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20+ Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviewed (Full Guide)

Most of the top Muay Thai glove brands will all likely be of the same quality, but in terms of gloves that I continue to use, for me, it comes down to shape, fit, comfort, size, and durability (as well as how satisfying the sound is when I throw a nice cross). So let’s take a look at some of the best gloves out there!

Best Muay Thai Gloves – At a Glance

*Best Overall Muay Thai Glove: Fairtex BGVI*

Best for Heavy Bag Work: Top Kings (12oz)

Best for Sparring: Twins (16oz)

Best Budget Gloves: RDX

Best Designs: Yokkao

(See our section further down this post on how to choose your Muay Thai Gloves)

Muay Thai Gloves Reviewed

1. Fairtex BGV1

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves in black

SIZES: 4 oz – 16 oz

+ Genuine leather
+ Micro-fiber gloves
+ Lightweight
Some may find it too thick

There’s no doubt that a pair of Fairtex gloves and the top of line Muay Thai gloves. Now whether or not you want to spend the money on a pair is totally up to you.

Fairtex gloves were the first pair of gloves I ever bought, and after buying and trying several gloves after them, they are still one of my favorites.

What really sold me is there shape – they are overall more compact and flat across the knuckles (instead of the rounded shape which is common with many other gloves). However, some may find them to big or dense feeling. If you prefer a more compact glove check out the Top Kings glove below.

While these can range up to ~$100 if you have the money and are passionate about Muay Thai, you really can’t go wrong with Fairtex.

2. Top Kings Super Air

Top King Super Air Breathable Leather Gloves Muay Thai in white

SIZES: 8 oz – 16 oz

+ Snug fit and great wrist support
+ Breathable and dry-quick
Can be tight at first few times of use

If you need a set of Muay Thai gloves that are more snug and compact then Top Kings is our number 1 recommendation.

They are definitely form fitting and offer some solid wrist support. These are also my go to gloves if I know I’m doing a lot of heavy bag or pad work.

3. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women in black

SIZES: 10 oz – 16 oz

+ Good first pair of gloves
+ Snug fit and great wrist support
Padding may become worn over time

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves are also worth considering specifically when searching for a budget pair of gloves. While these are made to be boxing gloves, they work great for Muay Thai too.

The main difference you’ll find between boxing vs Muay Thai gloves is that boxing gloves tend to be more padded and so will restrict your movement more.

Generally, Muay Thai gloves contain less padding which will allow more movement and ability to grip better specifically when working from the clinch.

So if you are okay with a thick, more padded glove and are looking to save money going with a boxing glove like this one from Liberlupus may be an option for you.


SIZES: 8 oz – 18 oz

+ Breathable and quick-dry
+ Attached thumb for support
+ Unique designs
A bit pricy
Can be a tight fit for some hands

Another of the most popular Muay Thai brands out there is Yokkao. They make a variety of different gear for Muay Thai.

If you’re looking for a flashy design on your gloves then Yokkao should be the first and last brand you check out.

5. Elite

Elite Sports Muay Thai Gloves for Men & Women

SIZES: 8 oz – 18 oz

+ Triple-density gel
+ Breathable and quick-drying
+ Lightweight
Can be a loose fit for some hands

Like any other gear from Elite, these Muay Thai Gloves are a solid, affordable option.

They are made specifically for Muay Thai (instead of the other pair of affordable gloves from Liberlupus which are made for boxing).

These Elite Muay Thai gloves make it easy to clinch, grab, and grapple in the ring. As opposed to other affordable boxing-based glove options.

6. RDX Ego Series

RDX Boxing Gloves in gold

SIZES: 8 oz – 16 oz

+ Attached thumb and grip bar for support
+ Long fastening strap
–  Can be a tight fit for some hands
Some might find the cushion not enough

Here is another affordable pair of gloves. However, it should be noted that these are made for boxing and may be a bit restrictive for Muay Thai sparring. For me, these were pretty snug, but eventually loosened up over time.

I use these at home when hitting the heavy bag in my garage and for the price they do the trick

7. Fairtex Microfibre Gloves

Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Boxing Gloves in Painter

SIZES: 4 oz – 18 oz

+ Comes in many great colors and designs
+ Lightweight
+ Velcro strap closure
+ Great wrist support
  Can be a tight fit for some hands (not for big hands)

Another pair of gloves from Fairtex (I really wanted to only include one of their gloves, but they’re just too good).

If you find the Fairtex BGVI gloves too large, then these should be your next option, I found these more snug and form fitting.

Also it should be noted that these are synthetic and not real leather.

