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I Bought The Best BJJ Shorts (15+ No Gi Shorts Reviewed)

In the market for the best bjj shorts? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Best No Gi BJJ Shorts – At a Glance

*Best Overall Shorts* – Xmartial

Best ValueElite

Best High End Shorts: Fuji

Best Choice for Women: XMartial

No gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training does not require the practitioners to wear the traditional gi uniform and allows them to train in tight fitting, comfortable, and breathable training attire usually a rash guard and  shorts usually made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and cotton. So if you train no gi bjj, jiu jitsu shorts are essential.

Now, lets get into the best bjj shorts…

The Best BJJ Shorts – Our Recommendations and Reviews

1. XMartial Lizard No Gi BJJ Shorts

+ Reinforced stitching
+ Multi flex panels
+ Side slits
+ Great value
+ Drawstring waistband
– Run shorter on the thigh (may have to size up)

Takeaway: These are our top recommended shorts. If you prefer a shorter pair of shorts that check all the basics – affordability, durability, and stay put during training, then these should be your first choice

2. Elite Sports Shorts:

+ Great Value
+ Perfect Fit
+ Drawstring closure
+ Side slits
+ Lightweight
– May run a bit small

Takeaway: Solid fit and feels well made. These are a great option if you want simple and affordable shorts for bjj. If you prefer a more fitted pair of shorts for training these should be your go to.

Whereas some other no gi bjj shorts can feel cheaply made or flimsy (like a loose bathing suit), the fabric with these shorts feels thick, durable, well made, and have been great for my own no gi training.

These are the ones that have been my go to choice for training recently, and they’ve held up very well.

3. Sanabul Essential Shorts:

+ Affordable
+ Hook and loop closure
+ Made with four-way stretch fabric
– Runs Larger
– May lack durability

Takeaway: Another decent option for affordable shorts – however, they run a little longer, and the material is on the thinner side.

Overall, these Sanabul no gi shirts are another solid option. They come in a variety of belt rank colors, has a reinforced waist liner with draw string and velcro, and are very lightweight.

4. ROAR Fight Shorts

+ Stretch micro fabric
+ Split out seams
 – A bit baggy
– Thinner material
– Uncomfortable waistband

Takeaway: If you’re looking for some more artistic designs in your no gi training these shorts are a good pick. However, they do feel a bit more cheaper made and seem pretty prone to rips or tears

My only issue with them is that the fabric of the shorts themselves feels a bit cheap. While I wore them over the last month of training, I feel like if I continued to wear them they might be prone to rips or tears.

5. LAFROI Men’s Fight wear

+Strong velcro and drawstring closure
– Waist line runs higher on the hips
– Looser fit
– Thin material

Takeaway: These shorts are larger and run further down the thigh. They unfortunately feel a bit thinner and not very durable.

6. Hawk Sports Shorts

+ Reinforced seams with LYCRA stretch panels
+ Affordable
– Thin material
– Velcro appears to be coming loose already

Takeaway: Another pair of shorts for bjj that run larger. They also feel thinner and are not my preferred short for training.

7. Gold BJJ Shorts

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts - IBJJF Approved No Gi Fight Short - for Grappling, MMA, Wrestling, Muay Thai & Boxing
+ Ultra-stretch fabric
+ Quick drying
– Tend to ride up quite a bit
– Waistband not tight (no velcro or drawstring)

Takeaway: Out of all these no gi bjj shorts on the list I’ve owned and worn these the longest. The material is solid, however, I wish the waistband was more reinforced and that they didn’t ride up as much. These shorts also seem to be prone to easily falling down when pulled or tugged on during training.

Other No Gi BJJ Shorts to Consider:

8. FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts

+ Drawstring and velcro enclosure
+ Lightweight and stretchable
– May run small
– On the more expensive end
– Thinner material

Takeaway: With the cost in mind as well as the overall fit and material, these just weren’t the ones for me, personally. If you prefer thinner material, these may be a solid option for you.

