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Best Options for BJJ Training Online

Why You Should Optimize Your In-Class Jiu-Jitsu Learning with Online BJJ Training

Let’s talk about BJJ training online – is bjj training online worth it? Can you even learn bjj from videos? Can BJJ be self taught?

In this post, I have listed some of the best BJJ training online with links, descriptions, and pros and cons. While I have used many of these services such as Submeta, BJJ Fanatics, and Jiu Jitsu X, I have not used all of them.

I have, however, put a ton of time into this post to provide unbiased, comprehensive reviews of some of the most popular resources for leaning bjj online.

Brazilina jiu jitsu is incredibly effective but even if you have access to a live class, Jiu-Jitsu can still be tough to learn on your own. That’s where you can supplement your in class training with attempting to learn Jiu-Jitsu online

Learning BJJ online in addition to your in-class BJJ training helps you structure your own BJJ learning and is extremely beneficial to maximize your growth in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

There are a variety of different options available. So it’s important to pick the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for the best options for BJJ training online, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll outline some of the best options available. We’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online BJJ training.

Tips for Finding the Best BJJ Training Online and How to Use Online BJJ Courses

  • BJJ instructionals, courses, guides, and videos are meant to supplement not replace your in class learning and sparring
  • Consider if you want an in depth focus on a specific area (single purchase) or have access to multiple different instructionals across a variety of areas from a single instructor (subscription based)
  • Find a bjj athlete who has a who has a similar game, body shape/size, focus as you (or one that you want to aspire to) and try out their instructionals
  • Our recommendation for the best subscription based service is: by Lachlan Giles (use our code coupon code “HEAVYONE” for 10% off)
  • Our recommendations for the best single purchase courses is: BJJ Fanatics
  • Finally, we recommend spending weeks if not months on a single course by
    • watching a specific technique
    • drilling it with little resistant with a partner
    • then attempting to use it in live sparring (on those who are less experience than you)
    • Lastly, revisit the instructionals for troubleshooting and reviewing (this is where courses from Lachlan Giles stands out)

Best One-Time Purchase BJJ Courses

BJJ Fanatics

BJJ Fanatics is probably the most popular bjj instructional website. They offer single purchase instructionals from the most popular bjj athletes and coaches like John Danaher, Craig Jones, Gordon Ryan, and Lachlan Giles.

Between me and my two brothers (who all train jiu jitsu) we’ve probably spent close to several thousand on bjj fanatics instructionals.

It is a one-time fee service since you have the option to choose which instructional videos you want to purchase.

You can find, literally, any position, technique, or submission focused instructional on here. Plus, if you’re not a fan of a purchased instructional simply return your product for a refund. No questions asked, if you are displeased with it for any reason.

It also offers a beginner’s collection featuring Escapes, Fundamentals, Guard, and Guard Passing starting at $73.50 up to $249. All instructional videos range from $27 to $1297.

Finally, they have frequent deals around holidays – so keep a look out if ever considering a purchase from them.


  • Over 700+ fighters to choose from
  • Has a mobile app
  • Top tier instructions from some of the best


  • Pay for every video you want to watch (unlike subscription services)
  • On the expensive side, if you’re looking to learn for top fighters
  • website may be slow, glitchy, or unresponsive at times

Jiu Jitsu X

Jiu Jitsu X (previously Keenan Online), like BJJ Fanatics, is an online academy where you may purchase and enroll in single courses that are sold separately.

While less popular (and more affordable) than BJJ fanatics, there are some awesome courses like those from the Tackett brothers and John Marsh

Any courses purchased can be watched them on both the app and the website.

They also have courses for both gi and no-gi learners. With course prices ranging from $85-$100, Jiu Jitsu X is a practical source of jiu-jitsu knowledge. In fact, it can take your game to the next level.


  • All courses come with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 5000+ Techniques & Systems with 350 tested & effective techniques added monthly.
  • Affordable


  • Courses are sold separately
  • May not have courses from the most popular grapplers


Techniqly is a relatively new platform in the online BJJ training scene, focusing on providing top-notch instruction at reasonable prices.

One advantage of Techniqly is its emphasis on European and worldwide talents, making it a unique option compared to other platforms, which mainly focus on Brazilian and US-based instructors.

