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20+ Best MMA Shin Guards (and Muay Thai Shin Guards)

If you’re serious about mma or muay thai training you know that your shins, ankles, and feet can take a beating. That’s why I’d strongly recommend investing in a solid pair that will give your legs some cushion, will last a long time, and won’t get in the way of training.

Best MMA and Muay Thai Shin Guards – At a Glance

I’ve been training muay thai and mma for almost four years now, and I’ve been through a couple different shins guards.

While I initially bought a more affordable pair from Sanabul, I eventually bought the SP5 shin guards from Fairtex. I’ve owned them for almost 2.5 years, and they still offer some solid protection (I’m 6′ and 215 and went with a Large and they fit pretty good). I usually rotate between these and my Xmartial ones weekly.

Best MMA and Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex SP5 Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards

+ Great and strong padding
+ Fair price
+ Velcro closure
+ Long-lasting
+ Lightweight
Some have issues with the uncomfortable straps in the back of the ankle

The Fairtex SP5 Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards are my top recommendation for their exceptional quality. While they may seem bulky, they are surprisingly light and easy to put on. 

These are also on the more expensive end, but I always recommend buying quality gear once instead of replacing cheaper gear multiple times.

There is enough padding, providing excellent protection without being too thick. It also protects both my shins and toes well. They are constructed from durable authentic leather and have withstood heavy wear!

Overall, the Fairtex SP5 shin guards are an excellent investment for beginners and pros.

Combat XMartial Shin Guards

I prefer my training gear to be comfortable. I want to be able to train without noticing they’re there.

These are my go to pair for bag work or light sparring and offer great value (these are a bit more affordable than the more expensive ones like those from Fairtex or Yokkao. (Finally, you may want a thicker shin guard like the Fairtex SP5 if you plan to do a bit of hard sparring.)

Simply put, comfort is not an issue when wearing the Combat Muay Thai Shin Guards because of their lightweight construction and sufficient padding. Made from high-quality synthetic leather, these shin guards provide durability and comfort, absorbing impact effectively.

The shin guards also come in three colors, orange, yellow, and blue.

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Top King Pro Leather Shin Guards

+ Great and thick padding
+ Vibrant color options
+ Long-lasting
+ Lightweight
Small sizing
Can be bulky for some

While these are on the more expensive end, if you are doing hard sparring week in and week out, do yourself and your shins a favor and get a solid quality pair of shin guards.

These may seem bulky, I promise your shins will thank you.

They are slightly thicker than the Fairtex SP5, providing extra padding for those who prefer it. These shin guards do well in protecting my lower leg and knees. These shin guards are professionally crafted in Thailand from 100% genuine leather.

Note:  I do recommend going one size up for a better fit.

Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards

+ Great and strong padding
+ Good fit
+ Durable
+ Lightweight and sturdy
+ Comfortable
Hard to put on when sweating
Short lower strap
– May not be as durable as other premium brands

If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective option, choose the Sanabul Essential Hybrid Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards. They are also ideal for those just starting out and needing some dependable gear.

These shin guards have specifically designed high-impact foam to absorb shock and protect your shins. It is a neoprene slip-on with top and mid-leg closures, providing a snug, comfortable fit.

Yokkao Matrix White Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Vibrant color options
+ Long-lasting
+ Lightweight
Large sizing
Foot padding can be long for some
-On the more expensive end

Yokkao doesn’t mess around their gear is top notch, but keep in mind, that their prices are on the higher end too match.

If you want to go top of line Yokkao, should definitely be one of the shin guards you check out. Perfect amount of padding and slick designs – you can’t go wrong.

They might be stiff and uncomfortable initially, but this is expected from well-made, long-lasting equipment. These shin guards are comfortable and protective once broken in, making them ideal for long training periods.

Triple layers of high-impact foam and excellent cowhide leather make them durable and impact-absorbing. The lightweight construction and slip-resistant inside provide a secure fit. 

Venum Challenger Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Velcro closure
+ Long-lasting
+ Lightweight
Large sizing
Limited color options

The Venum Challenger Shinguards have a simple yet sleek look that I appreciate. Even with consistent practice, they have shown to be exceptionally durable. 

