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Finding the Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ Judo and MMA (FAQ Inside)

Finding the Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ Judo and MMA (FAQ Inside)

Looking for the best grappling dummy? or wondering if grappling dummies are worth it?

I’m a big fan of bjj instructionals and home jiu jitsu learning so it was really only a matter of time before I bought a grappling dummy.

Link: They also make an excellent bjj gift for someone who you know is passionate about bjj.

Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ – At a Glance

*Best Overall:* Jayfeo

*Great Value:* Hawk Sports

*Best High End:* Combat Sports

Some Quick Tips on Grappling Dummy’s:

  • Most grappling dummies come unfilled* (so you will have to fill them with old clothes, towels, and maybe even a styrofoam pool noodle for some rigidity or other filler material like sand to make the dummy heavier)
    • If you want to go the affordable route and plan to use the dummy a couple times a week to practice techniques I’d go with a more an unfilled dummy like that from Jayfeo
  • If you want a grappling dummy that comes prefilled* (like those from Comat Sports) expect to pay a higher price
    • Prefilled dummies are generally higher quality, more life-like, and more durable
  • Lastly, if you plan to spend a lot of time training at home with the dummy, I’d spend a bit more money on on a prefilled one like those from Smarty or Combat Sports

Grappling Dummies Round Up

#1:  Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Brazilian JIU Jitsu Wrestling Dummy     

Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Brazilian JIU Jitsu Wrestling Dummy

Color: Black and Red

Size: 5 feet

+ Can lay down in a straight position for BJJ training.
+ Durable
+ Great Quality
+ Affordable
– Have to fill it yourself (used clothes/sand bags/other shredded fabric work best)
– Does not stand on its own
– Material may move around with use

This grappling dummy is one of the full-size options that can be purchased for the lowest price on the market. It is flexible, so it may be molded into any position you like and it does not come with any filling. 

Jayefo Beast 58 is a beautiful choice if you want to save money and drill intricate techniques that demand accurate proportions.

Keep in mind that this grappling dummy comes unfilled (as most do that are more affordable) so if you want a dummy that comes filled like the one from Combat Sports expect to pay a higher price.

#2: Hawk Sports Grappling Dummy 

Color: Black and Red

Size: 5 feet

+ Affordable
+ Solid Quality
– Arms on the shorter side
– Have to fill it up yourself (old clothes and pool noodles work best)
– May have some issues with stitching coming undone

Durability and functionality are ensured for the long term by the use of high-quality canvas and a good structure that has double stitching. This wrestling dummy is perfect for accurately practicing throws, submission holds, and chokes.

Again, it is on the more affordable end plus it has shorter arms – if you want a dummy with longer, more life-like arms check out the one from Jayfeo above.

#3: Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

Color: Black, Blue, and Red

Size: 4.9 feet

+ Well Made
– On the pricier side
– May not be the best for throws and takedowns
– Arms are smaller
– Comes unfilled

Celebrita offers a wide selection of specialist fighting equipment, including some of the best grappling dummies on the market today. The Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy is an excellent option for training Jiu Jitsu and various catching methods due to the design and versatility of the product.

Leather or canvas can be used for the exterior cover; however, when choosing canvas, keep in mind that it is somewhat more challenging to clean.

#4: DEAGLE MMA Grappling Submission Dummy  

DEAGLE MMA Doctor Bane MMA Grappling Submission Dummy

Color: Black and Gray

Size: 6 feet

+ Made in US
+ Affordable
– Unfilled
– Shorter arms
– May have issues with lettering peeling

This grappling dummy is ideal for mixed martial arts (MMA), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), and wrestling training. The exteriors are made of durable canvas, and the product comes with a warranty for one year. It’s versatile enough to be used as a throwing, standing, or laying dummy.

It’s pretty comparable to the grappling dummy from Jayfeo just at a slightly higher price.

#5: Stylso Wrestling Dummy Grappling Dummies

Stylso Wrestling Dummy Grappling Dummies

Color: Blue, Red, Yellow and Black

Size: 5 ft. and 6 ft. available

+ Strong stitching
+ Thick, durable material
– Dummy Comes Unfilled

Stylso Wrestling Dummy Grappling Dummies are human-shaped training aids manufactured from durable, high-quality canvas that can be washed and feature double stitching for increased longevity. 

