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The 10 Best BJJ Rash Guards (25+ Rash Guards Reviewed and Tested)

So you’ve just started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and are looking to buy your first bjj rashguard or maybe you’ve been training bjj for a while, and looking for a new favorite – here is our full guide on the most popular rashguards out now.

Best Rash Guards Out There – At a Glance

Best All Around BJJ Rash Guards: Xmartial (use code HeavyOne for 15% off)
Future Kimonos (use code HEAVYONE15 for 15% off), Nation Athletics

Best Affordable: Sanabul

Best Ranked: Gold BJJ, Fuji

Best Higher End: Nation Athletics, Future Kimonos, Phalanx

Best Standout Designs: Xmartial, Raven Fightwear

BrandXMartialNation AthleticFuture KimonosOriginSanabul
Our Rating4.75/55/54.5/55/54.75/5
Standout QualityDesignsFit/DesignsFully CustomizableQualityAffordable
Biggest ConDoesn’t offer many simple designsNoneThinner/Long shipping timesCostDurability
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$$
ReviewLink to ReviewLink to ReviewLink to ReviewReview Coming SoonLink to Review

Best BJJ Rash Guard Brands

While recommending specific bjj rashguards is great, if you are looking for a trusted bjj rashguard brand, here are our picks:

1. Xmartial

2. Phalanx

3. Nation Athletics

4. Gold BJJ

5. Fuji

I have owned at least three rashguards from each of these brands, and I can personally attest to their quality and durability.

Top Ten Best BJJ Rashguards (Ranked)

1. XMartial

I’m pretty impressed with Xmartial. I’ve seen them around before but haven’t trained in any of their gear until recently. Jump to our full review >>>

The difference you get when buying rash guard from them (when compared to other rash guards like those from Sanabul or Elite) is:

  • higher quality material
  • excellent fit
  • standout designs

One thing I would note is that to be sure to check their sizing guide on their site before purchasing. I switch between L and XL depending on manufacture but XL fit perfect from them.

flashy designsnot ibjjf legal
non slip waist bandmay have to size up
quality material and stitching

2. Nation Athletics

This is a higher end rashguard brand, but you certain get what you pay for. They offer awesome, unique designs and a great fit. I’ve both trained and competed in this rashguard over the last 2 years and can personally attest to its quality. Jump to our full review >>>

I’ve gotten more than a handful of complements on this rash guard at the gym.

awesome, unique designsrubber waistband liner (if you’re not a fan of them*)
fits true to size
thicker, durable material
rubberband waist liner

3. Future Kimonons

If you’re looking for a customizable rashguard – this one is top of the line. It lets you add in your name, instragram, flag, city, and own pattern to the back. Jump to our full review >>>

There’s a reason why many top athletes frequently wear their gear. For me, Future Kimonos stands above other more affordable gear like those from Sanabul and Elite in terms of fit, durability, and designs.

Use our code HEAVYONE15 for 15% off

The only con is that it comes at a higher price point. So if you’re wanting to upgrade from more affordable rash guards into a matching or customizable set Future should be your first stop

top of the line designeslonger shipping times
extremely customizablea bit pricier
offers matching sets

4. Fuji

This is hands down the most lightweight rashguard I’ve worn. It almost feels like a second skin. It’s thin, durable, and breathes easy.

This mid range rashguard is simple and high quality. If you want a rashguard that’s durable and no frills this is my top recommendation (or if you’re one of the sweaty jiu jitsu players, like me, then its also very recommended).

extremely lightweight
very breathable
ibjjf legal
thin but durable material

5. Gold BJJ

Gold BJJ has been a great brand that I’ve been buying from for a while. They make some solid products, and their rashguard is no exception. Their rashguards are about mid range in terms of price and of decent quality. They are definitely cheaper than rashguards from Future Kimonos and Origin.