The synthetic leather construction ensures durability and performance. The high-density foam and extra cushioning offer excellent shock absorption, and the lightweight construction allow unrestricted mobility and speed. Still, the pads might be thinner than the first ones on the list.   

Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards

+ Great and strong padding
+ Durable
+ Lightweight and sturdy
+ Comfortable
Large sizing

The Hayabusa T3 Striking Shinguards provide superior protection and longevity and are another crowd favorite but they do have a more expensive price tag. The multi-layered cushioning is very good at absorbing the impact of strikes. 

These shin guards are excellent because of the Vylar leather they’re made of and the adjustable straps that give a perfect fit.

Fiving MMA Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Comfortable
+ Affordable
Flimsy foot pads

The FIVING MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards fit well and are incredibly comfortable. I appreciate the flexibility in the foot, and these shin guards are lightweight.

Made from high-quality artificial leather, they offer durability and a stylish look. The double-sided Velcro closure in the back and the elasticized foot strap provide a snug and comfortable fit.

RDX Maya Hide Leather Shin Guards

+ Thick padding
+ Comfortable
+ Affordable
+ Lightweight and sturdy
Large sizing
Some have issues with uncomfortable foot pads

The RDX Shin Guards have quickly become a crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why. These are a solid, more affordable pair of shin guards.

Their molded design with padding ensures a perfect fit and superior protection. Another good thing about it is its moisture-absorbing feature.

These shin guards are equipped with Shell-Shock technology and include double cushioning for maximum shock absorption, protecting my shins from hard blows. What sticks out, though, is how their lightweight design allows movement and agility. The foot pads are long; however, some find them uncomfortable.

Combat Sports Shin Guards

+ Great and strong padding
+ Fair price
+ Durable
+ Lightweight
+ Comfortable
Hard to put on when sweating

The Combat Sports MMA Training Shin Guards offer excellent protection, keeping the shins safe and free from chafing and swerving. The neoprene sleeve snugly wraps around my leg, keeping the guards in place.

The thick foam cushioning protects the shin and instep well. The shin guards are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction and the leather striking surface.

TTP Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Comfortable
+ Affordable
+ Sweat-wicking
Insufficient upper foot support

I have been thoroughly impressed with the TTP Shin Guards Pads in terms of fit and protection. They are a great fit and provide fantastic coverage; the shin, ankle, and instep are well-protected. Plus they are pretty affordable.

The high-density foam padding is thick enough to absorb impact from intense kicks. The adjustable straps hold the guards securely and reliably, including a Velcro strap and an elastic instep strap. Synthetic leather is attractive and wicks sweat.

Fairtex SP3 Pro

+ Great padding
+ Comfortable
+ Lightweight
Small sizing
Back straps can be uncomfortable

The Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards may be older than the SP5, but they still offer exceptional quality. These shin guards are not bulky and are lightweight, enabling a comfortable fit without compromising the shin guards’ durability. You literally can’t go wrong with Fairtex.

During strenuous workouts, the shin receives solid protection thanks to the high-impact foam in these shin guards; however, it should be noted that some find the foot pads uncomfortable.

Meister MMA Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Comfortable
+ Lightweight
+ Durable
Small sizing
High straps
Limited design and color

The Meister Shin Guards are about the mid range when it comes to price, but I’d put them on par with the more premium brands like Fairtex any day.

However, These only cover the shin and as always be sure to check the measurements. Even though they do not have a curved shape on the side, they still give excellent functionality and are comfortable to wear. 

High-density impact foam and 100% cowhide leather worked together to provide long-lasting durability. For their level of protection, these guards allowed for greater freedom of movement.

Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards

+ Thick padding
+ Comfortable
+ Sturdy shin guard
+ Affordable
Weak stitching at the foot pads

Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards are anther very affordable pair. For their price they definitely have some solid quality.

The material is good quality, and the build feels firm and durable but over time you may have issues with the stitching.

The straps are sturdy and reliable, and the padding offers sufficient protection. These shin guards may also be adjusted for a more snug fit thanks to straps at the top, the calf, and the foot.