When loaded, the dummy can hold anywhere from 45 to 60 kg of weight. The dummy can be used for karate, boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, and kickboxing, among other forms of mixed martial arts.

#6: Combat Sports

Color: Black

Size: 90/120/140 lb

+Comes prefilled
+ Able to stand on its own
+ Strong stitching
+ Thick, durable material
+ Great for practicing throws
– May not be best for a variety of joint manipulation locks (found in BJJ)
– Expensive

Combat sports grappling dummy is certainly top of the line with a price tage to match.

It comes prefilled but is currently listed on Amazon with a price tag of: $255.99 – $517.36

If the price tag didn’t sway you, there is certainly a big difference in prefilled grappling dummies in terms of quality and durability vs cheaper ones that you fill yourself (like those from Hawk or Jayfeo)

My bjj gym has this grappling dummy and I’ve used it a handful of time in between classes so if you are looking to spend the money the Combat sports grappling dummy its a safe bet.

#7: Century Grappling Dummy

Color: Black

Size: 90/120 lbs

+ Stiff and longer arms
+Comes prefilled
+ Able to stand on its own
+ Great for practicing throws and takedowns
– A bit stiff (may have limited options for joint legs on legs/arms of dummy)
– Expensive

Century Grappling Dummy is another higher end, prefilled grappling dummy.

It is durable and heavy and weighs in at 90 lbs or 120 lbs depending on which one you buy.

It comes prefilled but is currently listed on Amazon with a price tag of: $399.99

This is another less affordable but high quality option.

#8 Grappling Smarty Dummy

Another pretty popular grappling dummy is this one by grapplingsmarty.

While these are the top of the line grappling dummy, they have the price tag to much. This is the most expensive grappling dummy on this list.

These can come prefilled, are very high quality, and probably the most life-like grappling dummy out there. If you want to take your at home training seriously and don’t want to settle for a styrofoam, unfilled dummy (and you have the funds) by all means consider buying a smarty grappling dummy.

Grappling Dummy Comparison Chart

*All weights and heights are approximate and may vary slightly based on the manufacturer’s specifications.
*Price estimates current at the time of this writing

Are Grappling Dummies Worth It? 

Are Grappling Dummies Worth It? 

Yes, grappling dummies are worth it if you are trying to maximize your bjj training and learning while at home.

Here are the reasons why grappling dummies are worth It:

1. You can practice anywhere and at any time – When you have your grappling dummy, there is no need to coordinate your workout routine with anyone else. You can even train at your convenience. They are simple to assemble and may even be taken apart and moved to another location without difficulty. 

2. Helps improve your skills – The grappling dummy can be utilized for more than simply the practice of grappling techniques. When you have a grappling dummy at your disposal, you can practice various grappling techniques, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and even leg locks.

3. Having a unique set of qualities – When thinking about grappling dummies for mixed martial arts (MMA) training, you need to think about grappling dummies that do not have rigid limbs. Pick the one that can serve several purposes.

The superior ones can switch the postures of their limbs. This allows you to exercise on an object more resistant to the force you apply to it, increasing your muscle memory.

4. Your inanimate sparring partner – When you have a grappling dummy, you can train at your own pace and whenever convenient.

Do Grappling Dummies Help BJJ?

Yes, grappling dummies help bjj especially if you prefer to self structure your own learning by learning at home and with bjj instructionals.

Grappling dummies help you drill techniques and positions until they reach a solid point of understanding and muscle memory.

At which point, you can then aim to perform them on live and resisting opponents.

How to Learn Techniques with a Grappling Dummy

When learning a new technique, position or submissions the general process for most is:

  1. Mentally learn the move and be able to picture it in your head
  2. Drill the movement on a willing/non resistant partner (this is where a grappling dummy comes in*)
  3. Finally, hit the move during live sparring on a fully resisting partner

With a grappling dummy you are simply able to maximize your bjj learning and improvement while at home so I recommend one to anyone who is passionate about jiu jitsu,

Given the complexity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s grappling stances and techniques, it would not be easy to train on your own. Consequently, it is excellent to acquire a grappling dummy if you are a practitioner who prefers regular training.

After considerable research, we have found the best grappling dummies to a recommended list of five.

In this post we will also review the below:

  • some grappling dummy basics
  • frequently asked questions
  • what to look out for when buying one

What Is a Grappling Dummy?