These also come in a bunch of different designs so if you’re look for a pair of flashy gloves these may be for you.

8. Twins

Twins Boxing Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves in black

SIZES: 8 oz – 18 oz

+ Well cushioned
+ Great fit
+ Comfortable
+ Comes in many great colors and designs
–   Can be a tight fit for some hands

Twins Boxing Muay Thai Gloves are our top recommended gloves for sparring. These are probably the most common brand I see at my gym.

I ended up “borrowing” my friend’s pair for a long amount of time and for days I know that I’ll be sparring I prefer to use these.

I feel like I’m better able to absorb punches and keep my guard up with gloves. Also since these are tight fighting I don’t feel like I’m swinging around a loose pillow wrapped around my hands.

9. Windy Muay Thai gloves

Windy Muay Thai Training Gloves in black

SIZES: 14 oz – 18 oz

+ Well cushioned
+ Padded wrists
+ Great fit
+ Great wrist support
 Not that quick to dry (no holes for ventilation)
Lacks color/design option

The Windy Muay Thai Training Gloves are a another great choice for sparring. These gloves’ knuckles, backs, and palms are well-protected by padding, making them ideal for catching kicks. The velcro closure and excellent wrist support make these gloves a safe choice. 

Specifically designed for Muay Thai, these gloves offer great multiple layers of protection. However, it may be too hard at the first few use but will eventually soften in the long run. 

10. Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves in black

SIZES: 12 oz – 18 oz

+ Attached thumb for support
+ Well padded
– Definitely on the expensive end
  Can be tight fit for some hands (might be hard to take off)

Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves are made by hand in Mexico from premium cow leather and have an ergonomic shape for a precise and comfortable fit.

These gloves while they are made specifically for boxing, are definitely suitable for sparring, heavy bags, and general training.

11. Revgear Muay Thai Gloves

Revgear Original Thai Boxing Gloves in white

SIZES: 12 oz – 16 oz

The Revgear Original Thai Boxing Gloves have unbeatable quality and innovation- which is known in the world of MMA. These protective gear has been designed to endure through multiple training sessions with their high-performance cowhide leather construction and multi-layered foam cushioning. 

Gloves may be air-dried without losing form or quality thanks to their vented palms and double stitching. Crossover Ultra-Lock wrist straps provide superior comfort and stability. 

12. Venum

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves in black

SIZES: 12 oz – 16 oz

+ Quick-dry and sweat wicking
+ Great grip and wrist support
  Can be too loose fit for small hands
– ­Can be too bulky for some

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are the perfect gloves for anyone looking for quality and durability at a decent price. These gloves were manufactured by hand in Thailand from one hundred percent Skintex leather. 

  • Microfiber PU exterior guarantees durability
  • four layers of natural foam and reinforced palms provide exceptional protection and shock absorption
  • perforations in the palms increase airflow
  • the ergonomic design improves punching power.

13. Hayabusa

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves in black/red

SIZES: 10 oz – 18 oz

+ Great design
+ Well padded
  Can be too loose fit for small hands
Definitely pricey

Another constant brand on my list for gear whether its bjj or Muay Thai is Hayabusa. The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves feature everything a boxer could want in their sparring sessions or fights.

This glove features protection, comfort, toughness, and fit. The two overlapping velcro wrist straps may be adjusted to the ideal fit for your wrists, and the breathable inside fabric will keep your hands cool and comfortable. 

The gloves are ideal for punching bags/pads, partner exercises, and sparring.

14. Sanabul

Sanabul Battle Forged Thai Style Kickboxing Professional Gloves

SIZES: 10 oz – 16 oz

+ Snug fit and great wrist support
+ Firm padding
+ Simple and clean design
–   May be a bit too “puffy” around the knuckles for some
Not too durable

Sanabul is also known for making affordable gear for martial arts.

These Muay Thai specific gloves are a great option for beginners if you’re looking to test out Muay Thai with your own pair of gloves.

15. WARLORD Muay Thai Gloves

WARLORD Muay Thai Gloves in white

SIZES: 10 oz – 16 oz

+ Snug fit and great wrist support
+ Well-ventilated palms
+ Affordable
+ Well padded
  Can be tight fit for some hands

The Warlord Kanabo MTG1 Muay Thai Gloves do not disappoint, as they perform well and look great.

The anatomically shaped shell gives you the best place to put your hand for excellent punching power, and the three layers of foam padding provide your knuckles with the most protection possible. 

The interior cushioning is exceptionally thick, and the cooler, drier hands are guaranteed even during the most strenuous workouts, thanks to the vented palm design. The solid wrist support also helps keep the gloves in place throughout training.