Fairtex SP7

+ Thick padding
+ Great mobility (separate foot piece)
+ Durable
+ Lightweight
Small sizing

Another one from Fairtex is the  SP7 Muay Thai Shin Guards. They are solidly constructed, providing excellent protection during training sessions. Thick padding guarantees maximum protection, but they are so comfortable. Easy care and cleaning make these shin protectors even more practical. 

These shin guards feature a unique design with an ergonomic foot contour and high-impact foam, ensuring maximum comfort and protection. 

Champs MMA Shin Guards

+ Thick padding
+ Comfortable
+ Durable
Flimsy foot pads

The comfortable foam cushioning of the Champs MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards makes them a good choice for individuals with smaller calves. (Tall skinny leg mma fighters unite!)

They offer durability at an affordable price point, making them a reliable option. 

These lightweight shin guards offer the required protection during strenuous sparring sessions and fit well. They will protect you from blows with their hefty cushioning of 1.5 inches.

Twins Leather Shinguards

Twins Special Shin Guards have gained immense popularity and are trusted by novice practitioners and pros. They have great cushioning and are available in various colors to match your taste. They have an ergonomic form and are lightweight despite their sturdy build so you can train efficiently. 

Revgear Superlite Shin Guards

+ Great impact absorption
+ Comfortable
+ Durable
+ Lightweight
Limited design and color option

The Revgear Pinnacle 2 Shin Guard is a game-changer for training sessions. The protection it offers the knees while allowing me a full range of motion is essential. They are quick and easy to put on and take off, and they stay in place thanks to the velcro straps that hook over and under themselves. The high-density foam cushioning is designed to absorb shocks effectively. 

Warlord Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Good fit
+ Durable
+ Lightweight and sturdy
+ Comfortable
Sizing issues

WARLORD PRO Muay Thai Shin Guards are well padded and available in striking colors that stand out and fit well. Putting them on and removing them is a breeze with the innovative triple slip loop system. These shin guards provide complete protection from injury and the freedom to throw powerful kicks.

MRX Shin Guards

SIZES: Small – X-Large

+ Great padding
+ Good fit
+ Sturdy
+ Comfortable
Limited color options

The MRX BOXING & FITNESS Shin Guards fit incredibly comfortably, thanks to the perfect cushioning and fine sizing. The cushioning is thick and protective, keeping the shins safe even after strenuous workouts. “Dri-Fit’s” moisture-management technology is a nice extra that helps you stay dry.

BeSmart Shin Guards

+ Great padding
+ Many color options
+ Lightweight
+ Great for kids
Small sizing
Hard to put on when sweating

BeSmart Shin Guards offer durable protection, making them a reliable choice. The padding is ideal for beginners, providing sufficient cushioning for training sessions. 

These shin guards are great, and the “Dri-Fit” technology helps one stay dry and comfortable wearing them. With sizes available for kids, they are ideal for young fighters looking to train and compete safely.

Why You Can Trust This List

Yes, I do get a small commission if a purchase is made using any of the links for the shin guards on this list – No, I will not recommend any shin guards (or product for that matter) that isn’t of solid quality and durability.

Again, I have been training muay thai/mma for almost four years now, and I have spent more money than I’d like to admit on training gear.

For this post I scoured the internet including reddit, amazon, mma forums, manufacturer sites and compiled a list of highly recommend shin guards. The research for this post alone took close to 12 hours (never mind the actual compiling, writing, and formatting).

The goal for this post is to provide a full comprehensive list of all the most popular shin guards out there as well as unbiased reviews on each of them plus as much detail as possible.

Hopefully, you can use this info to find your next pair of favorite shin guards.

Understanding Shin Guards

A Brief History of Shin Guards

The use of shin guards may be traced back to about 700 BC. Warriors and soldiers in the ancient world used handmade leg protection made from fabric, leather, and metal. 

Cricket pioneered the use of shin guards. Cricket pads protected batsmen’s lower legs in the late 18th century. Early pads were constructed of lightweight cane or reed, modified over time to provide more cushioning and safety.

Fast forward to the early 1900s, and modern shin guards gained widespread popularity in football (soccer), starting with leather designs and advancing to materials like celluloid and fiberglass. 