First, what is a grappling dummy?
A grappling dummy is a piece of equipment utilized for training individuals in various wrestling techniques derived from different types of sports and martial arts. 

The majority of these have moveable joints, or at the very least, limbs that can be bent, and they are typically constructed to have a weight that makes them feel at least somewhat realistic.

A person who uses a grappling dummy may be able to train more frequently because they will not need to rely on a training partner to improve their technique and conditioning. 

According to the experts, they can be beneficial in providing a way to train at home, which can be a problem for grappling-based martial arts because it is frequently very difficult to do any basic training without the assistance of a partner.

Why Use a Grappling Dummy?

To maximize your bjj learning while at home.

If you are passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learning when not at the gym will be a big proponent in how fast you excel. Using a grappling dummy in combination with other home training options such as solo drills and bjj instructionals is a great way to improve quickly.

How to Use a Grappling Dummy

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’re watching a bjj instructional or just didn’t quite fully feel comfortable performing a recent technique in class and just want to drill a particular move or position – this is where a grappling dummy comes in handy.

Throwing Practice

Practicing throws with a grappling dummy is an innovative way to improve accuracy and technique while also adding enjoyment to the practice session. It dictates its effectiveness and efficiency as a training tool.

It is essential to identify which grip points to use based on the type of throw, ensuring that all your force is correctly distributed across the dummy, creating the best opportunity for success on real opponents.

Positional Practice

Utilizing a grappling dummy to practice positional techniques is an invaluable training tool for martial artists, wrestlers, and grapplers. Not only does it help develop muscle memory and technical understanding of transitions, but it allows you to learn how to control your opponent’s movement safely. 

Transition Practice

Transition practice is an essential part of effective MMA training for any fighter, and grappling dummies can help perfect these techniques.

  1. Establish the dominant position.
  2. Think about which techniques will make sense and start slowly.
  3. When you think you’ve nailed down the movement, increase the speed and sprawl your way through repetitions until it becomes second nature.

Submission Practice (Isometric Endurance for Submissions)

Practicing submission moves on a grappling dummy can be an effective way to improve your jiu-jitsu skills.

  • Start by focusing on learning the basic submission technique
  • Next work on positions to achieve that specific submission
  • Finally, work on implementing transitions from that submission to another one (chain submissions)  

As your skill level improves, you can refine the methods and develop greater control over your positioning and grips too.

Construction of the Grapple Dummies

The construction of a grappling dummy is an important factor in finding the best one for your training.

Grappling dummies need to be lightweight and durable, so that you can practice different techniques without them falling apart or feeling too heavy on your body.

A good quality dummy will be well-made and provide plenty of flexibility, allowing you to feel as if you’re in a real fight situation. Investing in a high-quality grappling dummy is worth the money and will help you improve your skills while avoiding injury.

Shapes of Dummies

When it comes to choosing a grappling dummy, the shape is an important factor.

Generally speaking, oval shaped dummies closely resemble a human torso and are great for practicing a variety of techniques.

On the other hand, cylindrical dummies are often used by coaches to help their students practice timing and coordination with their moves.

No matter which shape you choose, make sure it’s lightweight and durable so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking down over time.


Oval-shaped grappling dummies are great for those looking to practice their Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves.

The shape of the dummy more closely resembles a human body and torso, making it perfect for practicing throws, takedowns and chokes.


Cylinder-shaped grappling dummies are circular and a bit more difficult to use since they do not aim to accurately represent the human body.

Cylinder-shaped dummies can also be used to practice throws and takedowns, but they lack the realistic torso shape of oval dummies.

Types of Grappling Dummies

  1. Training mannequin.

These are ordinary grappling dummies, but they are available in two different variations: one has a head, while the other has not. This particular variety of training dummy is designed to behave much like a real person would when it comes to its movement, and it may be utilized to practice various grappling and entanglement strategies.

The primary advantage of these dummies is that, in comparison to standard training dummies, they offer a great deal more flexibility. This is especially useful when learning new maneuvers or developing talents you desire but still need to possess.

  1. Heavy bags.

The techniques of boxing and Muay Thai have historically benefited from heavy bags. The primary function of these things is to absorb hits and punches directed toward them, so grapplers can also use them.