9. Hayabusa Men’s Icon Fight Shorts

+ Drawstring enclosure and silicon waistband
+ Ultra stretch fabric
+ Machine washable
+ Very durable
– The most expensive shorts on this list*
– Polyester blend of material may feel like plastic or rubber
-Slits run a bit higher so may need to wear some form of undergarment underneath

Takeaway: These shorts are made for durability but at that cost the material may not be comfortable to some. Also as of this writing these are the most expensive shorts on this list which may immediate sway some. Yes, these are durable but at that price point. I just felt that there are other great, more affordable options out there.

10. RDX MMA Shorts

+ Drawstring and elastic waistband
+ Inner pocket
+ Side slits
+ Very durable
– Thinner material

Takeaway: They are at about the midway price point when it comes to no gi bjj shorts and have all the basic features but no standout qualities in terms of fit, feel, or durability.

11. Phalanx Diced Navy HPTX Shorts

+ Perfect fit (above the knee cut)
+ Lightweight
+ Side slits
– On the expensive end

Takeaway: These shorts are higher quality and come at a slightly higher price point than brands you may see on amazon. In terms of fit, feel, and design they get the job done. It’s up to you if they are worth the price or if you prefer a more affordable pair of no git shorts like those from Elite or Sanabul.

XMartial Boho Women’s BJJ/MMA Compression Shorts

Takeaway: This pair of compression shorts are my wife’s favorite from Xmartial. She said that she likes the seamless waistband and that they are snug but not too tight. She also said that they do run a bit bigger so you may have to size down if you are in between sizes.

93 Brand Stand Issue Shorts (2 Pack)

+ Very affordable (2pack*)
+ Omni direction stretch crotch panel
+ Reinforced side slits
– Regular length (personal preference here)

Takeaway: These are more expensive than Amazon brands like Elite, but not as expensive as the higher end shorts like RVCA so at about mid range they are decent, and a good pick if you like looser and longer shorts

RVCA Grappler Elastic Walkshorts

+ Slim fit
+ Simple design
+ Shorter length (personal preference)
– Very expensive (when compared to other shorts on this list)

Takeaway: These shorts are at the higher end of no gi shorts. To be honest, they didn’t blow me away with their fit or feel.

The Jiujiteiro Pro No Gi Shorts

+ Quick drying
+ Simple design
+ Sweat-wicking
+ Shorter length (personal preference)
– Also very expensive (when compared to other shorts on this list)

Takeaway: Another higher end pair of nogi shorts. These aren’t really recommended due to their price and what they have to offer.

Anthem Athletics Reignite MMA Shorts

Takeaway: These shorts from Anthem come in a simple design, fit true to size, and felt pretty comfortable to train in. One thing I would note is that these do tend to flare out and are looser on the legs due to the side slits. These may be a pro or con depending on what you prefer.

SOTF Training Fight Shorts

Takeaway: These are very affordable pair of shorts. If you like the designs they are another good option.

Finding the Best No Gi BJJ Shorts

Quickly buying the first pair of no gi shorts you see online may not be the best bet.

The fact is that some shorts are made better than others.

Some things to keep in mind when buying no gi bjj shorts are:

  • fit
  • durability
  • breathability
  • how secure they feel
  • material
  • pockets
  • sewed in under garment
  • color
  • brand

I wanted to help people by trying out the most popular bjj shorts on amazon and online.

So I bought the 6 most popular shorts below:

  1. Elite Sports Shorts
  2. Sanabul Essential Shorts
  3. ROAR Fight Shorts
  4. LAFROI Men’s Fight wear
  5. Hawk Sports Shorts
  6. Gold BJJ Shorts

On top of these shorts, I also compiled detailed and comprehensive reviews on other popular bjj shorts by scouring through reviews from google, reddit, amazon, and manufacturer sites. I wanted this post to be comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased.

If your favorite bjj shorts aren’t on this list or you think we should add a pair we are missing, please drop us a line at

Quick Note: certain BJJ schools or instructors may require you to buy their own no-gi BJJ shorts that they prefer, but if they don’t, this is the post for you.

