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Are Spats and Compression Pants the Same for BJJ? Understanding the Differences

Spats vs Leggings

Spats and leggings are essentially the same thing when it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu training with the terms sometimes used interchangeably. However, spats made specifically for bjj may be thicker and have added features like rubber ankle liners, drawstring waistband, and sublimated graphics.

You can really wear either for bjj training.

Key Takeaways

  • BJJ spats are made specifically for Brazilian jiu jitsu may be more durable and include added features to make training more comfortable.
  • Again, spats and general athletic compression pants (leggings) are pretty comparable and both can worn by BJJ practitioners, but they’re not identical.
  • Both offer protection and muscle compression benefits, yet they may differ in features, design, and cost.

Differences Between BJJ Spats and Leggings (Compression Pants)

BJJ spats differ from general athletic leggings in that they are:

  • more expensive*
  • made of thicker material
  • may have flashy designs
  • include reinforced stitching
  • may include a drawstring waistband
  • may have reinforced openings around waist and ankles

Here is a table comparing spats and compression pants specifically for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ):

FeatureBJJ SpatsLeggings (Compression Pants)
Primary PurposeProtect skin during grappling, support muscles, and promote circulationSupport muscles and promote circulation
CostGenerally, more expensive than compression pantsMore affordable
MaterialBlend of polyester and spandex, sometimes with higher spandex contentTypically polyester and spandex or similar materials
FitTight compression fitAlso tight compression fit
DesignMay have reinforced stitching and durability for grapplingOften designed for general sports or athletic activities
Use in BJJCommonly worn under gi pants or alone for no-gi grapplingCan be worn for no-gi grappling but not specifically designed for BJJ
Moisture WickingYes, to keep the skin dry and prevent chafingYes, to keep the skin dry and prevent chafing
Skin ProtectionYes, specifically designed to protect against mat burns and frictionMay not be ot specifically designed for the same level of skin protection as BJJ spats

Defining Spats

me wearing sanabul spats in one of my early white belt competitions

In the context of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), spats refer specifically to tight-fitting, stretchable pants, that resemble leggings. They are crafted from a blend of materials including spandex, which imparts flexibility and compression.

Unlike general activewear, BJJ spats may be tailored for the demands of grappling sports, emphasizing range of motion,muscle support, and durability.

Materials: Typically, BJJ spats consist of a high-quality spandex blend, focused on durability and flexibility.

Features of BJJ Spats:

  • Compression: They provide a compression fit that is intended to support muscles and potentially improve circulation.
  • Protection: Spats offer a layer of protection against mat burns, skin infections, and scrapes during training.
  • Hygiene: Serving as a barrier between the practitioner’s skin and the mat, they are a hygienic option for grapplers.

BJJ spats can be worn under gi pants in gi training or underneath shorts in no gi sessions.

Usage: Practitioners can choose spats according to personal preference, factoring in comfort, performance enhancement, and the additional hygienic barrier they provide. While they are an optional piece of gear, many within the BJJ community appreciate their benefits.

However, some bjj gyms may have specific attire requirements so it’s a good idea to check with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spats and Leggings the Same thing for BJJ Training?

BJJ spats and leggings are very similar. However, spats made for bjj come at a higher price point and may have some added features specifically for Brazilian jiu jitsu like rubber ankle liners, reinforced stitching, drawstring waistband, standout graphics.

Depending on preference, you may choose to wear either or no spats at all as they are optional form bjj training.

Can leggings be used as an alternative to spats in BJJ?

Yes, leggings can be used as an alternative to spats in BJJ, but they may not offer the same level of durability and comfort.

What are the benefits of wearing spats in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

BJJ spats offer several benefits, such as skin protection from mats, minimization of muscle soreness, and possibly improved blood circulation due to their compressive nature. Wearing spats can also help practitioners avoid mat burn.

How do spats enhance performance in BJJ training?

Spats can enhance BJJ performance by aiding muscle stability and reducing friction on the mat, which allows for smoother transitions. Compression may also help in muscle recovery, allowing practitioners to train more effectively.

What material are BJJ spats typically made from?

BJJ spats are typically made from a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester. This combination ensures the garment is stretchy, durable, and moisture-wicking to keep the practitioner comfortable during training.