I even had to buy their camo ranked brown belt rash guard after I leveled up.

fits wellruns a little small
doesn’t ride up
aerated armpit fabric
ibjjf legal

6. Venum

Venum is one of the big sponsors of the UFC these days.

If you dig more minimal rash guards they are a solid option and pretty legit quality for being about mid range on price.

They are a little less expensive than other premiums brands like Nation or Origin but pretty similar in terms of quality.

high qualityruns a bit smaller
mid range on price
aerated back/armpits/sides
rubber band waistline

7. Sanabul

I’ve owned a couple different Sanabul rashguards over the years, and I usually have one in my weekly rotation. They are some of the most affordable rashguards and are about the same price as the ones from Elite, but I’d consider them a bit higher in terms of quality and features. Jump to our full review >>>

Another decent buy for beginners, this rashguard fits great and is a solid option. This is also one of the more lightweight rash guards that I’ve worn.

  • minimal brand design
  • reinforced flatlock stitching
  • aerated armpit fabric
  • lightweight and breathable material
Very affordablealso very common
excellent fitruns a little small
great quality
waistband liner

8. Rolljunkie

Rolljunkie has been in the bjj gear and apparel game since 2012 when it was started by two brothers in New Jersey.

(use code HEAVYBJJ15 for 15% off)

If you prefer a looser and breathable rash guard with longer sleeves, this is my go to recommendation. They offer minimal, clean designs with high quality graphics. I would rank their rash guards as a similar feel to those from Sanabul (both breathable with minimal designs) but at a much higher quality.

If you want to take a step up from lower end, less durable rash guards check out their site for some gear with solid value at a midrange price point.

minimal and slick designssome rash guards are not ibjjf legal
light/loose/breathable fit
has several matching sets
longer sleeves
frequently has sales on their site

9. Phalanx

Phalanx is pretty legit and is one of my favorite higher end rash guards. My gym often works with Phalanx as their sponsor for many of our rash guards. Here is me wearing one of them

  • solid quality
  • fits true to size
  • breathable
  • not too restrictive to train in

10. Hyperfly

What brought me to Hyperfly initially was its designs. I actually owned both their blue and purple ranked rash guards (see purple one here). However, I believe they have since updated their designs for their ranked rash guards.

Pretty standard quality but I did find them to run on the smaller size. If you like their designs I recommend going for it.

Best Affordable Rash Guards:

1. Sanabul

Sanabul’s Essentials Rashguard

Sanabul has to be our top pick for the most affordable rashguard that is still solid quality.

In terms of quality I’d rank them ahead of the other affordable brands like Elite, LAFROI, Hawk, and definitely ahead of the non jiu jitsu brands like Under Armour and TSLA.

2. Elite Sports

If you’re looking for a standard bjj rash guard with no frills that’s well made – Elite is a good pick.

It’s pretty average in terms of quality but is quite affordable especially when compared to the $60+ rashguards that are becoming more and more common.

affordablevery common
great qualityruns small
reinforced flatlock stitching
rubberband waist liner


This is probably the most affordable rash guard on this list and still has a pretty slick design. If you want an affordable rashguard but still prefer standout designs this should be your choice.

cool designsmay lack durability
decent fit
not too tight

4. 93 Brand

93 brand is about mid range in terms of price/value. They have some pretty simple designs and decent colors if that’s what you’re into.

I got this long sleeve as part of a two pack on

They are affordable if you can find them on or other similar deal site. These stayed in my rotation for some time until I gained some weight and found them to be too snug. I can’t really say anything too bad about these..just a decent rash guard if you can find them on a deal site.

Other Affordable Rashguards to Be Aware Of:

1. Hawk

Hawk is another very affordable rash guard brand. If you’re not sure about jiu jitsu and don’t want to spend 60+ on a rash guard yet. Hawk is a decent option.

But remember what you pay for with the more premium rash guards are:

  • fit
  • quality
  • durability
  • plus extra features like:
    • rubber waist band line
    • aerated armpit fabric
    • reinforced stitching
    • multi stretch panels

So most of these more affordable rash guards may not have these qualities.