Slip-in shin guards, slimmer than strap-on ones, have been popular in recent years. These lightweight foam and plastic inserts fit easily into the player or fighter’s sock.

In MMA, as the sport became more popular and regulated, fighter safety became a priority, leading to the introduction of various protective gear, including shin guards. 

MMA vs Muay Thai Shin Guards

Shin guards for Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are designed and used quite differently. In MMA, Shin guards often resemble socks and offer a secure fit around the shin and foot. 

They are lightweight, very flexible, and provide minimal cushioning. Some have a sock-like appearance, so grappling and other striking approaches may be easily performed.

Muay Thai shin guards, on the other hand, are often bulkier and have a strapped construction. They feature more significant padding in the shin area and offer knee protection. The straps make for a snug fit, and the sturdy build makes them resistant to the hard kicks used in Muay Thai.

Examining Protection and Mobility

Shin guards designed for mixed martial arts (MMA) prioritize mobility while providing reasonable protection for the shins and instep. 

They should provide shin protection but are less bulky and lighter than other combat sports gear. It should offer superior mobility during punches and take downs. Your MMA shin guards must be as light and agile as possible while providing enough protection against blows and impacts.

Real Leather vs Synthetic Leather: Which is Better?

Shin guards may be made from either real or synthetic leather, so picking one over the other is a matter of personal choice and practical considerations. 

Real leather offers a premium feel, durability, and better breathability but tends to be more expensive.

Shin guards made of synthetic leather are frequently available at lower prices, are less difficult to clean, and maybe water-resistant. In addition to this, they provide a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

The Best Materials for MMA Shin Guards

Choosing suitable materials for MMA shin guards is essential for optimal performance, safety, and longevity. The best materials for MMA shin guards are high-quality synthetic leather, dense foam padding, reinforced stitching, moisture-wicking lining, and adjustable straps. 

High-quality synthetic leather combines durability and affordability, while High-density foam cushioning and double-stitched seams improve durability and impact absorption. The adjustable straps and moisture-wicking inside make this a practical and hygienic choice.

Understanding the Basic Styles of MMA Shin Guard Design

Depending on personal taste and fighting techniques, MMA shin guards may be found in various designs. Here are the basic styles of MMA shin guard design:

  1. Sleeve Style: Shin guards in the sleeve type may be put on and off like socks. They provide a tight yet comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Fighters that value mobility and flexibility often like this type because of its lightweight construction and basic appearance.
  2. Strapped Style: The strapped variety can be tightened around the leg to keep them in place. They may be adjusted for a better fit, are more stable, and provide more support. Strapped shin guards are best for martial artists who value a snug fit and extra protection during sparring and competition.
  3. Grappling Style: Ground combat and grappling require shin guards with carefully placed padding around the shins and instep. They are lighter and more flexible, allowing more movement and protection.
  4. Striking Style: Striking shin guards include additional padding to absorb forceful kicks and punches. They have denser foam cushioning and more robust shin plates to withstand hits.
  5. Hybrid Style: Hybrid shin guards incorporate features from multiple styles to offer versatility. They may combine elements of a sleeve style, strapped style, or a fusion of both.

The Different Types of MMA Shin Guards

Here are some basic styles of MMA shin guard design:

  1. Grappling Style: Ground combat and grappling require shin guards with carefully placed padding around the shins and instep. They are lighter and more flexible, allowing more movement and protection.
  2. Striking Style: Striking shin guards include additional padding to absorb forceful kicks and punches. They have denser foam cushioning and more robust shin plates to withstand hits.
  3. Hybrid Style: Hybrid shin guards incorporate features from multiple styles to offer versatility. They may combine elements of a sleeve style, strapped style, or a fusion of both.

Note: MMA shin guards can also come in sleeve style or strap style. 

How High Should MMA Shin Guards Be?

MMA shin guards should be high enough to cover the shin bone from just above the ankle to below the knee, protecting the front and sides. They should also cover the instep for foot protection.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual fighter to decide how far up on the leg they want their MMA shin guard to go while still meeting all applicable safety requirements and regulations.

