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Gold BJJ Headgear Review

If you’re considering buying Gold BJJ headgear then this is the post for you. While my ears don’t have any major signs of cauliflower ear, I’ll sometimes wear headgear if they get sensitive. So let’s take a look how Gold BJJ measures up.

Key Takeaway: Gold BJJ headgear is ideal for Brazilian jiu jitsu. It stays put and doesn’t cause unnecessary discomfort for you or your training partners (unlike other harder headgear). It’s a solid choice for protecting your ears without getting in the way of training.

Our Review

+ Pros / – Cons
+ Softer and ideal for BJJ
+ Doesn’t cause unnecessary discomfort for sparring partners
+ Easy to adjust
+ Comes with mouth guard
+ / – Uses velcro straps (may come undone more easily than plastic straps)
– Can get a bit hot during training

My Personal Experience: Like any headgear for Brazilian jiu jitsu, it takes some time to get used to. For me, after about 2 weeks of wearing it during a couple sessions, I began not to notice it, but it was definitely a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. Aside from causing my head/ears to run slightly hotter, I strongly recommend it for jiu jitsu.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfort: The Gold BJJ Headgear is just more comfortable than harder headgear for both you and your training partners
  • Durability: I’ve used this head gear on and off for the past year and haven’t noticed any major issues aside from the Gold BJJ label peeling.


  • Fit Adjustment: Unlike headgear that uses plastic straps (like Cliff Keen) you may have to continually adjust Gold BJJ headgear since it uses velcro straps.
  • Breathability: I found it to cause me to sweat more around my head and ears. This, however, may be a personal issues since I’m usually one of the more sweaty people on the mat.

Harder vs Softer Headgear for Brazilian jiu jitsu?

Harder head gear is much more common in wrestling (like those from Cliff Keen). While softer head gear may offer slightly less protection, they are strongly preferred for jiu jitsu.

FeatureHard Headgear (like Cliff Keen)Soft Headgear (like Gold BJJ)
MaterialHard plastic outer shellSoft, flexible materials
ProtectionHigh impact resistanceCushions against impacts
AdjustabilityAdjustable straps for fitElastic material for snug fit and velcro straps
ComfortMay feel bulkierGenerally more comfortable
Ear ProtectionRigid protection for earsSoft cushioning for ears
Usage in BJJLess common due to rigidity but still sometimes usedMore common, less restrictive
IBJJF ComplianceTypically not allowedAlso not allowed
DurabilityVery durableMay be less durable than harder headgear
AestheticsMore noticeable, bulkier lookSleeker, less noticeable

Headgear Specifications

The GoldBJJ Headgear features:

  • Material: A durable soft shell construction that mitigates impact while ensuring comfort.
  • Adjustability: Velcro straps for a customizable fit.
  • Weight: Lightweight design to minimize interference during training.
  • Ear Protection: Ample padding concentrated around the ear to prevent cauliflower ear.

Design Purpose

GoldBJJ designed its headgear to fulfill a specific niche within BJJ gear. It aims to offer sufficient protection for the ears while maintaining a low profile that does not hinder the practitioner’s ability to hear their coach’s instructions. The headgear is also constructed to handle the rigors of grappling without compromising on comfort or movement.

Features and Benefits

When examining the Gold BJJ headgear, it becomes clear that it’s designed with a high level of precision to meet the unique needs of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. The focus is on providing a balance of protection, comfort, and durability without compromising on performance.

Material and Durability

The Gold BJJ headgear is constructed from a high-quality, reinforced material that is resistant to tearing and degradation. This means that the headgear is built to withstand rigorous training sessions and frequent use, making it a durable choice for any practitioner.

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is paramount in BJJ headgear, and Gold BJJ ensures an ergonomic design that contours to the shape of the head. Its lightweight construction reduces the burden on the neck and head during grappling, and the inner padding provides additional comfort without excessive bulk.

Protection Level

A notable feature of the Gold BJJ headgear is the level of protection it offers. The ear cups are specifically designed to shield the ears from impacts and reduce the risk of developing cauliflower ear, a common concern among grapplers.


Adjustability is crucial for a secure fit, and this headgear comes with customizable straps. These straps can be easily modified to attain a snug fit, ensuring that the headgear remains in place even during the most dynamic of movements.