If you want to learn the devastating ankle locks of Mateusz Szczecinski or strength and conditioning from one of the top European based MMA coaches, William Wayland – this platform should be your go to.

With its high production values and easy compatibility on mobile devices, Techniqly aims to become a strong contender in the online martial arts market.

Their library of instructional material may not be as extensive as some other platforms, but the quality and relevance of what they offer are undeniable.

One notable aspect of Techniqly is its pricing. At £29.99 (approximately $38.59 USD) per module, it manages to strike a balance between affordability and top-quality content. As the platform continues to grow and add more material to its catalog, it has the potential to gain more recognition within the BJJ community, making it a viable option for those looking to improve their skills through online training.


  • BJJ, MMA, and fitness courses all in one platform
  • Large focus on European based instructors (which may be lacking on other platforms like BJJ Fanatics)
  • Very affordable


  • Smaller library than others
  • May not have courses from the most popular grapplers and coaches


Because-Jitsu is an innovative BJJ training platform that focuses on high-quality instructional content accessible to practitioners from beginner to advanced levels.

One advantage I found with Because-Jitsu is its curriculum design, which emphasizes a methodical and structured approach to learning BJJ.

By breaking down each technique into smaller, digestible components, students can more effectively understand and apply the concepts in their training. This approach has been proven to enhance retention and accelerate skill development, making it a valuable asset for those looking to improve their BJJ game quickly.

Side note: Because-Jitsu also places a strong emphasis on the importance of drilling and repetition, ensuring that students not only learn the moves but also master their execution.

In terms of pricing, Because-Jitsu offers a range of options to suit various budgets and commitment levels. In addition, to single purchase courses, they also have monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans, allowing students to choose the most convenient option for their needs.

Another unique feature of Because-Jitsu is its community-driven approach, which fosters a supportive and interactive learning environment. The platform encourages users to engage with fellow practitioners through forums and live training sessions, creating a rich and collaborative space for shared growth and learning.


  • Offers longer instructionals plus more affordable mini-series instructionals (as well as subscription based options)
  • Affordable


  • Smaller library than others
  • May not have courses from the most popular grapplers and coaches


While Udemy is a popular online learning platform that features a variety of courses across a wide range of subjects, it actually has a somewhat decent amount of courses available on Brazilian jiu jitsu especially for beginners.

These are one-time purchase courses rather than a recurring subscription model. Udemy also often holds sales and promotions, offering decent discounts on their course prices.

However, I’d always recommend comparing course offerings and instructor credentials carefully to ensure that you select a course that aligns with your BJJ skill level and goals.


  • Robust, easy to navigate website
  • Offers beginner friendly courses
  • Affordable


  • Have to check credentials from instructors to confirm legitimacy
  • Again, does not have courses from the most popular grapplers and coaches

Best BJJ Libraries (Subscription Based)

Submeta by Lachlan Giles

First off, I’m a big fan of instructionals by Lachlan Giles. The organization of material and troubleshooting of specific issues always made his content stand out above the rest.

His more recent work is Submeta which is a subscription-based online learning platform for Brazilian jiu-jitsu students. It contains different videos and courses about different BJJ techniques all guided by Lachlan and his team.

If you prefer access to many different instructionals (as opposed to single purchase dvd’s like those from bjj fanatics or jiu jitsu x) Submeta should be your top pick

Use our code coupon code “HEAVYONE” for 10% off

I’m sure you’re familiar with his instructionals already but if not, Lachlan Giles, the instructor at Submeta, is a top-tier competitor in BJJ. If you’re following BJJ on YouTube, you can also browse a lot of technique videos from him to get a feel of his teaching style.

Now, with just $25/month or $19.95 if you join up for a year, you can access all exclusive content from Giles himself on the platform.


  • Includes a huge content library (Videos, Courses, and Game plans).
  • Courses with quizzes.
  • Instructionals are better structured and can help you focus a wide range of areas


  • Website may have some minor tech issues
  • No mobile app
  • May not be worth it if you’re trying to focus on a specific area

RogerGracie TV

RogerGracie TV is another subscription-only site aiming to offer BJJ enthusiasts videos for techniques and sparring from World Champion himself, Roger Gracie.

