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How Much Does a Gi Weigh? Breaking Down BJJ Gi Weights and IBJJF Rules

Most gi’s for BJJ weigh between 2-5 lbs (~1-2kg). However, this weight can be affected by the size of the gi (A0-A4), weave type, and material used.

If you are competing, a good rule of thumb is to estimate your gi and clothes weighing between 4-5 lbs to guarantee you make your weight bracket.

In this post we provide the weight of some of the most popular Brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s out there based on actual measurements tested on a scale as well as other related questions regarding competing in Brazilian jiu jitsu and common weigh in protocols for organizations like the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation).

Finally, you’ll often see the abbreviation “GSM” next to gi’s. This stands for “grams per square meter” and is a general measurement of how heavy or thick the gi jacket is – with higher GSM meaning heavier and thicker.

How Does Weighing in with a Gi Work for BJJ Competitions like IBJJF?

For the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), before your first match, you must weigh in with your gi.

Unfortunately, you only have one chance to make weight so if you are over weight for your weight class you will be immediately disqualified without chance for a refund. They also only do one weigh in before your first match.

For most BJJ tournaments that take place in the gi, you will have to weigh in with your gi on to make sure you make your weight classes. Depending on the organization holding the competition you may be able to weigh in a day or two before.

However, for IBJJF competitions you must weigh in the day of with weigh-ins taking place once just before the bracket starts.

Some organizations may have different times when you can weigh in:

  • NAGA – possibility to weigh in the day before or day of
  • Tap Cancer Out – possibility to weigh in the day before or day of
  • Some Fuji Competitions – possibility to weigh in the day before or day of

  • IBJJF – weigh in the day of only*
  • Grappling Industries – weigh in the day of only*
  • Jiu Jitsu World League – weigh in the day of only*

Lastly, for IBJJF, if you are doing both Gi and No Gi, you would have to weigh in twice for each type even if they are happening on the same day.

Comparing Weight of Popular Gi Brands

Sanabul Essential Gi

me wearing size A3 at 223lbs

When I hopped on the scale, the total weight for Sanabul Essential Gi and belt (while also wearing shorts and rashguard) for size A3 was 4.2lbs

Sanabul also provided the below weight estimates of the Essential Gi:

A1: Approximately 2.6 lbs
A2: Approximately 2.9 lbs
A3: Approximately 3.1 lbs
A4: Approximately 3.3 lbs

Gold BJJ Aerowave Gi

The approximate weight of the Gold BJJ Aerowave Gi is 2-3 lbs depending on what size you get. This gi is 275 GSM pearl weave so it tends to run a little bit lighter.

Fuji All-Around Gi

Fuji says the All-Around Gi is a traditional single 550-gram weave which weighs approximately 3.5 – 5 lbs. Again, this will be affected by size of gi you wear.

Tatami Estilo Gi

The Tatami Estilo Gi weighs approximately 3.5-lbs. It includes a 550 GSM pearl weave jacket which is a bit heavier.

Comparing Different Gi Types

What Does Weave Type Mean for Gi’s?

Weave Type Description Gi Example
Single Weave Most basic and affordable weave type. It’s lighter compared to double weave but pretty similar. May not last as long as other weave types.Fuji All Around
Double Weave Same pattern as single weave, but the pattern is repeated multiple times. Durable and affordable and can make it harder to grip. Plus it has thicker stitching so it can definitely make one sweat (more common in Judo gi’s)
Gold Weave Combination of single and double weave. Durable as a double weave, but lightweight like a single weave. Generally, more expensive compared to a single/double weave or pearl weave gi and may shrink more, but it’s softer with great quality and durability.Gold BJJ Calavera
Pearl Weave Probably the most popular in the modern day BJJ gi. Extremely durable and lightweight and just overall great for training and competitionGold BJJ Aero weave

What’s the Difference Between Regular Gi’s and Competition Gi’s?

There really isn’t much of a difference between regular gi’s and competitions gi’s – however, some competitors will choose to compete in lighter gi’s to help with making weight or choose plain gi’s that they know will be IBJJF legal.

Some options for lighter gi’s are:

Keep in mind that the IBJJF requires that all Gi’s weigh between 380 and 650 GSM

Finally, it isn’t necessary to have separate gi’s for training vs competition – this largely comes down to preference and making sure you have a competition legal gi.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Average Gi for BJJ Weigh?

On average, most BJJ gis weigh between 2-5 lbs. Keep in mind that the weight of a gi is affected by the size of gi you wear.

Do You Weigh in for IBJJF Competitions with Your Gi On?

Yes, for IBJJF competition and almost all others you weigh in with your gi on. Specifically for IBJJF, you weigh in once the day of, just before your weight bracket starts.