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Future Kimonos Rash Guard Review

Future Kimonos is one of the most popular, premium rash guard brands out there. They offer high-end gear for bjj as well as fully customizable sets. If you follow Brazilian jiu jitsu pros, I’m sure you’ve seen several frequently wearing their gear.

Our opinion: Future Kimonos have some slick designs and very nice customizable sets, but at a more premium price and with longer shipping times, they may not be worth it for some.

In this post we’ll breakdown their rash guards, shorts, along with my personal experience purchasing gear form them.

Main Takeaway

+ Pros / – Cons
+Awesome designs
+Slick matching sets
+ / – Some may be IBJJF legal
– Not the most durable for the price
– Doesn’t have a rubber waist liner
-Slightly thinner material than other rash guards in the same price range

My personal experience: I really dig some of Future Kimonos designs. My wife originally bought me the ranked purple matching set. They were definitely high quality, but since they were customizable they took about 3 months to be delivered.

Why You May Want to Consider Other Rash Guards (Cons)

While Future Kimonos rash guards are some of the most premium rash guards available, there may be a couple reasons why you may want to consider buying a different rash guard:

  • If don’t want to wait the long shipping times
  • If you don’t want to pay that much money
  • If you want a thicker rash guard
  • If you don’t like their designs

How Do They Compare with Other Rash Guards?

Future Kimonos with their high price tag may not be able to compete with some rash guard brands in the same price range. I feel that brands like Phalanx, Origin, XMartial, Venum, and Hayabusa are just better quality.

I feel they are definitely high quality, but I just found their rash guard to be less durable than other brands especially when considering their high price.

Vs X Martial

What does XMartial have that Future Kimonos Does Not:

  • Thicker material
  • Waist band liner
  • Bright and varied designs

Overall Takeaway: You may want to go with XMartial if you like their designs and want some extra features like a waistband liner. However, in terms of utility and durability, they are pretty similar to Future Kimonos.

Vs Sanaul

What does Sanabul have that Future Kimonos Does Not:

  • Affordability
  • Simple Designs
  • Quick Shipping times

Overall Takeaway: Honestly, Sanabul rash guards while nearly a third of the price of Future Kimonos rash guards were actually pretty comparable in terms of quality and durability. So if you don’t want to pay a premium price, Sanabul is decent, more affordable options

Vs Phalanx

What does Phalanx have that Future Kimonos Does Not:

  • Thicker material
  • Slightly better fit
  • More breahtable fabric

Overall Takeaway: I’m a big fan of Phalanx rash guards. They fit great, are breathable, and have some durable material. So if you prefer their designs over Future Kimonos, I recommend giving them a shot.

Is Future Kimonos a Good Brand?

Yes, Future Kimonos is a good brand for Brazilian jiu jitsu and martial arts apparel. While they are more expensive and do have longer shipping times, their rash guards are pretty high quality and their customer service is very helpful and responsive.

If you want to upgrade your bjj apparel to a matching set or standout designs, I recommend giving Future Kimonos a shot.

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Thanks for reading – Zack