The release of this instructional content from Roger is crucial for aspirants who want to learn directly from him. As you know, Roger is a well-known figure in BJJ.

So, having that knowledge for $19.99 a month is not bad for the return you get from the courses. You can also save $49.89 if you subscribe to the platform on an annual basis at $189.99/year.


  • Learn directly from Roger Gracie’s success.
  • 1000+ videos and counting.
  • Includes techniques, sparring sessions, conceptual framework, seminar footage, and mini-documentaries.
  • The quality of the footage is excellent.
  • Roger teaches very clearly and concisely.


  • Needs some sort of narration or voice-over on the sparring videos.
  • Does not include clips of Roger’s fights from tournaments.
  • Fewer videos than on other sites.
  • A lot of the guest instructors aren’t that great.

MG in Action

MG in Action is another subscription-based platform that is not just a video technique library. But a real jiu-jitsu learning system. For only $25 a month or $250 a year, you can see what it’s like to be in the shoes of Marcelo Garcia. He’s a fierce competitor in the sport, who created the site for BJJ those seeking technical perfection.

I think if you like the game of Marcelo Garcia (arm drags, wrestle ups, guillotines) and aim to have a similar style this is a great option.

As they say, not everyone who is dominant on the mat can teach. However, Garcia has the uncommon combination of both. Plus he’s one of the nicest and most stand up guys in the bjj world.


  • Includes tags for easy browsing.
  • Has a mobile app
  • Create your own custom page/collection of videos.
  • Features related instructional techniques suggestions.


  • With almost 5000 videos, it can sometimes take a while to load into the video view window.
  • Has several slow-motion speeds available, but no fast-forward.
  • No instruction manual, or how-to videos to get you started.

Renzo Gracie Online Academy

Renzo Gracie Online Academy, often referred to as simply RGOA, is probably one of the most popular (if not the most popular) bjj libraries and online academies, founded by Renzo Gracie.

With an impressive curriculum crafted by Renzo Gracie himself and other Renzo Gracie Academy instructors, the platform caters to students of varying skill levels, including beginners and advanced practitioners. One major advantage of RGOA is the structured learning approach; it also emphasizes building a strong foundation in techniques and concepts while gradually progressing through advanced strategies.

The platform stands out for its highly detailed lessons, focusing not only on techniques but also on valuable insights to enrich each user’s jiu-jitsu journey.

Thanks to Renzo Gracie’s vast experience and wisdom, students can benefit from learning directly from a legend in the BJJ world. Semantically related topics covered within the platform include fundamentals, self-defense, No-Gi grappling, and even instructionals on conditioning and nutrition.

With a user-friendly website interface and regularly updated content, Renzo Gracie Online Academy maintains a high level of engagement and encourages continued learning. Moreover, the platform offers a mobile app for users who prefer on-the-go learning


  • solid structured learning approach
  • user friendly website/interface
  • offers mobile app


  • May be too traditional or gi focused for some

Art of Jiu Jitsu Online

The Art of Jiu Jitsu (AOJ) Online is founded by world-renowned athletes and coaches, Rafael and Guilherme Mendes. It offers comprehensive content designed for practitioners at various skill levels.

Their instructionals are definitely higher quality so if you’re a fan of training in the gi and of their very technical style I strongly recommend checking them out

AOJ Online’s curriculum is also structured into various modules, with new content added almost every week.

Exclusive to the platform, AOJ Online also provides an extensive library of competition footage involving the Mendes brothers, giving users an opportunity to study the matches and gain valuable insights into their tactics and mindset, alongside the instructional content.


  • Includes extensive competition footage
  • Offers a curriculum structure as well as individual courses
  • Includes mobile app


  • Instructors are exclusively from AOJ
  • Strong gi focus

Atos BJJ On Demand

Atos BJJ On Demand is another comprehensive online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training platform, spearheaded by Andre Galvao, a multiple-time world champion, and ADCC champion.

The platform offers extensive instructional content from the famous Atos Academy in San Diego, catering to beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. One advantage of Atos BJJ On Demand is that users have access to an immense library of techniques, drills, strength, conditioning, and sparring sessions provided by highly experienced instructors.

