather if not better
  • In terms of wrist support lace up gloves will always offer more wrist support than velcro.
  • Finally, in terms of sizing, if you are a beginner and only want to buy one pair of gloves I’d recommend going with a pair of 16 oz gloves from a brands mentioned above that you can use with both bag work and sparring and offer great protection (again, I prefer 12oz for bag work and 14oz for sparring)

What Are the Best Boxing Glove Brands?

The best boxing glove brands are:

  • Winning
  • Cleto Reyes
  • Grant
  • Hayabusa
  • Ring to Cage
  • Rival
  • Fly
  • Adidas

Why You Can Trust This List (How We Chose the Best Boxing Gloves)

Boxing was the first combat sport I ever did (at the age of 13) and while I don’t train as frequently in it now (I’m more focused on Muay Thai and BJJ), it still has a special place in my heart since it got me started in martial arts.

I spent close to 32 hours on this post so I hope it can be something that anyone can use to find their next favorite pair of boxing gloves.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fighter looking for a new pair, I wanted this list to be completely unbiased and comprehensive by including all of the most popular brands out there.

Finally, while I have owned nearly a dozen boxing gloves, I haven’t personally used every glove on this list. Gloves that I don’t have first hand experience using, I compiled reviews from friends and training partners, as well as sites and channels like amazon, reddit, csquared, and manufacturer sites.

If you feel like I missed a pair of your favorite gloves please don’t hesitate to drop us a link at

What Gloves Do Most Boxers Usually Use?

Depending on your gym or if your looking at professional boxers this will of course vary.

In my gym, a lot of boxers use the below brands:

  • Venum
  • Hayabuse
  • Ring to Cage
  • Everlast
  • Title

In terms of professional boxers, you will see many wear these brands:

  • Cleto Reyes
  • Winning
  • Grant
  • Everlast

What to Look for When Buying Boxing Gloves


Gloves that fit securely and snugly should be your top priority for training comfort. Look for the best boxing gloves that conform to the shape of your hands and provide natural mobility for a personalized, pleasant experience and, of course, for better protection.


Opt for gloves with sufficient padding to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries. Find the best boxing gloves that provide better cushioning on the knuckles and thumb to offer enhanced protection during intense punches.

Ensure the boxing gloves you purchase balance sufficient padding for support while avoiding extensive padding that could limit your movement.

Wrist Support

To give enough wrist support, choose your best boxing gloves with reinforced cuffs or adjustable straps. This feature promotes stability throughout exercise, reduces injuries, and aids in maintaining good form.

Velcro vs Lace

When deciding between a lace or Velcro closure, consider how much you value simplicity and convenience. Closures with velcro allow for easy adjustments, while those with lace provide a more personalized and tighter fit.


Invest in the best boxing gloves made with high-quality materials and solid construction to ensure durability. Regarding boxing gloves, genuine leather is considered the gold standard for high quality and longevity. Gloves crafted from premium leather, such as cowhide or goatskin, are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting.


While price is a consideration, it must be weighed against quality and durability. So, spending a little more money on a higher-quality pair of gloves is okay if they may last longer and protect your hands better.


Choose the best boxing gloves design that resonates with your style and motivates you to train. Gloves with a more traditional shape tend to be wider and give more cushioning and protection. In contrast, newer gloves are more precise in form, sleeker, and more streamlined.

Best Boxing Glove Brands – Last Words

I put a lot of time into finding and reviewing the best boxing gloves for this post.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned boxer, we’ve tried to include all of the most popular gloves on this list.

For a quick breakdown, I would check out the “Our Top Rankings” section, and the sections where we breakdown best gloves by price (under $100, under $200).

I hope this post has offered some help when deciding on your first pair or next pair of boxing gloves.

Thanks for reading – Zack

Frequently Asked Questions

What boxing gloves do most boxers use?

Both amateur and professional boxers commonly use training gloves and sparring gloves. Some popular brands fighters prefer are Everlast, Cleto Reyes, Winning, and Grant.

What gloves did Muhammad Ali use?

Throughout his career, Muhammad Ali utilized many different kinds of gloves. He was famous for using boxing gloves made by Everlast, including the special red and white gloves he wore during his historic “Thrilla in Manila” fight.

What gloves did Mike Tyson wear?

During his professional boxing career, Mike Tyson was associated with wearing gloves from the brands’ Everlast, Grant, and Cleto Reyes.

Should You Buy Leather or Synthetic Leather Gloves?

The choice depends on preference and budget. Leather gloves are known for their durability, although they can be costly. Synthetic leather gloves are a cost-effective option that provides similar performance.

Do Heavier Gloves Hurt You and Your Partner More?

No, heavier gloves do not hurt more. Wearing heavier gloves helps spread the impact across a wider surface area, lowering the risk of injury for you and your training partner during training or sparring sessions.

Do Heavier Gloves Make Your Punches More Powerful?

Wearing heavier gloves is not guaranteed to result in a more powerful punch. Power is derived from technique, body mechanics, and strength. Wearing heavier gloves can impact speed, but power is primarily determined by a person’s skill and physical attributes.

Lace-Up vs. Hook-and-Loop Boxing Gloves

Lace-up gloves provide a classic and tight fit but require some help to put on and remove. Hook-and-loop gloves feature a convenient closure system with straps, enabling easy on and off. This practical design makes them highly suitable for training sessions.

Should You Wrap My Hands For Heavy Bag Training?

Yes, it would be best to wrap your hands before engaging in heavy bag training. This practice offers added support, stability, and protection for wrists, knuckles, and hand bones.

Can you use MMA/Muay-Thai kickboxing gloves for boxing?

MMA/Muay Thai kickboxing gloves can be worn for boxing, but they’re not designed for it. Boxing gloves are designed for the sport with extra cushioning and support for the hands and wrists.

What boxing gloves does Joe Rogan use?

Joe Rogan has been seen with different brands of boxing gloves, such as Everlast, Cleto Reyes, and Fairtex. His choice may vary depending on personal preference and specific training needs.

What boxing gloves did Manny Pacquiao use?

Manny Pacquiao has utilized boxing gloves from brands such as Everlast and Grant but prefers Cleto Reyes at most times. The gloves he used in his fights would change depending on promotional agreements and his preference.

What gloves does Floyd Mayweather train with?

Floyd Mayweather has been known to use Grant boxing gloves during his training sessions.

What brand gloves does Canelo use?

Canelo Alvarez, a professional boxer, has been sponsored by the brand Cleto Reyes for many years but also has seen using Winning gloves.