Comparison with Competitors

If you prefer softer headgear like these from Gold BJJ some other soft options are those from:

  • ROAR
  • Matman

If you prefer harder, more wrestling style headgear you should checkout:

  • Cliff Keen (the standard)

Price Point Comparison

Gold BJJ Headgear offers a competitive price point in the market and is pretty average. Its cost is comparable to the Cliff Keen Signature and the ASICS Ear Guards, which are marketed towards the same athletic audience. The only headgear that is more affordable is the one by Roar.

Headgear ModelPrice (USD)
ASICS Restrained$$
Gold BJJ$$
Cliff Keen Signature$$
Cliff Keen Two-Tone Signature$$$
Cliff Keen Fusion$$$
prices pulled from Amazon and are current as of this writing*

Feature Comparison

Here is a table some of the features of the most popular headgear models for wrestling and bjj:

Headgear ModelMaterialAdjustabilityEar ProtectionComfort FeaturesDurabilityAdditional Notes
Gold BJJSoft fabricElastic/Velcro Soft ear cups covered with fabricSoft/LightweightModerateIdeal for BJJ
MatmanSoft fabricElastic/VelcroSoft ear cups covered with fabricLightweightModerateGreat for both wrestling/bjj
Cliff Keen Two-Tone SignatureNylon/Spandex strap systemPlastic StrapsHard molded ear cupsAir vents for breathabilityHighSignature headgear with two-tone design
Cliff Keen SignatureFoam shell Plastic StrapsHard molded ear cupsChin cup for added comfortHighClassic wrestling headgear design

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Instructions

After use, the GoldBJJ Headgear should be cleaned following these steps:

  1. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and sweat.
  2. Hand wash (or gentle machine wash) with mild soap or detergent
  3. Air dry the headgear completely before the next use to prevent mold and odor buildup.

Caution: We recommend avoiding machine drying as it can degrade the materials and affect the fit.

Storage Tips

To store the GoldBJJ Headgear:

  • Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent material degradation.
  • Avoid folding the headgear as it can deform the shape and impact its fit.
  • Use a breathable bag for storage to allow air circulation and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Final Thoughts

The Gold BJJ Headgear is ideal for Brazilian jiu jitsu training. It offers protection without getting in the way or adding unnecessary discomfort for you or your training partners.

Like any headgear it will take time to get used to, but if you feel your ears getting sensitive or showing signs of cauliflower ear, these should be one of your top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should one look for in BJJ headgear to ensure adequate protection?

The key features one should seek in BJJ headgear include shock-absorbing padding, a secure fit that does not shift during training, and coverage that shields the ears from impacts that can lead to injuries like cauliflower ear.

Can You Wear Headgear in BJJ Competitions?

No, most bjj organizations like the IBJJF or ADCC do not allow you to wear headgear during competition.

How does the Gold BJJ headgear compare to other leading brands in terms of comfort and fit?

Gold BJJ headgear is often recognized for its snug yet comfortable fit, minimizing movement during grappling sessions. Its design focuses on balancing protection without compromising the user’s comfort, which is consistent with the offerings from other top-rated brands.

Is the Gold BJJ headgear effective at preventing cauliflower ear during training?

While wearing headgear is the most effective method for protecting against cauliflower ear, it, of course, does not guarantee 100% success at prevention.

Gold BJJ headgear is constructed with the aim of preventing cauliflower ear, offering padded protection that is designed to absorb the kind of impacts that cause the condition.

Can users expect long-term durability from the Gold BJJ headgear when used regularly?

Constructed for regular use, the Gold BJJ headgear is made with durable materials meant to withstand the rigors of consistent training. Reviews suggest that it maintains its structure and function over time, indicating good durability.

What feedback do users on Reddit and Amazon have about the Gold BJJ headgear’s performance?

User feedback on platforms such as Reddit and Amazon generally highlight the headgear’s comfort and protection, with many users noting its ability to stay in place during training and its effectiveness in preventing ear injuries which was my same experience when using it during training as well.

Are there any well-known competitors or alternatives to Gold BJJ headgear that offer similar quality?

Several brands offer competitive products to Gold BJJ, including Roar, Matman, Adidas, Asics, and Cliff Keen, which are also known for their quality headgear. Each brand provides different features that cater to varying preferences and requirements.