The Ideal Height for MMA Shin Guards

The ideal height for MMA shin guards is from just above the ankle to below the knee, providing complete coverage of the shin bone and protection to the instep area.

However, sizes may also vary based on an individual’s height, so you have to check the sizing chart of the brand of your choice.

Choosing Shin Guards

How to Choose the Right Muay Thai Shin Guards?

When choosing your Muay Thai shin guard, find a size that fits well, covers your shin, and insteps completely. Consider the type of closure system (straps or Velcro) for a secure fit. 

Choose shin guards suited to your requirements and provide excellent padding thickness, durability, and quality construction to offer the best protection during training and sparring sessions. 

Expert Tips on Choosing Muay Thai Shin Guards

When choosing Muay Thai shin guards, Prioritize a snug fit to ensure the guards effectively cover your shin and instep. Look for materials with exceptional durability, such as genuine leather or premium synthetic (which is more affordable) alternatives. 

Opt for shin guards with ample padding to absorb impacts effectively. To discover the ideal balance for your training and sparring demands, consider the weight and mobility provided by the guards.

Sizing and Fit: A Comprehensive Guide

The ideal height for MMA shin guards, based on general sizing guidelines, is as follows:

X-Small4’11” and below
Small4’11” – 5’3″
Medium5’3″ – 5’10”
Large5’10” – 6’1”

Note: Sizes vary per company. To get an appropriate fit for your height, review the manufacturer’s sizing charts.

Should You Get Shin Guards for Kickboxing?

Yes, it would be best if you got shin guards for kickboxing because they offer essential protection for your shins.

Protecting your shins against painful hits, bruising, or fractures while training and sparring are essential in a sport like kickboxing, which incorporates striking methods that can cause injuries.

What Should You Wear Underneath Shin Guards?

It is recommended to use compression sleeves or socks below shin guards for added protection. These offer comfort, absorb sweat, and keep shin guards from moving during training or competition. 

Also, shin guards are more comfortable to wear if you wear proper athletic socks, which will keep your feet dry and reduce friction inside.

Popular Brands

Spotlight on Venum

Venum, a prominent brand in the combat sports world, is renowned for its high-quality gear and apparel. Venum combines style and functionality.

They’re made with high-density foam cushioning and sturdy synthetic leather; they offer optimal impact absorption while ensuring long-lasting durability. Venum shin guards are the best of both worlds, providing maximum movement and flexibility thanks to their elegant forms and ergonomic shapes.

Fairtex: A Closer Look

Fairtex has established itself as a leading name in the combat sports industry. This Thai label has long been recognized for its high-quality products.

Their shin guards are made of genuine leather, making them highly sturdy and resistant to wear. The several layers of foam cushioning provide superior protection for your shins by absorbing shocks. The adjustable hook-and-loop closures and elastic straps provide a secure and customized fit, allowing unrestricted movement.

Exploring RDX Sports

RDX Sports shin guards have excellent impact resistance and durability because of their construction from high-density foam cushioning and synthetic leather. You can be sure that your shins will be adequately covered and protected thanks to the anatomical design and strengthened shin plates—hook-and-loop fasteners and elastic straps for a snug, personalized fit.

Inside Combat Sports

Shin guards from Inside Combat Sports are constructed from high-density foam cushioning and long-lasting synthetic materials. The foam padding is strategically placed along the shin to absorb and disperse impact forces. 

The shin guards are ergonomically built to fit snugly and comfortably against the leg. Closures like hook-and-loop straps allow for a personalized and secure fit for many users. 

An Overview of Meister

Meister is a well-respected manufacturer of top-notch sports gear and equipment. They provide excellent protection from blows and strikes thanks to their sturdy construction out of high-density foam cushioning and cowhide leather.

The item’s ergonomic design and reliable closures guarantee a tight and comfortable fit. Meister shin guards are built to not move about during strenuous workouts, giving players the security they need to give it their all.

Introducing Hayabusa

The safety, comfort, and design of Hayabusa shin guards are unrivaled. These shin guards are made with cutting-edge technology and materials for maximum protection against impact.