When I trained in this Hawk rash guard I thought it was decent, however after ~2 weeks of training I noticed issues with the seams separate and coming undone by the sleeves. While this is an affordable option be aware that there’s a reason why there’s more expensive rash guards out there

2. Under Armor

While I wanted to only include mma and bjj gear manufacturers on this list, Under Armor is very popular and does make several rashguards.

However, in my opinion, like other non jiu jitsu brands these rashguards just felt thinner, and cheaper than others that were specifically made for jiu jits.

Brands like Under Armor and TSLA are decent if you are looking for a quick and cheap rashguard, but I would recommend upgrading to brands like Xmartial or Sanabul over time.


I know you probably see most beginner’s wearing non bjj brand rash guards, but if we’re talking affordability, these come in a three pack.

This was actually the first rash guard I ever owned. I needed one quick and cheap and bought it on amazon.

Overall, it had some of the same flaws like the rashguard from Under Armour so after a while I ended up upgrading to brands like Sanabul and 93 Brand.

This is another rash guard to consider if you want something very affordable and of decent quality, but don’t expect it to last long.

3.Dev Ops

Another every day rash guard to keep in rotation is this three pack from Dev Ops.

These are simple and thin* rash guards without flair or any of the other qualitiess of higher end rash guards. In fact, I found it so thin that it was almost see through and showed my tattoos.

I would just remember you are buying a 3 pack of rash guards at a very affordable price.

4. Optimal Human

Optimal Human is another of the same – cheap, affordable rashguards that don’t last long.

These price about mid range and are a decent buy if you prefer your rash guard with less branding and on the thinner end

Best Ranked BJJ Rash Guards:

These bjj rashguards will be of rank color and legal for any ibjjf sanctioned event*

1. Fuji

2. Gold BJJ

3. Hyperfly

4. Sanabul

5. Origin

Higher End BJJ Rash Guards:

1. Nation

Solid quality with unique designs these check all of my marks plus I’ve found them just more durable than my Future Kimonos gear.

2. Future Kimonons

Legit customizable rashguards and kits – Future Kimonos is known for being higher end and highly customizable.

However, their rashguards seem to run on the thinner side and aren’t as durable as you may expect. In fact, my ranked purple rashguard seemed to have gotten a funk that I can’t get rid of no matter how many times I wash (just something to consider).


I know some people think Venum is hit or miss, but I found their rashguard to be be spot on in terms of fit, features, and durability,

Plus I feel like it was pretty flattering (according to my wife). I would just note that they tend to run small so I’d recommend sizing up.


I’m sure you’ve seen the Ruotolo twins sporting RVCA gear.

For me, I didn’t feel like the quality of this rashguard was worth the price. I just found rashguards form Nation or Xmartial better quality for the same price. I would even consider these of the same quality from more affordable brands like Sanabul.

Otherwise, their rash guards are pretty straight forward:

  • very minimal deisgns
  • high quality
  • longer sleeves
  • more expensive*
  • true to size

6. Raven Fightwear

These rash guards which are available on amazon are pretty popular due to their designs.

If you dig Nordic or dragon themed rash guards I’m sure you may oven one of these already.

I suspected the intricate design to peel or fade over time, but after training in it for almost two months, I haven’t see any signs of fading, peeling, or stitching coming loose.

Also if you’re a fan of the elastic waist band, you can rest assured since this rashguard does have one.

7. Level Black

Level Black is one of the newer brands that I’ve seen blow up recently. It seems like everyone at any recent big name competition has Level Black gear. (So I, of course, have to give them a shot):

  • simple designs
  • runs a little smaller (I sized up to an XL)
  • tighter around the neck
  • breathable

8. MA1

I’m sure you’ve seen Lachlan Giles or Craig Jones wearing MA1 gear before.