The platform is consistently updated with fresh content, ensuring that users always have something new to learn from and stay engaged. High production quality, attention to detail, and a meticulous approach to organizing the content make it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Side note: Users can explore various categories, such as “IBJJF Curriculum,” “No-gi Techniques,” and “King’s Guard,” to name a few, making the learning process more streamlined and efficient.


  • Includes mobile app
  • Includes massive library of techniques, drills, strength, conditioning, and sparring sessions
  • Frequently updated


  • Instructors are exclusively from Atos

Hidden Jiu Jitsu

Hidden Jiu Jitsu, run by Henry Akins, a 3rd degree Rickson Gracie BJJ black belt, provides users with a unique and deep understanding of Jiu Jitsu’s core essence.

Akins is known for his expertise in “hidden” movements and adjustments that may take practitioners years to discover on their own. These hidden elements are not easily discernible from traditional technique videos but involve intricate aspects like weight distribution and hip angles. The website’s focus on traditional Jiu Jitsu ensures that users learn high-percentage techniques directly from a true lineage holder.

Atkins is very involved in the site itself and even will sometimes offer personal, interactive support

Apart from instructional tutorials, users get access to a highly active Facebook Group, Monthly Seminar Q&As, and a Monthly Live Q&A. This direct interaction with Akins gives users the opportunity to gain insights and receive feedback from an experienced practitioner, rather than solely relying on videos.


  • Access to facebook group and Q&A’s
  • Direct insight and feedback from Akins himself
  • Offers both subscription and single purchase courses
  • Offers detailed guides such as “White to Blue Belt” and “No-Gi Mount Domination)


  • Instruction from Akins only
  • Has some no gi instructionals but mostly gi focused

BJJ 365 by Brandon Mccaghren 

If you’re a fan of 10th planet techniques, I strongly recommend checking out BJJ 365 by Brand Mccaghren, 10th Planet Decatur’s head coach.

Brandon is well know in the jiu jitsu scene as he often does commentary for high profile bjj events. He’s also super friendly and a wizard on the mats. He’s always very up to date on the modern techniques and can help you keep up with the most effective trends in bjj.

His site, BJJ 365, focuses on only the highest percentage techniques and submissions. Whereas, other instructionals may spend hours focused on techniques that don’t work at the highest levels, every course on BJJ 365 offers techniques seen at the highest levels of competition.

From breaking down 10th planet techniques like the lockdown to a full mount dominance course. While the library may be smaller than others, they are definitely affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Great insight into 10th planet techniques


  • No Gi focused only
  • Smaller library

Caio Terra Online

Caio Terra Online is led by the twelve-time world champion, Caio Terra (who also received his black belt in only 3 years). This platform offers over 1,700 high-definition instructional videos, covering a wide spectrum of Jiu Jitsu techniques and skill levels.

The site is well-designed, allowing users to easily navigate through the content and select between fundamental, technique, and combination videos.

The platform also features a multitude of competition clips, so users can obtain practical insights on implementing the techniques learned in live action. Caio Terra Online is extremely comprehensive, yet easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


  • Over 1700+ videos
  • $25/month with different prices/tier levels
  • Includes live, narrated training footage and competition clips
  • New videos almost daily
  • access to community forum/Q and A
  • includes mobile app


  • Gi focused (but does have some no gi techniques)

10th Planet Pro

Focusing primarily on No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 10th Planet Pro is an online BJJ platform that offers top-notch instruction created by Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

This training website is ideal for practitioners who are looking to master the unique techniques and positions of the 10th Planet system.

One advantage of 10th Planet Pro is its in-depth coverage of Eddie Bravo’s signature moves, such as the Rubber Guard, the Truck, and the Twister.

New content is added regularly, ensuring that subscribers can expand their No-Gi repertoire consistently.

While 10th Planet Pro is mainly geared towards No-Gi grapplers, it’s worth mentioning that the techniques presented can be useful for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

However, practitioners with a strong preference for Gi training may not find this platform as beneficial as others. The platform offers a monthly subscription at an affordable price.


  • Very affordable ($5.99/month)
  • access to community forum/Q and A/video comments


  • No gi only
  • Certain techniques may require more flexibility
  • A little difficult to navigate site

Defensive BJJ

Defensive BJJ is an online training platform focusing on the crucial aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu—defense.