16. Everlast

Everlast 12-Ounce Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves in black

SIZES: 12 oz

+ Snug fit and great wrist support
+ Well-ventilated palms
+ Sleek design
–   Limited to one size and color
Larger in size (even in large hands)

Everlast 12-Ounce Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves are an excellent choice for affordable Muay Thai gloves.

These are solid Muay Thai gloves for beginners with separate thumb and full wrist wrap.

While the gloves come in a sleek black design that looks good and fits well, the downside is that they only come in a 12 oz size, and the color options are limited. 

17. Rival


SIZES: 14 oz – 18 oz

Upgraded from the original RS1 glove, the RIVAL RS1 Ultra Sparring Gloves 2.0 still provides the same high quality and a long lifespan that consumers have expected from RIVAL through the years. 

The glove’s design includes a highly durable microfiber shell and high-density multi layered foam cushioning. The Angled Lace Track System guarantees a snug and stable fit, and comfort is increased by the conic cuff design and soft inside lining. 

18. Title Boxing

RIVAL RS11V Evolution Sparring Gloves in black

SIZES: 14 oz – 18 oz

The RIVAL RS11V Evolution Sparring Gloves from Title Boxing is the first version of the glove above. So if you are not into lace closure, this incorporates the innovative Wrist Lock 2 dual-angle V-Strap. 

Comfort is ensured with the glove’s cushioned inside and enlarged hand pocket. At the same time, the 15° Angle Cuff enhances safety. Intense sparring is no problem with the AirFlow Control System and the thick layered foam padding. 

19. Thai Tatto White and black print boxing gloves

Thai Tatto White and black print boxing gloves

SIZES: 4 oz – 16 oz

Grizzshopping’s Thai Tattoo White And Black Print Boxing Gloves are a unique addition to any boxer’s equipment collection. These gloves are handcrafted in Thailand; aside from this, the store has many fantastic design options.

The multi-layer cushioning and premium leather used to construct these gloves ensure they will last. The gloves are functional and comfortable thanks to the Syntec semi-leather inside, and the higher hook-and-loop Velcro straps provide additional security for the wrists.

20. ONX


SIZES: 12 oz – 18 oz

The ONX X-4 Training Glove is a multipurpose glove that provides exceptional protection for the wrist, carpal bones, and metacarpals. These are definitely on the more expensive end.

Boxers and MMA fighters looking for a training glove can benefit significantly from this item, as it improves both grip and hand posture. 

This glove’s unique internal strapping mechanism makes it possible to customize its fit and support. As the first wrap-less glove on the market, that fact sets it apart from the competition.

21. Outslayer

Outslayer Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves in blue

SIZES: 10 oz – 14 oz

+ Snug fit and great wrist support
+ Comfortable
+ Well padded
–   May require a long time to break them in

The Outslayer Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves are about mid range in terms of price, but are a great option for a snug fitting glove that will last.

The gloves are also hand-produced, featuring a high-performance latex foam construction for comfort and safety. These gloves are very modern in design, so they fit well while protecting your hands and wrists.

22. ARD Boxing Gloves

ARD Boxing Gloves in black

PRICE: $19.99

SIZES: 8 oz – 16 oz

+ Very affordable
+ Comfortable
+ Great for heavy bag workouts
  May need more padding for sparring

The ARD Boxing Gloves are the cheapest gloves on this list. If you don’t want to drop too much money and you’re looking for a simple glove that will get the job done, ARD gloves may be for you.

Quick Tips for Buying Muay Thai Gloves

1. First, decide if you want a bulkier or tighter gloves

Bulky gloves obviously provide more padding, but you may feel like you have more control with smaller, tighter gloves

The below table is a general guide but obviously glove and hand size will make a difference:

Larger Looser Fitting GlovesGloves with a Tighter Fit
Fairtex BGV1Top Kings
HayabusaFairtex BGV14
EverlastCleto Reyes

2. Next, choose if you want a more budget friendly or higher quality glove.

You’ll find gloves made for boxing are often more affordable. However, boxing gloves don’t allow for as much movement as Muay Thai Gloves (think clinching).

So here is a table breakdown based on price and quality of gloves:

More Higher End, Higher Quality GlovesMore Affordable Gloves
Fairtex BGV1ARD (boxing)
Fairtex BGV14Liberlupos (boxing)
Top KingsElite
Cleto ReyesSanabul
RivalVenum (boxing)

Why You Can Trust This List – Our Process

In reality, all of the top Muay Thai Brand Gloves are of similar quality but will vary in shape, fit, and performance so we wanted to provide as much unbiased detail as possible when reviewing the most popular gloves.