Heavy bags come with several benefits, such as durability, longevity (i.e., the ease with which they can be made to last), and low cost.

  1. Grappling dummies.

These can replicate an opponent’s size, weight, and mobility. This can be accomplished by stuffing them with foam cushions in addition to drinking straws or water.

The fact that these particular sorts of dummies are more lifelike and offer superior feedback is the primary benefit associated with using them.

What Features to Look for in a Grappling Dummy

Filled vs Unfilled

Some dummies already come prefilled with things like sand, foam, or fabric, while others do not have any of those things inside of them. It is possible to save time and effort by purchasing a dummy with its contents stuffed into it. 

This is an excellent option for those who are pressed for time. In addition, it ensures that the dummy was stuffed by a professional, so you do not need to worry about making any mistakes. 

The unfilled dummy is cheaper than the filled one. Because of its small size, the shipping costs will be significantly lower. Compared to a dummy filled with air, it is far simpler to alter its shape and weight.

However, it is a choice that requires a more significant amount of labor because the new owners will have to invest both time and effort into loading it up with various things before they can use it.


The answer to the question of size will rely on a few different things. It would be best if you thought about your height and weight before purchasing a dummy so that you don’t end up with one that is too big or too heavy for you (or vice versa).

The skills that you plan to practice on the dummy are the second thing that you need to watch out for. The smaller and lighter training dummies typically have less to give than their larger counterparts.

Weight – How Heavy Should a BJJ Dummy Be?

On average, a grappling dummy should be approximately 120 lbs once filled.

This is how much it should weight after being filled. At this weight you should be able to maneuver around it and perform a variety of takedowns and sweeps with ease.

Finding the exact weight might be challenging, but it should be heavy enough that you have to exert some effort to move it but light enough that you won’t injure yourself while using it. Again, this is for drilling practice so it doesn’t have to be the same weight and size as an adult.


When choosing a grappling dummy, flexibility is the single most important quality to look for. 

You should be able to lock your dummy into any realistic submissions that you could put a human in, so your dummy should have enough flexibility to allow you to do so. 

After the submission has been accepted, it should also be able to revert back to its previous position.


To ensure that grappling dummies can resist repeated strikes, the materials from which they are constructed should be high quality. 

When it comes to practicing Jiu Jitsu, you will be applying hard holds, which will test the boundaries of your dummy’s durability. Because of this, you will want to ensure that your dummy’s seams and stitching are strong and will not break apart easily.

It is a good idea to invest in grappling dummies of a higher quality; these dummies may be more expensive, but they will also survive for a significantly longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy Should A Grappling Dummy Be?

About 120 pounds is the average weight for a grappling dummy.

Some models may be heavier or lighter than this standard weight. It would be best if you chose the dummy whose weight is at least half of your own. Remember that the dummy will be harder to move the more it weighs.

Why a Grappling Dummy Isn’t Good for BJJ Training?

There are many people who believe that grappling dummies are “better than nothing” meaning if you aren’t able to drill and train with someone in a bjj class then they are better than not training at all.

The reason why grappling dummies may sometimes be looked down upon is because they provide no realistic response to action or accurate weight/mobility.

While they are no substitute for training with someone else, I still feel they have benefits in learning new movements and reinforcing movement patterns.

Are Grappling Dummies Good for Judo?

Yes, Judo grappling dummies are effective training equipment that can assist martial artists of all types in improving their techniques and overall capabilities. They are also excellent lifelike substitutes for practice partners or opponents, which is another use for them.

Can You Put a Gi on a Grappling Dummy for BJJ or Judo?

Yes, you can put a gi on a grappling dummy! Putting a gi on a grappling dummy is an excellent way to improve your bjj, judo, or sambo skills and teaches your body how to better perform certain techniques that rely on the gi.

It’s important that the gi fits properly so it doesn’t slip off the dummy during training. Make sure that the gi is tied tightly the waist of the dummy for maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, grappling dummies come in different sizes and shapes which makes it easier to find one that fits perfectly with your style of training. Once you have chosen the appropriate size of dummy and have successfully attached the gi, then you’re ready to get rolling for some gi training.

Grappling dummies are incredibly useful tools for improving your BJJ technique as they allow you to simulate real-life scenarios without having to rely on another person for feedback or progress. Whether it be nailing lapel chokes or spider guard sweeps, putting a gi on a grappling dummy has many advantages that will help take your game up another level.