While I haven’t personally trained in any of their rash guards, many of their reviews say that they are:

  • lightweight
  • breathable
  • solid sublimated graphics


VHTS is a brand out of NY, USA. They are known for their slick minimal designs and are probably the most expensive rashguards on this list.

These are higher end rash guards, but the quality is definitely there. Again with all these higher end rash guards, the quality and durability will all likely be there, but often what it will come down to is preference in terms of style and design.

  • mesh fabric (for ventilation on sides/armpits
  • sublimated graphics
  • true to size (but their gi’s are more for slimmer frames)
  • very high quality

10. Hayabusa

I know some people are big fans of Hayabusa rash guards and gear, but in my own opinion, this geo short sleeve rash guard wasn’t one of my favorites.

I just felt like the collar was too thick and tight, and while the material was thicker and good quality, I just felt it to be too tight and restrictive in all the wrong places.

If you like a slimmer rash guard that fits tight from your shoulders down to your stomach this may be an option for you.

11. Origin

Origin is known as a premium bjj and apparel company based out of Maine, USA.

With backing by Jocko Willink and some seriously high end gear its easy to see why its so popular.

This rashguard is:

  • heavier than most rash guards
  • material, seams, and stitching are all top quality

If you dig the design and want to invest in a quality rash guard its a pretty good option

12. Tatami

Tatami is probably more known for their gis (I’m a big fan of their Nova line).

However, their rash guards are pretty solid as well.

While they’re not as thick and durable as Origin (they do also cost slightly less), they are a decent buy

If you dig simple designs, clean lines, and a more fitted rashguard, Tatami is a good options

13. Moya

These are another higer end, high quality rash guard brand.

If you’re a fan of branding, then have we got a rash guard for you.

  • high quality
  • true to size
  • longer in length (so it won’t ride up)

14. Scramble

Scramble is another higher quality rash guard that will run you ~$60.

They fit true to size and have quality/durability to match their price.

They have both more simple and standout designs available. My one training partner only wears Scramble rash guards. I asked if he is sponsored by them and he said nah they just fit perfect.

While I haven’t personally trainedin one of them, they are on my list to try out next.

If you dig their designs you can expect the quality to match other higher end rash guards.

15. Half Sumo

Half Sumo has some awesome Japanese inspired graphics.

Like others, they are premium quality and price. My one training partner loves their rash guard and spats

  • run smaller (we recommend sizing up)
  • material is not as stretchy as other rashguards
  • awesome designs

16. Fusion Fight Gear

If you’ve seen superhero inspired or star trek inspired rash guards around, you can thank Fusion fight gear.

They are based out of Canada and are known for the standout graphics depicting everything from popular movies, video games, comics, cartoons, and othe popular media.

If you are into their designs you can expect quality to be somewhat similar to other higher end rash guards.

While I felt that their quality didn’t quite compete with brands like Xmartial or Nation, if you’re a fan of the designs they may be an option for you.

17. Jiujiteiro

Jiujitero is one of the most popular bjj companies out there so I couldn’t leave them off this list.

They have some seriously slick (and minimal) designs plus quality is pretty legit. If you prefer a tighter fitting rash guard these may be a goo pick for you

  • runs a little smaller (may have to size up)*
  • runs tight around neck/waist

Best Rash Guards for Women

1. XMartial

For the price, quality, and durability, I gotta give this to Xmartial again.

I bought my wife this rash guard months before she even tried her first jiu jitsu class (I’m pretty sure she really just wanted an excuse to wear it), but either way she’s had it almost a year now and has still held up.

  • designs haven’t faded
  • stitches and seams are holding up

For women, I recommend checking out Xmartial too since they have so many different options and quality designs. If you’re trying to talk your girlfriend or spouse, try sweetening the deal with some new bjj gear.