The program is based on the teachings of Priit Mihkelson, a BJJ black belt under SBG Ireland, who has crafted innovative and practical defensive strategies for the modern BJJ practitioner. By implementing these defensive tactics, users can develop the skills necessary to stay safe and conserve energy, which is crucial for success in competitions or real-world situations.

Through Defensive BJJ, users gain access to in-depth courses, where each technique is broken down step-by-step with clear explanations. Mihkelson emphasizes essential principles, such as positioning, posture, and weight distribution, ensuring practitioners develop a solid foundation to build upon. Side note: One must not underestimate the importance of good fundamentals, as they are the bedrock of success in any martial art.

An added benefit of Defensive BJJ is its emphasis on learning through drilling and positional sparring. As practitioners progress through the various courses, they are encouraged to practice techniques under controlled conditions to gain confidence and enhance comprehension. By combining online instruction with regular practice, Defensive BJJ helps users develop a robust defensive skill set that can keep them secure and composed in the face of intense pressure.


  • includes competition footage
  • access to community forum/Q and A/video comments


  • No gi only
  • Certain techniques may require more flexibility
  • A little difficult to navigate site

Estima In Action

Estima In Action is another online Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training platform launched by Braulio Estima, a multiple-time world champion and ADCC gold medalist. Known for his skills in both Gi and No-Gi grappling, Estima shares his knowledge and experience through comprehensive video instruction that caters to various skill levels.

A standout feature of Estima In Action is its well-organized interface, making it easy for users to find relevant content based on specific techniques, positions, or situations. Subscribers can expect detailed explanations, expert demonstrations, and insights into the thought process behind each technique. Offering both Gi and No-Gi instruction, this platform has something for every BJJ practitioner, regardless of their preferred style.

Keep in mind that while Estima In Action offers an extensive library, it may not cover as many unique or trendy techniques as some other online platforms. Nevertheless, the quality of the content and the caliber of instruction make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about enhancing their BJJ skills.


  • good combination of gi and no gi content
  • includes class, sparing, and competition footage
  • includes mobile app
  • solid, easy to use interface


  • instruction only from Estima and colleagues
  • may not cover the most up to date technique or submission meta

Cobrinha Online

Cobrinha Online is an exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training platform founded by Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” Maciel, a world-renowned BJJ black belt known for his stellar grappling techniques and impressive competitive accomplishments.

Cobrinha Online offers a vast range of high-quality video content that features in-depth instructional guidance, making it an ideal choice for students at all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

One advantage of Cobrinha Online is its robust content library that is updated regularly. It covers a diverse range of traditional BJJ techniques, including guard passing, submissions, sweeps, and more.

Another benefit of Cobrinha Online is its focus on the development of a well-rounded BJJ game plan.


  • includes class, sparing, and competition footage
  • includes mobile app
  • easy to use interface


  • instruction only from Cabrinha and colleagues
  • heavy gi focus
  • also may not cover the most update to date technique or submission meta

Roy Dean TV

Roy Dean TV is another online BJJ training platform, headed by Roy Dean, a well-respected BJJ black belt.

Dean combines his impressive pedigree in Jiu-Jitsu with an in-depth understanding of martial arts principles and teaching philosophy. One key advantage of Roy Dean TV is the emphasis on fundamentals, which are explained in a clear and concise manner.

The platform includes detailed technique instruction, concept-based videos, and a supportive community of practitioners. The range of instructional content spans from white to black belt level, incorporating a comprehensive curriculum with meticulous attention to the smallest details. High-quality video production and precise instruction make it an appealing choice for those striving for a deeper understanding of Jiu-Jitsu.

The diverse library effectively covers every aspect of a user’s BJJ game, ensuring that there is something of value for everyone, regardless of experience. Notable features such as regular content updates, guest instructor appearances, and personalized guidance make Roy Dean TV a popular option in the online BJJ training space.


