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XMartial Rash Guard Review

XMartial is one of the fastest growing brands of bjj rash guards and martial arts apparel. I’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of different social media influencers wearing their gear.

But with their rising popularity, specifically with Brazilian jiu jitsu gear, how do they really compare to other premium rash guard brands?

Our opinion: XMartial rash guards standout with their unique designs and are pretty similar in quality to other premium rash guard brands like Phalanx, Origin, or Hayabusa.

In this post we’ll take a look at their rash guard features plus provide an overall brand review.

Main Takeaway

+ Pros / – Cons
+Slick designs
+Breathable yet thicker material (80% Polyester / 20% Spandex)
+Rubber waistband liner
+/- About midrange on price point
-Most are not IBJJF legal

My personal experience: While I was hesitant to be a fan of XMartial due to their rash guards being very logo heavy (plus seeing many influencers constantly advertise their gear), I have to say they are pretty decent quality so if you like their designs I definitely recommend giving them a shot.

Why You May Not Like XMartial Rash Guards

Some of the main reasons why you might not want to buy a rash guard from XMartial are:

  • If you don’t like their designs or logos
  • If you need an IBJJF legal rash guard

How Do They Compare with More Expensive Rash Guards?

Honestly, most rash guards in a similar price range are all pretty comparable in terms of quality so ultimately, it may come down to whether or you prefer their design and fit.

I feel like XMartial rash guards are definitely similar to the more expensive brands like Phalanx, Venum, and Future Kimonos.

However, if you want to upgrade to a more expensive rash guard, I still recommend checking out brands like Nation Athletics, Future Kimonos, or Phalanx.

Vs Sanabul

Sanabul Essentials Rashguard in White

What does Sanabul have that XMartial does not?:

  • More affordable rash guards
  • simple designs

Overall Takeaway: You may want to go with Sanabul if you just want a simple and affordable rash guard. At about half the price of XMartial rash guards, I truly haven’t noticed much of a different in terms of quality and durability.

Vs Future Kimonos

What does Future Kimonos have that XMartial does not?:

  • Fully customizable rash guards
  • Unique designs
  • Offer different matching sets

Overall Takeaway: Honestly, Future Kimonos rash guards feel pretty thin and actually feel thinner than XMartial rash guards. While a lot of the big names in bjj wear Future Kimonos gear, ultimately, it will come down to whether or not you like the Future Kimonos designs over XMartial.

Vs Phalanx

What does Phalanx have that XMartial does not?:

  • Thin, breathable yet durable material
  • Excellent fit

Overall Takeaway: Phalanx rash guards are a pretty good standard for rash guards. They fit great, and they are breathable without lacking any durability. In my opinion, Phalanx rash guards just fit and feel slightly better than those from XMartial (I prefer a thinner rash guard).

Why Do So Many Influences Advertise XMartial Gear for BJJ?

XMartial is very supportive of the bjj community, and they offer some solid commissions for any rash guard or gear sales (generally much more than Amazon commissions).

So many social media influencers choose to work with XMartial since they are a fan of their gear and are able to make a good commission from any referred sales.

Is XMartial a Good Brand?

Yes, XMartial is a good brand. The only negative is that they really push their logo on all of their gear so if you want a simple rashguard without logos they may not be your first pick.

Over the last six years, I’ve trained in many different rash guards so if you prefer a thicker, more durable rash guard with bright designs XMartial is a good option.