Why you can trust this list

To be clear, I personally, went out and bought all of these shorts, trained in them for several weeks, and came up with these reviews.

(please see title image and below images of me attempting to model them)

These reviews are based on my specific experiences with wearing each of these shorts during training over the past 4 weeks.

Additionally, over the course of a long weekend and 9+ hours of researching, I have come up with this list by combining my personal experiences with these shorts as well as scouring reviews on Reddit, Amazon, vendor sites, and BJJHQ as well as surveying the opinions from my 5 main training partners at my bjj gym on their favorite bjj shorts and brands to train in.

*Keep in mind that these reviews represent my sole opinion of these shorts and are a reflection of my training preferences that I’ve developed over my last 5 years of bjj training.

What are BJJ or Grappling Shorts?

So what are bjj or grappling shorts exactly?

BJJ  or Grappling shorts are an essential piece of gear for every practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, alongside a top that can be a shirt or a rashguard.

It is particularly true in No-Gi BJJ, where it is one of the required clothing.

Almost all BJJ shorts are made of soft fabrics and stretchable and long-lasting materials.

These features can protect you from skin irritations, enable you to move freely, and withstand standing and ground fights in heavy training or competitions.

Grappling shorts must not have an exterior pocket, a zipper, buttons, or any other accessory that can harm you or your opponent.

What features to look for in No Gi BJJ shorts

Before getting a pair of BJJ shorts, it is vital to know first the features that best fit you.

No Gi BJJ shorts come in many shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and builds.

Here are some features you might want to look for:

  • Sizing
  • Cut and Length
  • Durability
  • Velcro and Drawstring
  • Internal Pocket
  • Sublimated Designs
  • Four-way Stretch Fabrics

How to find your correct size

Sizing may be different for each brand.

Some have a different numbering system (in shorts, it is waist measurement in inches or centimeters), and others have a letter sizing. 

The size chart below is an estimate for converting BJJ short sizes from XS – 3-XL to waist measurements (in inches):

However, remember that not everyone will fit the sizes on this chart.

It is best to check and follow the brand’s or manufacturers’ charts and guides for more accurate sizing.

Cut and Length:

Most BJJ shorts have athletic cuts and are constructed from stretchable fabrics.

Usually, the length of the boxers or board shorts ends only a few centimeters above the knee.

BJJ shorts can include split outs on both sides, allowing you to move freely without any interference or resistance to your movements.


The friction during a grappling or ground fight match often results in the ripping or tearing of gears in BJJ, including the shorts. 

Therefore, the product’s durability is a feature that needs to be ensured and given importance. 

Make sure to see the fabric and other materials used in the shorts.

Having reinforced stitches and seams, especially in the crotch area, is a significant factor to consider in the durability of the shorts.

Velcro and Drawstring:

Another good feature in BJJ shorts is a Velcro and drawstring closure system.

Velcro or the hook and loop closure has easy open and close access. It is highly reliable in holding the shorts in place even during the most intense bjj training.

An internal drawstring is an additional yet significant attribute. It provides another way to tighten the waist and reduce the shorts’ shifting during training.

Internal Pocket:

An internal pocket is handy several reasons – especially if you go to the gym without a separate bag to hold your cell phone or keys:

With this feature, you can easily keep your mouth guard or other essential things in a safe place, especially in between training.

Sublimated Designs:

BJJ shorts with sublimated design is a significant plus factor.

Yes, it is great to have durable and comfortable wear. 

But it is also nice to look good and stylish.

With sublimated designs, you also won’t have to worry about the print peeling off.

4-way stretch fabrics:

4-way stretch fabric refers to a particular stretchable material that can extend in all ways.

It will lessen the likeliness of rips or tears when the shorts are pulled on.

This fabric is also very comfortable and breathable and allows you to move freely, precisely what we need to execute BJJ techniques that can improve overall performance.

IBJJF Approved – What shorts should I wear to compete?