2. Tatami

I’m a big fan of Tatami gear. Whenever I train gi, I’ll still rely on my good ole Tatami Classic

So after, I finally talked my wife into trying out jiu jitsu (it only took 3 years fellas). She tried a bunch of different rash guards and shorts.

One of the few that she stuck with was this set from Tatami. (She said):

  • they fit great
  • sleeves aren’t too long
  • isn’t too tight around the neck
  • shorts are a good length

My Personal Top 10 Rash Guards – Ranked

  1. Xmartial
  2. Fuji
  3. Nation
  4. Sanabul
  5. Gold
  6. Phalanx
  7. Level Black
  8. Hyperfly
  9. Under Armor
  10. Elite

Of the rash guards I have had first hand experience training in and have spent time reviewing, these are the ones that I would rank in my top ten list.

This list has changed over the years since I’ll go through favorites but I can guarantee most of these brands stay in my weekly rotation.

Why you can trust my recommendations

Quick Note (as of April 2024) – In order to stay up to date I went through and updated some of my recommendations and pros/cons of each…keep rolling yall! – Zack

Not only do I only train no gi, but I have found some of my favorite fitting rashguards and brands that I have come to trust over the years.

I’ve also included images of me wearing these exact rashguards whenever possible.

My wife knows me so well that every year she buys me a new rashguard from my favorite bjj rashguard brands (which I will get to further down in this post).

Over the course of a long weekend and 22+ hours of researching, I have come up with this list by ranking the several dozen rashguards that I own (including ones I “borrowed” from my brothers), scouring reviews on Reddit, Amazon, reatail sites, and bjj/mma warehouse sites like BJJHQ as well as surveying the opinions from my 5 main training partners at my bjj gym on their favorite bjj rashguards and brands.

What Are the Best Rash Guards on Amazon

*Best Premium* – Future Kimonos (use code HEAVYONE15 for 15% off)

*My Personal Top Rash Guard for Beginners* – Sanabul

*Best Fitting* – Elite

*Best Overall*- Gold BJJ

How to Choose the Best Rash Guard

To choose the ideal rashguard for BJJ, you should choose a rashguard that meets your gym’s requirements (if they have any), that has your preferred look and design, and is made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry with a snug fit without limiting your range of motion.

First off, realistically, there isn’t going to be that much of a difference between which rashguard you buy as long as they are in the same price range.

Factors you should consider when buying a rash guard are

  1. Gym Requirements
  2. Fit
  3. Design
  4. Comfort
  5. Brand Reputation
  6. Price
  7. Material
  8. Durability
  9. Sleeve Length
  10. Ranked/IBJJF Legal

Are Rashguards Suppose to be Tight?

Your rashguard should fit snug to your body around your chest, shoulders, and arms with a little more space in your midsection. It should be tight enough to not get int the way of training but not too tight where it limits your movement, breathing, or bloodflow.

  • Your rashguard fit will obviously come down to your personal preference
    • for me, I like my rashguard to be somewhat tight around my upper body and slightly looser around my stomach (if it’s too tight I feel like it just makes it harder to breath)
  • Rash guards should fit snugly, offering protection without restricting movement.
  • If you are heavier, don’t worry about the rashguard showing your stomach, we are all at jiu jitsu to train and have fun I promise no one is thinking about how you look in a rashguard.
  • If you end up wearing a longer or loose rashguard you can always tuck it in too

How to Tell if Your Rashguard Is Too Tight

Your rashguard is too tight if:

  • you struggle for more than a couple seconds getting it on or off
  • you find it difficult to get a full inhale in
  • it’s difficult to raise your arms over your head
  • you are sweating quite a bit during warmups
  • seams and stiching show early signs of wear and tear

On the other hand, the worst thing you can do is have your rashguard be baggy or too big. It will force you to constantly adjust it during training and won’t be fun for you or your training parnter.

