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Is the Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace Worth It for BJJ?

Is the Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace Worth It for BJJ

The Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace is one of the top recommend knee braces for BJJ (Brazilian jiu jitsu) competitors who are dealing with minor knee injuries, but it does come at a more premium price.

Yes, the Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace is worth it for BJJ athletes. It offers the most support when compared to other knee sleeves without being a “hard” knee brace. It is well made with premium fabric and offers an excellent fit.


  • Solid amount of padding around patella
  • Doesn’t restrict movement
  • Excellent fit (with cheaper knee sleeves fit/sizing is always an issue)
  • Durable (my NEENCA knee sleeve seams came apart ~1 year of use)

The Biggest Con: Like many other knee braces or knee sleeves, the Bauerfeind knee sleeve will sometimes slide down during training.

Unfortunately, this is common in all other knee sleeves and is something that is unavoidable unless you want to get to get a more restrictive knee brace that includes velcro straps or hard parts

I’ve tried many different knee braces and knee sleeves for BJJ and the Bauerfeind knee sleeve is still my top recommendation.

Key Features of the the Bauerfeind Knee Sleeve

Padding Around the Patella

Some other knee sleeves like those from POWERLIX or Cambivo are just fabric with no gel inserts.

The Bauerfeind sleeve has a pretty thick gel insert that hugs your patella and gives you some extra padding when putting pressure on your knees when passing or wrestling.

Knee Stabilizers Around the Side

It also has knee stabilizers lining the outsides of the knee.
These help apply compression and tension when your knee is in motion.

Lacks Rubber Lining by Openings

Again, the one thing I’d like to see with this knee sleeve that is missing is more rubber or something that provides grip by the top opening to keep it from sliding down as much. However, even with knee sleeves that have this rubber liner (like the NEENCA sleeve), they will still slide down occasionally during training.

Comfortable and Great Fit

Lastly, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain brace just fits more comfortably and doesn’t have issues like other brands that are too loose or too tight.

What you get for a higher price point is more comfort, better fit, and, overall, just more durability.

Are There Any Comparable Knee Braces or Knee Sleeves at a More Affordable Price?

If you’re looking for a more affordable knee sleeve but still decent quality, I recommend the Shock Doctor Knee Sleeve or the NEENCA knee sleeve.

Shock Doctor Knee Brace

The Shock Doctor Knee Sleeve is a decent alternative to the the Bauerfeind – it comes in at about half the price.

How It Compares

  • It has the same features like:
    • gel insert around the patella
    • soft bracket inserts around the sides
  • Where it falls short
    • Bauerfeind sleeve offers thicker padding and more support

Neenca Knee Sleeve

seams splitting around gel insert

The Neenca knee sleeve is pretty comparable to the Bauerfeind Knee Brace. In fact, I like that the NEENCA knee sleeve has rubber lining around the openings which I feel helped it stay in place longer.

It is also ~1/3 of the price of the Bauerfeind Knee Brace

Con: However, it just didn’t last as long as the Bauerfeind. After ~1 year of some pretty heavy use, the seams began to split especially around the patella gel insert. It’s still usable, but I can see its about time to replace it

Overview of Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace

The Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace is engineered for people requiring knee support and knee padding and is ideal for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners. I’m sure you’ve seen it come highly recommended on forums like Reddit or Quora.

  • Fabric: The brace is fashioned from a comfortable knitted fabric that fits anatomically around the knee.
  • Compression: Designed to offer intermittent massage through movement, aiding in pain relief and encouraging the body’s natural healing process.
  • Targeted Relief: An incorporated patella pad targets pressure to key areas, aiming to stimulate muscles around the patella and the knee for added stabilization.

The GENUTRAIN Knee Brace’s design optimizes the combination of materials and construction, catering to different knee indications:

  • GenuTrain: General knee support and pain relief.
  • GenuTrain A3: Specifically designed for mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain, ideal for active lifestyles.

Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to ensure a proper fit, critical for effective support and comfort during training sessions.

Price Point: While prices may vary, the brace is generally considered to be a premium product in its category.

This brace is crafted with attention to detail, aiming to blend functionality with comfort for individuals engaging in sports that place significant stress on the knee joints. The GENUTRAIN Knee Brace is thus positioned in the market as a supportive accessory suited for those wanting to mitigate knee discomfort and optimize performance in BJJ.