  • offers both single courses and larger guides (such as “Blue Belt Requirements”)
  • strong focus on fundamentals
  • includes class, sparing, and competition footage
  • includes mobile app
  • also includes guest instructors


  • may be too fundamental heavy for some more advanced practitioners

BJJ Library

BJJ Library is an all-encompassing online platform dedicated to providing top-tier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional materials and training content. Founded by multi-time world champions Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, BJJ Library offers a comprehensive collection of technique courses, sparring videos, and an interactive forum for community building.

BJJ library not only includes videos from the Ribeiro brothers but from over 30 guest instructors as well like Lucas Leite, Masakazu Imanari, and Mackenzie Dern.

BJJ Library regularly updates its vast library, ensuring that users have access to the latest trends and innovations in the world of Jiu-Jitsu.

Another key strength of BJJ Library is its interactive component, fostering a sense of community among users. The platform encourages users to share their learnings and experiences, paving the way for interactive learning as members exchange valuable insights and suggestions.


  • includes interactive component
  • includes guest instructors


  • large gi focus
  • large focus on fundamentals and traditional jiu jitsu


Jiu-Jitsupedia is an online BJJ training resource known for its highly detailed, technique-focused content and impressive production quality. Led by Romulo Barral and Felipe “Preguiça” Pena, both world champion BJJ practitioners, Jiu-Jitsupedia offers an extensive compilation of courses aimed at learners from all skill levels and backgrounds.

Includes videos and instruction from some of the biggest names in bj like Magid Hage, Travis Stevens, Jeff Glover, and Nicholas Meregali

One advantage of this platform lies in its commitment to producing high-quality content. Every video on Jiu-Jitsupedia is filmed in 4K resolution with multiple camera angles, ensuring clear and comprehensive footage for users to study. The attention to detail evident in each instructional video sets Jiu-Jitsupedia apart from other online training resources, as users can easily follow along with the techniques being demonstrated.


  • includes both courses/curriculums and single technique focused videos
  • offers instruction from a variety of different top tier instructors
  • high quality video production


  • library may be limited when compared to other sites like bjj fanatics

BJJ Concepts

BJJ Concepts is an online platform that attempts to offer a comprehensive curriculum focused on the conceptual understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Led by Rob Biernacki and Rory Van Vliet, their instructional style is uniquely centered around understanding the underlying mechanics of every technique rather than focusing solely on individual moves.

Their extensive collection of videos includes detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, and examples to demonstrate the connection between essential concepts and technique applications. BJJ Concepts has become widely recognized within the Jiu-Jitsu community for its commitment to delivering high-quality instructional content that fosters critical thinking and adaptation skills in its students.


  • includes both larger courses (like BJJ 101 and Core Concepts) and single technique focused videos
  • offers personalized insight from Rob
  • includes access to dynamic community
  • over 2200 videos
  • offers courses for teachers and those wishing to become bjj instructors


  • Rob Biernacki may not be as accomplished as other bjj instructor led sites
  • May be too concept heavy


While it have peaked in the past and possibly unable to keep up with other modern offerings for online bjj learning like that from Submeta or Roger Gracie TV, it still should be mentioned as an option for learning bjj online.

Their extensive video library boasts a wide range of instructionals, addressing multiple techniques and strategies. With several titles focusing on semantically relevant content, such as submissions, guard passing, and take downs, Digitsu offers practitioners a one-stop-shop for growth and improvement in their BJJ journey.

One significant advantage Digitsu offers is the flexibility of its platform. Users can download instructionals for offline viewing, ensuring uninterrupted learning even without internet access.

Furthermore, the platform hosts a diverse selection of videos created by prominent BJJ athletes like Dave Camarillo, Oliver Geddes, and Lucas Lepri. This guarantees a reliable and well-rounded learning experience for users who want to learn from multiple expert sources.


  • includes videos by Lucas Lepri, Eddie Cummings, and Paul Schreiner
  • able to download instructionals for offline viewing
  • pretty affordable


  • website may be a little dated and hard to navigate


MMA LEACH is a pretty popular online platform dedicated to offering BJJ training modules for enthusiastic practitioners as well as other fitness and martial arts related content. However, its current bjj library is quite limited.

Side note: MMA LEACH also offers valuable resources on other aspects of martial arts, such as striking and fitness training, allowing users to develop a well-rounded skill set.