Should You Wear a Rashguard Under Your Gi in Bazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Yes, it is recommended to wear a rashguard underneath your gi for Brazilian jiu jitsu gi classes since it adds another layer of protection against skin infections. However, depending on preference and gym apparel requirements, you may also wear a T-shirt underneath your gi or go shirtless.

Do You Wear Anything Underneath a Rash Guard in BJJ?

For men, no, you do not wear anything underneath your rash guard for jiu jitsu. For women, generally, they wear a sport bra underneath their rashguard.

  • In BJJ, you generally would not wear anything underneath your rashguard. However, women will usually wear a sport bra underneath their rashguard.
  • In No Gi training, practitioners will usually wear a rashguard and shorts or spats
  • For Gi training, athletes usually wear a rashguard underneath their gi jacket
  • Lastly, if you are competing in an IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) event, they do not allow men to wear a rashguard underneath their gi for competition
    • Women are allowed to wear rashguards underneath their gi for competition, and the rashguard doesn’t have to follow any color requirement

Is a Rashguard the Same as a Compression Shirt for BJJ?

Rashguards are specifically made for bjj training with added features like a reinforced neckline, aerated fabrics, flatlock stitching, sublimated graphics, waistband liner (to keep it from riding up), and generally, are made of thicker, more durable material.

Compression shirts are often thinner and overall just less durable, but do come at a more affordable price. However, yes, you can still train jiu jitsu in a compression shirt.

  • Yes, you can train bjj in a compression shirt (some gyms will even let your train in a T-shirt)
    • Compression shirts are often a decent choice for beginners or those who are just trying out bjj
  • Overall, rashguards are just more durable, with thicker material and features that make it better for jiu jitsu like reinforced stitching, waist band liner, aerated fabrics, and sublimated graphics.

Can You Wear a T Shirt to Jiu Jitsu?

Depending on the type of class and bjj gym requirements you may be able to wear a T-shirt to jiu jitsu.

For Gi classes, you wear a gi, and you can wear a T-shirt or rashguard underneath it.
For No Gi classes you may be able to wear a T-shirt depending on the gym’s rules.

However, for No Gi classes, it is strongly recommended to wear a tight fitting shirt like a rashguard for training.

You should always check with the gym directly to confirm before your first class.

What Qualities to Look for in a Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard

There are a few key features that should be present in every modern rashguard and must be present to be included as one of the best bjj rash guards:

  • It is important that they are made of materials that dry quickly
  • Additionally, they should be composed of breathable material
  • Last but not least, flatlock stitching is also becoming more and more popular and is used to prevent chafing and maintain durability over time

Some bjj practitioners, particularly those just beginning their training, may have a difficult time choosing a rash guard so this post is here to help guide you. 

BJJ Rash Guards FAQs

What’s a BJJ Rash Guard?

A rash guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a fitted athletic shirt usually made from polyester and spandex. It is worn to ideally tackle two main issues found when training in a regular T-shirt – moisture absorption and loose fit.

In no-gi jiu jitsu, a rash guard replaces a t-shirt, and it can also be worn underneath a gi jacket in gi jiu jitsu training and competition.

A rash guard can also prevent skin infections, scratches, mat burns, and as well as other skin irritations when worn underneath your gi or during no gi training.

Some gyms require you to only buy and wear their specific bjj rash guard and gi brands. Others may require you to wear a ranked rash guard of any brand depecting the bjj belt colors).

Due to its snug fit and quick drying properties, it is preferred over a t-shirt because it prevents mat burn and scratches when rolling while not getting in the way of training by staying tight to your body.

Is There a Difference Between Compression Shirts and Rash Guards?

When it comes to compression shirts vs rashguards for bjj there are some key differences:

Rashguards are specifically made for bjj training with added features like a reinforced neckline, aerated fabrics, flatlock stitching, sublimated graphics, waistband liner (to keep it from riding up), and generally, are made of thicker, more durable material.

Compression shirts are used in a variety of sports and activities and are moisture wicking while offering compression. However, they are, overall, just less durable when compared to rashguards.