How Do You Train the Ground and Pound on a Grappling Dummy?

To train this technique on a Grappling Dummy correctly, you must first ensure that your dummy is in a safe position and that you are able to move freely around it.

  • From a dominant position such as top half guard, top side control, or mount
  • use strikes such as punches, hammer fists, elbows to practice hitting the head of the dummy
  • You can also practice several transitions from one domination position to the next and continue striking

Additionally, we recommend using a grappling dummy that has limbs to better simulate live sparring and so that you can work better limb control.

How to Make Your Own Grappling Dummy at Home

Creating your own grappling dummy is a great way to practice and perfect your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques at home and really isn’t that hard to do.

All you need to make your own grappling dummy is an old gi, stuffing material, and tape.

  • stuff a hooded sweater with a bunch of old clothes and a pool noodle to represent the spine
  • put a gi jacket over the sweater
  • stuff gi pants with old clothes
  • tape off the ends of the gi pants and jacket sleeves
  • tie a belt around the gi jacket

To increase durability, you can also add MMA gloves or focus mitts to simulate shoulders and arms or more styrofoam pool noodles to the limbs.

With just these simple materials and items, you will have created an effective and durable grappling dummy that you can use to practice your Jiu Jitsu skills from home!

What Should You Fill Your Grappling Dummy With?

When it comes to filling your grappling dummy, you have a few options.

The cheapest and most widely used option is old clothes or towels, which can be stuffed inside the dummy to give it some weight and resistance.

You can also add some sand, rice, beans, or other filler material to make the dummy heavier if desired.

The best and most affordable options to fill your grappling dummy with are old cloths and towels, pool noodles (or some other styrofoam) to add rigidity, and sand to add weight to it.

Another popular option is foam stuffing, which provides a more realistic feel and helps keep the shape of the dummy intact.

There are even specialty fillers available on the market such as air-filled bladders that mimic human muscle tension for a more lifelike training experience.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that your grappling dummy is filled firmly so that it won’t collapse during training sessions.

What Is the Best Grappling Dummy?

Choosing the right grappling dummy for your Brazilian jiu-jitsu training can be a daunting task. There are many different types of dummies available, each with its own pros and cons, so it’s important to know what you want before making a purchase.

That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to deciding which grappling dummy is the best. It all depends on your individual needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a portable option that won’t take up too much space, then cylinder-shaped dummies are a great choice. They’re circular in shape, making them easier to maneuver and store than traditional oval-shaped dummies. Cylinder-shaped dummies are also lightweight and ideal for practicing arm drags or leg locks in the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, if you need something more realistic for throws and takedowns, then an oval dummy might be better suited for your needs.

These dummies have a more lifelike torso shape that can help make your training more effective. However, they may require more space than cylinder dummies since these are usually larger in size.

Here are some recommendations for the best grappling dummies for bjj:

The Original Grappling Dummy: This is one of the most popular and widely used grappling dummies for BJJ. It is designed to simulate a real opponent and is made of durable materials that can withstand repeated use. It comes in various sizes and weights to suit different training needs.

The Combat Sports Grappling Dummy: This grappling dummy is also very popular among BJJ practitioners. It is made of durable vinyl material and has reinforced stitching to ensure long-lasting use. It comes in different weights and sizes to suit different training needs.

The Ring to Cage Grappling Dummy: This grappling dummy is made of synthetic leather and is designed to be anatomically correct. It comes in various sizes and weights to suit different training needs.

The Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy: This grappling dummy is made of high-quality canvas material and is designed to simulate a real opponent. It is available in different sizes and weights to suit different training needs.

Finding the Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ Judo and MMA  – Conclusion

Wrestling dummies, grappling dummies, or MMA training bags can be a great addition to your home gym if you’re looking to improve your ground game. 

But with so many different types and brands on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. 

The best grappling dummies for jiu jitsu are Jayfeo, Hawk Sports, and Combat Sports. A grappling dummy is worth it if you plan to train and learn at home.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide of the best grappling dummies for BJJ, Judo, and MMA. 

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. And if you still have questions after reading this post, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation. 

We would love to help you find the perfect dummy for your needs and get you started on your path to mastery.

Thank you for reading!