Benefits of Using the GENUTRAIN for BJJ

Support and Stability

The primary function of the GenuTrain knee brace is to offer enhanced joint stability. BJJ practitioners often face situations where their knees are subjected to sudden twists and turns. The GenuTrain is equipped with a specialized pad that applies pressure and massages the knee area, which can lead to improved proprioception. This heightened awareness of knee positioning helps an athlete maintain proper form and reduces the risk of incorrect movements that could lead to injury.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is paramount in a sport that demands constant movement, and fit plays a pivotal role in comfort. The GenuTrain brace features a three-dimensional active knit which contours to the unique shape of the user’s leg, providing a custom-like fit. It also contains a soft hollow at the knee area to enhance wearing comfort during long training sessions. The design allows BJJ athletes to perform a wide range of maneuvers without worrying about the brace slipping off or becoming a distraction.

Injury Prevention

BJJ athletes are at risk of various knee injuries due to the nature of the sport’s grappling techniques. The GenuTrain offers protection against common afflictions such as sprains, strains, and swelling, potentially minimizing the occurrence of recurrent knee pain and preventing long-term damage. Users have reported relief from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and tendonitis, aiding in both the prevention and management of knee injuries.

Design and Material Quality

When evaluating the Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), two aspects stand out: its high-grade material composition and its durability which attest to its quality craftsmanship.

Material Composition

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace is constructed using a combination of knitted fabric and a silicone insert. The fabric is medical-grade, lending itself to both durability and flexibility, which is crucial for the movements in BJJ. It is designed to provide compression that aids in stabilizing the knee and enhancing the proprioception needed for precise movements.

Durability and Quality

Durability is key for BJJ athletes, and the GenuTrain brace delivers with quality supportive materials that maintain pressure where needed over time. The brace’s longevity is a result of both the high-quality fabric that resists wear-and-tear and the meticulous construction that holds up under the strain of martial arts training. Users report consistent performance even after extended use, confirming the brace’s ability to withstand the rigorous demands of BJJ.

Functional Features for BJJ Practitioners

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace presents functional features tailored to the demands of grappling and ground fighting.

Patella Pad

The patella pad is a core feature which surrounds the kneecap, offering targeted pressure to alleviate stress and distribute forces evenly around the patella. This is particularly beneficial in BJJ as it aids in shock absorption during takedowns and swift ground movements.

Flexibility and Movement

The brace promotes flexibility and movement, crucial aspects of BJJ. Its high elasticity molds to the leg, accompanied by a breathable fabric that offers both comfort and freedom of movement, enabling practitioners to perform a wide range of techniques without constraint.

Proper Usage and Maintenance

Ensuring the Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace is properly fitted and maintained can greatly affect its performance, particularly in demanding sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Proper usage extends the brace’s lifespan and ensures maximum support during training.

Fitting the Brace Correctly

The GenuTrain knee brace should be snug yet comfortable around the knee. It’s crucial to measure the knee accurately before purchasing to ensure an optimal fit. 

Here are the steps for achieving the best fit:

  1. Measure the circumference of the leg at two points: 4.75 inches below the knee center and 5.5 inches above the knee center.
  2. Refer to the Bauerfeind sizing chart to find the corresponding brace size.

When putting on the brace, the user should make sure that the knee cap sits securely within the built-in donut-shaped pad. The brace’s compression should feel even throughout, without bunching or slipping.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

To maintain the brace’s elasticity and support, follow these cleaning guidelines:

  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue.
  • Air dry away from direct heat or sunlight; do not tumble dry.

Regular cleaning after each training session prevents buildup of sweat and bacteria, which can degrade the material and lessen the brace’s effectiveness.

Final Considerations for BJJ Athletes

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace is just a superior option for Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) athletes seeking support for mild knee injuries even at the higher price point.

Although it is more expensive, the investment reflects its quality and design. I believe it’s always better to buy one quality product once instead of replacing a cheaper one several times.

The brace outperforms many of its competitors by providing substantial support without the rigidity of a “hard” knee brace. Crafted from premium materials, it ensures durability and an excellent fit—a common issue with less expensive alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bauerfeind GenuTrain compare to other knee braces for BJJ practice?

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is specifically designed to offer secure support and alleviate knee pain, which is perfectly tailored to BJJ practice compared to generic knee braces.

What benefits can BJJ practitioners expect from wearing a Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace?

BJJ practitioners using the Bauerfeind GenuTrain can expect knee stabilization, knee padding, and improved joint mobility. The anatomically knitted fabric and viscoelastic massage pads offer comfort while ensuring the brace stays in place during rigorous training.

Is the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support model suitable for the rigorous demands of BJJ training?

Again, the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support model is crafted to withstand intense activity and is thus suitable for BJJ. Its breathable fabric and supportive features aim to safeguard the knee through various ranges of motion encountered in BJJ without restricting movement.