If you’re wondering, yes you can train bjj in a compression shirt.

Do You Need a Rash Guard to Train BJJ?

While many gyms require you to wear their specific gi and rashguard brands some more flexible gyms will even allow you to train in a t shirt especially when just starting training.

The best bet is always to call the gym and confirm what you are required to wear for your first day and continued training.

While its possible to train a t shirt, purchasing and wearing a rashguard is always recommended for better protection, comfort, and better performance.

Should I Wear a Rash Guard Under My Gi?

Choosing to wear a rash guard under your Gi primarily will usually boils down to personal preference.

However, some organized bjj competition events like those held by IBJJF require you not to wear a rash guard underneath your gi.

Finally, my personal preference is to always wear a rash guard under my gi. It is more sanitary and will help with circulation and be sweat wicking.

It ultimately depends on what makes you feel most comfortable during your practice, but always be sure to check competition regulations and their rash guard requirements.

What Are the IBJJF Rashguard Requirements?

The IBJJF rashguard requirements are that your rashguard should have a base color of white or black or black and white, and then have at least 10% of it include your belt rank color.

Additionally, the rashguard must cover your entire torso all the way down to the waistband of your shorts.

What Qualities to Look for in BJJ Rash Guards

1. What Is Flatlock Stitching

The term flatlock stitching refers to a type of joining method where there is no additional fabric at the seam. It is a reinforced stitching method.

It will aid in durability and in keeping the fabric held tightly together. 

Additionally, poor quality rashguards that don’t have flatlock stitching may cause irritation during the friction and the intense training sessions of bjj. 

2. Four-way stretch fabrics

In order to last hours of training, high-quality rash guards need to be made of a stretchy material that won’t catch on fingers, roll up, or be accidentally tugged.

It is therefore important to be able to stretch the fabric both lengthwise and width wise when making a rash guard since it will be pulled on and stretched frequently during training.

Common four-way stretch fabrics are generally made form a blend of spandex and polyester. 

3. Sublimated graphics

Sublimated graphics are becoming more and more popular in high quality rash guards. 
Ink is embedded into polyester fabric or surfaces using heat and pressure in the sublimation process.

This process is done again to increase durability and fight against fading or peeling during frequent use where the rashgard will be soaked with sweat and washed several times a week. 

4. Rubber waistband

On the bottom waist portion of most high quality rash guards, there is an anti-slip band.

Rubber or silicone straps used to make these waistband are used to prevent the rash guard from riding up during drilling or rolling.

5. Multi-panel construction

As opposed to using a smaller number of larger fabric panels, a multi-panel rash guard is constructed from individual panels that are stitched together.

Moving comfortably and with more flexibility is possible with such rashguards.

6. Aerated Fabrics

High quality rashguards will sometimes have more breathable materials – usually in the arm pit region or upper back.

These aid in air flow to help cool down the the areas that will produce the most sweat and where a large amount of heat will come from.

Should your bjj rash guard be tight fitting?

Rash guards should be tight enough so that they can compress your muscles appropriately, but loose enough that you can still move with full range of motion. In martial arts, this is especially true.

You want to always have the flexibility required for bjj and not have your clothing get in the way – which is one of the main points of wearing a rashguard.

A rash guard that is loose-fitting protects your body from friction burns and bacteria getting into open wounds, but this only covers part of the job of a rash guard since you will often find them getting in the way by your training partner’s limbs getting caught in your rashguard or having it frequently ride up.

Is It Okay To Wear a Loose Rash Guard?

When it comes to the fit of your rash guard, the focus should be on functionality.

A loose rash guard can still provide a layer of protection against skin abrasions and help manage sweat.

However, it might not serve all the benefits that a rash guard should, and may even get in the way of training (by riding up and getting caught on you or your partner’s hands or feet).

A well-fitted rash guard is meant to act like a second skin, moving with your body and not against it. So while it’s okay to wear a loose rash guard, it might not be as effective.