While I have trained in many of these Muay Thai gloves and will give my first hand experience whenever possible, I cannot honestly say that I have purchased and trained with all of the gloves on this list.

However, I have spent close to 30 hours combing through reviews on reddit, amazon, and retailer sites to create a guide on some of the most popular and most recommend Muay Thai gloves out there. This list originally started with close to 50 gloves that we have whittled down to the 20+ you see below.

Our hope is that you can find your next favorite gloves for sparring, pad, or bag work.

If you have any other questions on our review process or if you think we should add a pair of gloves to this list, feel free to reach out directly at

Muay Thai Gloves Sizing Explained

The size of your Muay Thai gloves will depend on many things, including your weight, age, the size of your hands, and how you your gloves to fit.

Here is a chart that will help you determine the right size Muay Thai gloves based on your age and weight:

Age RangeWeightGlove Size
Under 10Under 70 lbs4 oz or 6 oz or 8 oz
10-1270-90 lbs8 oz or 10 oz
12-1590-120 lbs10 oz or 12 oz
15-18120-150 lbs12 oz or 14 oz
18-45150-200 lbs14 oz or 16 oz
Over 45Over 200 lbs16 oz or 18 oz

Note: This chart is a general guideline; so always be sure to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before buying gloves.

Keep in mind that your hand size may also play a role in how well your gloves fit. One size up may be necessary for those with huge hands or long fingers.

Glove size is also determined by activity and skill level. Gloves with 10 or 12 oz are ideal for bag or pad work since they provide more padding. Depending on the fighter’s ability level, sparring gloves may weigh anywhere from 14 to 18 oz.

Muay Thai Gloves vs Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves

Differences in Design and Purpose

Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA gloves differ in design and purpose. 

Compared to boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves are typically thinner and less padded around the knuckles. Muay Thai requires gloves with greater mobility since the sport relies heavily on clinching and strikes with elbows and knees. 

Boxing gloves are more bulky and padded to protect the hands throughout extended periods of punching. 

MMA gloves are smaller and have less padding than Muay Thai and boxing gloves. They also feature an opening for fingers, which enables grappling, submissions, and striking. 

To see the difference, refer to the photo below:

Muay Thai Gloves vs Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves

Clinching Concerns Boxing Gloves vs Muay Thai Gloves

Clinching is a crucial aspect of Muay Thai. It is a close-range grappling technique where one fighter encircles another to exert control, set up strikes or throws, or take a break. 

And so, clinching is made more accessible with the help of Muay Thai gloves because of their open-palm design and smaller cuff. 

Compared to Muay Thai gloves, the larger size of boxing gloves can make it more challenging to grab and control your opponent during a clinch. 

Choosing the Right Type for Your Training

When picking out training gloves, it is crucial to think about the specific combat sport you’ll be preparing for. Muay Thai gloves are the most excellent option for dedicated art practitioners. 

If you’re focusing on boxing, boxing gloves would be the one for you. MMA gloves are the best option for training in mixed martial arts because of their flexibility for grappling and striking. 

Note: Some gyms and competitions have rules about what kinds of gloves can be worn, so it’s essential to find out what those rules are before you buy a pair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Muay Thai Gloves


Muay Thai gloves are made from different materials, including leather, vinyl, and synthetic materials. Leather gloves are more costly but last longer, are more comfortable, and allow more airflow than other gloves. 

Vinyl gloves are low-priced and simple to take proper care of, but they are less durable and don’t allow much air to get through. 

Synthetic gloves are often the least expensive option yet are the most common- which means they may be available at your local sports store. However, they may not last as long as their leather or vinyl counterparts.

Padding and Support

Choosing gloves with enough padding and support to protect your hands and wrists from the impacts of Muay Thai training is crucial.

Gloves with additional padding are bulkier and may restrict your hand mobility, but they protect you more effectively against powerful blows. Gloves with less padding are easier to move in but provide less protection.


There are many variations of Muay Thai gloves, such as those with an open thumb or additional padding. 

The hand’s natural shape is mirrored in traditional gloves’ design, which strikes a nice compromise between protection and mobility.

Gloves with open thumbs provide more movement and are suitable for clinching, whereas gloves with additional cushioning are suited to work on the heavy bag.


The size of Muay Thai gloves is measured in ounces, and choosing gloves that fit correctly is essential.

Gloves with greater cushioning, like 16-ounce gloves, are better for fighters with bigger hands. Lighter gloves, like 12-ounce gloves, may be preferable for fighters with smaller hands because of their improved mobility.