  • pretty affordable


  • very limited library
  • doesn’t offer courses from the most popular and high level instructors
  • offers courses only (ie. guard recovery, side control etc)

Ash Williams Online

Ashley Williams is a decorated Welsh grappler admired for his mastery of BJJ techniques and his impressive performances on the global stage. He is the current Polaris Grappling Invitational Champion.

His site offers both subscription based and individual courses for purchasing.

Recognized for his exceptional teaching abilities, Ashley’s online BJJ courses provide in-depth guidance on various aspects of grappling, empowering users with valuable insights and practical skills to enhance their performance.


  • offers access to instructionals, courses, and seminars
  • able to download instructionals for offline viewing
  • pretty affordable


  • Ash Williams may not be as accomplished as other grapplers
  • Large No Gi focus

Best BJJ Beginner’s Courses

Gracie University

Gracie University’s Gracie Combatives (the beginner program) is a great way to start your BJJ journey. It gives you clarity on where to start and how can you slowly take the next step accordingly.

Their system is meant to teach you as if you are showing up to their classes in person every week. Whether or not it achieves that may be up for debate.

Every lesson at Gracie University is created and delivered in a way that maximizes specific students’ comprehension.

You won’t ever feel lost or overawed, regardless of your level of expertise or lack thereof. And every lesson will see measurable improvements in your BJJ skills.

You can sign up for Gracie’s subscription plan for only $20/month or save $40 when you opt for the annual subscription at $200/year.


  • Linear learning.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Downloadable Self-defense Handbook and Program Outline.
  • Includes student forums.


  • Very long videos.
  • The average lesson is over 30 minutes.

Rickson Academy

Rickson Academy is another subscription-based online training library from a great martial artist, Rickson Gracie. You can sign up for only $199.99 a year and enjoy the perks of learning from the legend himself.

It offers several courses and lesson plans aiming to instill exclusive knowledge to premium subscribers who want to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It also includes videos on some fundamental strategies, timing, weight distribution, escapes, and sweeps.


  • Question and answer session with the master.
  • Includes live classes.
  • Interaction in exclusive posts to ask questions.
  • Includes historical videos.


  • Relatively new.
  • Small library size.
  • ~420+ videos.

Best Free Online BJJ Instructional Resources

Gold BJJ Online

Gold BJJ Online, founded by Team Gold BJJ (based out of San Dieg), is an excellent, free* choice for anyone seeking a library of high-quality instructionals at a competitive price. Gold BJJ Online’s focus on providing simple yet effective techniques led by world-class instructors ensures that users receive valuable insights to bolster their BJJ skills. With over 250 exclusive technique videos, Gold BJJ Online provides diverse training content for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Previously Gold BJJ Online’s pricing for monthly subscription only cost only $19.99, but now they have since made all of their videos free and accessible on their youtube channel. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grappler, Gold BJJ Online is a cost-effective means to enhance your BJJ skills and expand your knowledge of techniques and concepts.

Teach Me Grappling on Youtube

Teach Me Grappling is a resourceful Youtube channel for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners of all levels. This channel, run by experienced BJJ coach Brian Peterson, combines clear instruction, detailed analysis, and a variety of examples in each video.

With over 500 videos available, it covers a wide range of BJJ techniques, including take downs, transitions, submissions, and escapes, making it an invaluable online repository of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge.

Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu on Youtube

One of the most popular and active Youtube channels on Brazilian jiu jitsu is “Jordan Teaches Jiujitsu” ran by Jordan Preisinger.

He is based out of Canada where he is the head instructor of his gym called Limitless BJJ.

Jordan also offers a Patreon which he is pretty active on as well.

I find his videos to be simple, entertain, and offer some real insight on jiu jitsu funddmentals. Plus his sparring breakdown videos are very insightful.

Less Impressed More Involved on Youtube

Less Impressed More Involved, abbreviated as LIMMI, is another popular YouTube channel that focuses on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques, strategies, and tips for practitioners with a heavy focus on the current “meta” of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

It is ran by Jake Luigi, a purple belt in bjj, and someone who definitely spend a ton of time analyze competition footage and bjj instructionals which I can definitely appreciate.

RVV BJJ on Youtube

Another popular Youtube channel, RVV BJJ offers some solid video playlists on the basics of jiu jitsu, instructional breakdowns, and technique breakdowns.