Do Most BJJ Gyms Require You to Wear their Rash Guard?

While gym policies can vary, it’s not a universal requirement for BJJ practitioners to wear their gym’s specific rash guard.

Some gyms like Gracie Barra or Atos require you to buy and training in their specific gear for gi and no gi. I admit it does look more uniform in training, but be sure to check your gym’s policies.

My 10th Planet gym doesn’t require to wear their specific brand rash guard. However, during competition class we are required to wear a rash guard matching our belt rank color.

Finally, some gyms require you to compete wearing their brand rash guard or gi.

So the rules will vary widely based on your bjj gym for both practice and competition.

Does It Matter What Color Rash Guard You Wear?

The color of your rash guard mostly comes down to personal preference and any specific gym or competition rules.

However, I would avoid wearing any of the main belt colored rash guards if you are not of that belt level (For example, if you are a white belt, I would avoid wearing a ranked brown belt rash guard)

While most gyms ill not have rules against this, it may help in avoiding confusion from your training partners or gym members.

Some gyms or competitions may require certain colors, especially in ranked matches where the color might indicate your belt level.

In my bjj gym’s competition classes, we are required to wear a ranked colored rash guard based on your belt level.

What Material Should Your Rash Guard Be?

Rash guards are usually made from a blend of polyester and spandex.

  • Polyester offers durability, resistance to shrinkage, and quick-drying properties.
  • Spandex, on the other hand, provides the elasticity needed for a snug fit and unrestricted movement.

For example, the Fuji rash guard on this list is made from 100% polyester and I found it to be extremely lightweight and breathable.

On Short Sleeves vs Long Sleeve Rash Guards

While choosing between short or long sleeves comes down to preference, everyone who trains bjj should ideally be concerned with safety and cleanliness.

Option for a long sleeve rashguard is always a good option is you are trying to limit your skin contact with the mat and with others during intense training.

This can definitely aid in preventing skin infections you may encounter in bjj. 

The Reason Why We Ranked BJJ Rash Guards Based on Durability

BJJ training is tough – you want your rash guard to not get in the way and last as long in a training session as you do

Some key points to note on durability:

  • The quality of the flatlock stitch is just as important as the material itself. Moisture can cause mold and other issues, so it should be absorbent and quick drying.
  • Next, graphics on rash guards shouldn’t easily wear off, especially if they feature printed graphics.
  • Finally, you want to make sure that the colors are correct and not faded or misrepresented – especially if you are wearing a ranked rash guard and want to do your rank color proud.

Will My BJJ Rash Guard Stretch Over Time?

Quality rash guards won’t stretch over time, as long as they are made from high quality, durable material.

In spite of that, it does happen sometimes even with reputable manufacturers. This can especially occur if you are not washing them properly.

Our recommendation is to make sure that you are washing and taking care of your rash guards (you spent 60+ dollars on your shirt ya know) 

After each training session, it is strongly recommended that they be washed and dried as soon after training as possible.

Should You Buy Cheaper Rash Guards to Save Money?

It may seem unnecessary to spend money on well-known bjj rash guard brands. I get it 60-80 dollars on a shirt seems a bit excessive.

You might have no choice but to go low cost when your budget is limited – especially when considering all the other expenses of bjj such as – gym fees, transportation, gi’s, and other bjj gear. If you do want to go the more budget friendly route, I’d recommend going with Sanabul or Under Armor.

Most of the reputable bjj brands such as 93 Brand, Hyperfly, and Kingz specialize in making BJJ rash guards of the highest quality, so you’ll often get more for your money.

I’ve definitely gone through several cheaper rash guards that just felt cheap, fell apart at the seams, and even gained a moldy, permanent scent over time.

I strongly recommend investing in one by a reputable company for your bjj training.

Thanks for reading all and best of luck on finding your new favorite rashguard! – Zack