Shorts you should wear to compete

IBJJF, or the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, hosts many BJJ competitions worldwide, including the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the World No-Gi Championship.

A set of regulations manages these competitions. One of which is the No-Gi Jiu Jitsu uniform requirements.

Some things to keep in mind if you are purchasing shorts to compete in IBJJF events are:

*Color: Based on the IBJJF rules, the color of the board shorts used in competitions must be black, white, black and white, or the color of your belt ranking. 

*Length: The length of the shorts should extend beyond the middle of the thigh but not further than the knee

*Extras: They should not contain buttons, zippers, accessories, visible drawstrings, pockets, or plastic/metal

(Compression shorts worn below the board shorts are permitted to be worn.)

Other Related Questions for No Gi BJJ Shorts:

What shorts to wear for no gi?

For no gi bjj training it is recommended to wear tighter fitting and secure shorts that are breathable and won’t get in the way of training.

Depending on your Brazilian jiu jitsu gym, they may require you to wear specific no gi attire for their no gi class so its always good to call them first.

If they do not have any requirements truly any tighter fitting shorts that won’t easily fall off or ride up will do.

If you are planning on sticking around and training bjj, we strongly recommend investing in a solid pair of no gi bjj shorts.

We recommend either Elite or Sanabul bjj shorts for beginners as these are affordable and offer great value.

What shorts are best for BJJ?

The best shorts for bjj are ones that can be secured on your waist, won’t ride up, and ultimately, won’t get in the way of training.

You really don’t want to train in loose basketball shorts or larger board shorts. You want your shorts to fit snug and secure.

Shorts made specifically for bjj training are always going to be best.

How tight should no-gi bjj shorts be?

No-gi BJJ shorts should not be that tight, but also shouldn’t be so loose that they are slipping off you or are baggy.

It must be just enough for a comfortable and breathable fit. It could give you the mobility to move and grapple around the mat.

How long or short should no-gi bjj shorts be?

For a better and broader range of movements when wearing a BJJ short, the advised length should go past the mid-thigh but should not extend any more than below the knee.

Can you wear regular board shorts for bjj

Yes, you can wear regular shorts for regular BJJ training or sparring.

However, when competing, one must abide by the IBJJF rules, which were briefly listed above. It prevents possible harm brought by its features that are not for BJJ and keeps you and your opponent safe during the competition.

Should you wear compression shorts underneath your no-gi shorts?

Yes, you can. But you should wear whatever underwear or undergarments that you find comfortable to train in.

Additionally, it is beneficial to wear compression shorts. It promotes better blood circulation and provides additional comfort because of its fit.

Are gi pants allowed in no-gi training?

Yes, you can usually wear gi pants with no gi training as long as you are not wearing your gi jacket and just a rashguard for a top.

However, I would check specifically with your own gym.

Is no GI BJJ worth it?

Yes! no gi bjj is worth it.

While there seems to be a divide between gi bjj and no gi bjj, those who train both styles of Brazilian jiu jitsu will likely see the benefit in both.

At this point, I only train no gi bjj since its my personal preference, but I have trained both gi and no gi for quite a long time.

For more info – check out our full post on gi vs no gi bjj.

Who is the best BJJ no gi in the world?

The best bjj no gi practitioner in the world currently is, undoubtedly, Gordon Ryan.

Some other standout mentions who are certainly in the running for the greatest no gi bjj fighters of all time are:

  • Marcelo Garcia
  • Roger Gracie
  • Andre Galvao
  • Royler Gracie

Best No Gi Bjj Shorts  – Conclusion

I hope you found this list helpful. If you’re looking for a pair of good NoGi shorts, any of the ones on this list should work well for you. 

Remember to always try them on before purchasing if possible, and be sure to read the reviews to get an idea of what others are saying about the fit and quality. 

As always, if you have any questions or need help finding something specific, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help. 

Also, don’t forget that we offer free discovery calls so that you can chat with one of our experts about your specific needs and see if our services are a good fit for you. 

Thanks for reading!

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