The pre curved design and secure closures provide a secure and ergonomic fit, allowing optimal mobility and flexibility. In addition to their superior effectiveness, the Hayabusa shin guards create a striking fashion statement, whether worn in the gym or in the ring.

Popular Reddit Choices

The Best Muay Thai Shin Guards According to Reddit

The following are some top-rated Muay Thai shin guard brands based on discussions on Reddit:

  1. Fairtex (Usually SP5)
  2. Top King
  3. Twins Special
  4. Hayabusa (Usually T3)
  5. Venum
  6. Yokkao
  7. Windy
  8. RDX
  9. Sanabul
  10. Title

The Best MMA Shin Guards as Voted by Reddit Users

As voted by Reddit users, it turns out Fairtex, Top King, Twins, and Venum are the crowd’s favorites!

Wearing and Maintenance

How to Wear Fairtex Shin Guards

To wear Fairtex shin guards properly, if available, begin by putting on ankle support or wraps for added protection. Insert your foot inside the shin guard’s foot compartment and adjust the padding to cover your instep and the front of your foot completely.

Place the cushioned part of the shin guard in front of your shin bone by pulling it up your leg and fastening the straps or closures at the back. Ensure a snug fit that doesn’t shift during movement and repeat the process to the other leg.

Fitting Shin Guards in MMA: A Guide

Properly fitting shin guards is essential for every mixed martial artist as they provide protection and support during training and fights. And so, you should start by taking your shin measurement and comparing it to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Please ensure the straps are fastened and fit tightly so that they don’t move around when you move. Try kicking and kneeing to see whether you have enough room for movement while still protected.

Does it Matter Which Shin Guard You Wear on Either Side?

Yes, it does matter which shin guard you wear on either side. 

Shin guards are often labeled with a directional arrow or letter to indicate which leg they should be worn on, such as “R” or “L” for the right or left leg. 

Shin guards are intended to suit the contours of each leg and provide cushioning and protection in the right places. If you put a shin guard on the incorrect leg, you have a chance of discomfort and an increased risk of injury.

How to Clean MMA Shin Guards

MMA shin guards may be cleaned by removing any excess dirt or sweat with a damp towel. Cleansing using a light soap or detergent and warm water, then using a clean sponge or cloth, is recommended.

Scrub the shin guards gently, giving special attention to any grimy or sweaty spots. Use clean water to rinse and wipe dry. Before using them again, give them sufficient time for air drying.

Maintaining Your Shin Guards: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maintaining your shin guards is crucial for their longevity and effectiveness. n order to keep them in good condition, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. After each use, wipe off dirt and sweat with a damp cloth.
  2. If the padding on your shin guards is detachable, remove it and wash it separately according to the recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Clean using a mild soap or detergent and some warm water, then wipe down with a fresh sponge or towel.
  4. Air dry at a location with enough ventilation, away from sunlight and other heat sources.
  5. Reinsert any removable padding once the shin guards are dry.
  6. To maintain their clean appearance and eliminate any lingering odors, you may apply baking soda, a disinfectant spray, or a deodorizer.

Following these tips, you can keep your MMA shin guards clean and effective.

For Beginners

The Best Muay Thai Shin Guards for Beginners

Regarding Muay Thai shin guards for beginners, my top picks above would be the recommended ones. Fairtex SP5 Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards offers just enough padding to balance protection and comfort.

Other shin guards, such as Top King Pro Leather Shin Guards, Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards, and Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards, are also suitable for beginners.

The Equipment Amateur MMA and Muay Thai Fighters Should Have

The proper gear is important for the safety and success of any amateur Mixed Martial Arts or Muay Thai fighters. Here are some essential items to consider:

Invest in sturdy, well-fitting protective gear that will keep you safe. 

Here are some of the related posts that can help you find some of the equipment you need:

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MMA and Muay Thai Shin Guards – Last Words

I hope this post have given you some info on some of the most popular mma and muay thai shin guards out there.

If you are definitely sticking with mma, muay thai, or kick boxing, I always recommend buying quality gear once instead of replacing cheaper gear over and over again.

Generally, what you are paying for with more premium shin guards are durability and fit (as well as little movement during training).

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one – Zack