Muay Thai gloves can vary in price, and choosing gloves that fit your budget is essential. Quality gloves may cost more, but they are worth the investment, given their improved durability, security, and convenience.

Lace-up vs Velcro

Muay Thai gloves can have either a lace-up or Velcro closure system. Lace-up gloves are more snug and beneficial for the wrists, but they take longer to put on and take off. Velcro gloves are more convenient because they don’t need laces but cannot provide as much wrist support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Muay Thai Glove Brands?

Some of the top Muay Thai glove brands are:

  • Fairtex
  • Twins
  • Yokkao
  • Top Kings
  • Twins

I have trained with the majority of the gloves and can personally attest to their quality. If you are finished going through the recommended gloves on this list and are still unsure about which ones you should get, we recommend sticking with the above tried and true brands.

What oz Gloves are Best for Muay Thai?

Several factors, such as the size of your hands, weight, and training intensity, determine the best glove size for Muay Thai. To protect their hands, fighters with bigger hands usually use 16-oz gloves as it provides thicker padding. 12-ounce gloves may be better for smaller-handed people.

However, these are general guidelines, and you should choose a glove size that fits comfortably and protects your hands and wrists.

What Is the Glove Weight for Competition in Muay Thai?

The glove weight for a competition in Muay Thai depends on the fighter’s weight class. If competing in a Muay Thai event, you must learn the rules and regulations governing glove weight from your local Muay Thai federation or organization.

How do you break in Muay Thai gloves?

To make Muay Thai gloves more comfortable, they must be broken in. 

One way to break in gloves is to wear them during training and sparring sessions. You can also try hitting a heavy bag with the gloves to break them in. 

Are Boxing Gloves OK for Muay Thai?

It is possible to wear boxing gloves for Muay Thai. However, they may not be ideal. Boxing gloves are for striking, whereas Muay Thai gloves are for punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Muay Thai gloves provide better wrist support for hand protection while training.

When Do You Use Muay Thai Gloves?

Muay Thai gloves are typically used for training and sparring, and competitions in Muay Thai, where specific weight classes and glove sizes may be required. 

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Can You Punch a Heavy Bag without Gloves?

Punching a heavy bag without gloves is not recommended. Doing it without gloves exposes your hands and wrists to a significant risk of injury, including possible breaks, sprains, and other soft tissue damage.

Are Heavy Bag Gloves the Same as Sparring Gloves?

No, heavy bag gloves and sparring gloves are not the same. Heavy bag gloves, as the name suggests, are intended for use with heavy bags and other hitting equipment during training. Lighter and less cushioned than heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves are designed for use during sparring sessions to improve mobility and technique.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai

You’ll need hand wraps and a few minutes of your time to wrap your hands for Muay Thai. Here are the basic steps:

  • Place the hand wrap around your palm with the looped end facing your fingers.
  • Wrap the wrist numerous times.
  • Wrap the thumb base and back of the hand, then wrap the knuckles many times for cushioning.
  • Return the wrap to the wrist and wrap it many times for support.
  • Velcro or tape the wrap to finish.

Do Muay Thai Gloves Prevent Injuries?

Yes, Muay Thai gloves protect the hands and wrists during training and competition.

How Do You Clean Muay Thai Gloves?

Sweat and germs may make Muay Thai gloves smell. After usage, wipe them with a damp towel and let them dry. Glove deodorizers and disinfectant sprays may also remove germs and smells. Just avoid strong chemicals and machine wash the gloves to preserve the cushioning.

What Other Equipment Do You Need for Muay Thai?

The most common equipment you need for Muay Thai train is:

  • Muay Thai Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Shins Guards
  • Headgear
  • Mouth guads
  • Groin Protectors

While these are the most common there may be additional items, gear, and apparel you may consider. For instance if you train at home or if you want to add in different types of training you would need other pieces of equipment.

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How to Find Muay Thai Gloves Made in Thailand

If you’re looking for gloves produced in Thailand, try searching online for one. To help you, try looking for brands like Twins Special, Fairtex, or Top King, all located in Thailand and making excellent Muay Thai gear.

Finding the Best Muay Thai Gloves for You – Conclusion

The bottom line is you need to find a quality pair of Muay Thai gloves that fit your hands snug (when wearing wraps), but don’t restrict your movement.

We recommend trying out different pairs of gloves since you would be surprised how often the size, fit, and shape will vary.

In my own training, I generally will rotate between three pairs of gloves (Fairtex, Yokkao, Twins), but I stand by most gloves on this list as some of the best ones out there.

Best ‘a luck on finding your next favorite pair of gloves – Zack