It is ran by Rory van Vliet, a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Rob Biernacki.

For anyone struggling in the beginning of their bjj journey, I actually recommend checking out their playlist “How to Suck as Little as Possible

How to choose the right online BJJ platform for you?

To choose the right online Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu platform for your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Content Quality: Make sure the platform features well-produced videos with clear audio, visuals, and comprehensive instruction by qualified instructors.
  2. Single Purchase Instructionals vs Subscription Library
  3. Instructor Reputation: Look for platforms featuring accomplished coaches and athletes known for their expertise in the martial art showing techniques that work in the highest levels of competition
  4. Sparring Footage: Does it include live sparring or competition footage
  5. Library Size: A platform with a broad range of lessons and techniques will provide more comprehensive training.
  6. Content Update Frequency: Is content updated regularly?
  7. User Interface: Choose a platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the content.
  8. Mobile Apps: Does it include a mobile app for easier viewing
  9. Price: Evaluate the platform’s pricing structure, comparing monthly subscriptions and pay-per-course models to determine which offers the best value for your specific needs.
  10. Curriculums: Does it offer both single courses and curriculums (such as “Blue Belt Requirements”)
  11. Availability: Are you able to download videos to view offline?

By considering these factors, along with personal preferences and learning objectives, you can select an online BJJ training platform that best suits your learning style, goals, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to learn BJJ online?

Yes, it is possible to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) online, although it may not be as effective as physical training at an academy. We don’t recommend attempting to learn bjj completely online as online learning should only be used as a supplement to inclass training and sparring.
If you do plan to supplement your in class training with online bjj instruction, we recommend drilling or sparring these techniques with a partner as you go through and attempt to learn them together.
Overall, combining online learning resources with regular in-person training at a BJJ academy is the ideal approach for comprehensive learning and skill development in the martial art.

Is it possible to train BJJ at home?

Yes, you can train BJJ)at home, provided that you have the necessary training equipment and a partner to practice with, but again it’s not as opitimal learn in class with a live instructor and training parterns.
Training at home offers flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to focus on specific techniques or aspects of your game that may not receive as much attention in group classes at an academy.
It is crucial to have a reliable training partner, such as a family member or friend, who shares the same goals and commitment towards learning BJJ.
Keep in mind that while training at home can yield significant improvements, regularly attending classes at an accredited BJJ academy will ensure access to qualified instruction, a diverse range of training partners, and an overall comprehensive learning experience.

How much does online BJJ training cost?

Some websites offer a monthly subscription fee that provides access to their entire library of instructional videos. Typical monthly subscription fees range from $20 to $40, although some elite platforms may charge more.
Many BJJ instructional platforms, such as BJJ Fanatics and Jiu Jitsu X, offer a pay-per-course model where you purchase individual instructional sets separately. Prices for these in-depth courses can vary widely and range from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the instructor, course length, and content quality.
Side note: Always keep an eye out for promotional deals, discounts, and free trial periods that many online platforms occasionally offer. Taking advantage of these offers can make learning BJJ online more affordable and accessible.

Are Online Jiu-Jitsu Classes Worth It?

Yes, people who take online classes find them to be more convenient and affordable than traditional in-person classes. Additionally, many people assert that the level of instruction they receive in online classes is generally comparable to or even superior to that of traditional classes.
Learning BJJ online in addition to your in-class BJJ training helps you structure your own BJJ learning and is extremely beneifical to maximize your growth in Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Online Jiu-Jitsu can be a great way for beginners to get started. Or for those who don’t have time to attend classes in person. Many online academies also offer trial periods so that you can try out the program before you buy it.

Can BJJ Be Self Taught?

Yes. BJJ is a highly technical martial art. But, it’s not that difficult to learn on your own. There are plenty of options for learning BJJ online. And many of these programs offer digital manuals and interactive tutorial modules.
If you are interested in self-training, be sure to research different programs and find one that is tailored to your specific needs. You may also want to consider joining a gym or learning group, where you can receive help and feedback from more experienced practitioners.

Thanks for reading all and if there’s an online bjj platform or site that we missed please feel free to drop us a line at – Take care, Zack