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Best Gi Brands for BJJ (Ultimate Guide)

What are the best gi brands for jiu jitsu and how to find the best BJJ Gi for you?

If you are just starting out Brazilian jiu jitsu or looking to change your preferred gi brand, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the most popular gi brands on the market in 2023 and their top Gi’s ranked side by side. 

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We know quite well that it can be hard to find the best gi brand for you due to all the variations in sizing, materials, and quality but hopefully, this guide can help you narrow your next favorite bjj gi

Best Gi Brands – At a Glance

Best Gi Overall Gi brand: – Gold BJJ

Best Runner up Gi BrandFuji

Best High End Gi BrandOrigin The Path Gi

Best Affordable Gi BrandElite Sports Gi

What Is the Best Gi for Men 2023?Gold BJJ

Gi Brand Comparison Table:

*All weights are based on A2 size.
*Prices current at the time of this writing but may vary based on the retailer and size.

Who makes the best Gis?

What is the best Gi brand? Well this still boils down to the preference of the user. What may be good for me, may not be to your liking. But here are some of the reputable bjj companies that make the best Gi’s are:

  • Gold BJJ
  • Fuji
  • Origin
  • 93 Brand

These brands have been producing Gis for many years and are some of the most trustworthy gi producers on the market. 

I have personally used a gi from each of these companies and can attest to their quality, durability, and fit. 

Presently, I am a big fan of the Gold BJJ Foundation Gi. I actually have two of these gi’s that I have been rotating recently for my gi classes. 

Why You Can Trust This List

If I haven’t personally used these specifically mentioned brands and gis in this list, I know someone who has (usually my brothers – who also train bjj or my training partners).

The reviewed brands and gis on this list represent the culmination of my personal experience with these gis as well as over a dozen hours of combing through reviews on amazon, reddit, google, and reviews on these specific gi brand sites.

Our Reviews of the Best Gi Brands for BJJ

Gold BJJ

The gi’s from Gold BJJ are my top recommendation for beginners or even for more experienced bjj athletes just looking for a solid gi to add into their weekly rotation.

If you are new to bjj or new to gi training the Gold BJJ Aeroweave gi should be your top pick (especially if you prefer a lighter gi).

When I started training in the gi, I felt completely weighed down if not downright claustrophobic in many gis. So naturally, I prefered lighter gis with lighter gi jackes.

The Gold BJJ Aeorweave gi jacket is stupid thin and breathable, but has lasted me extremely well. Plus its very soft.

Unlike other thicker weaves that feel as abrasive as a fresh tatami mat, the Gold BJJ Aeroweave is smooth and comfortable to train in.

(Alternatively, if you’re a masachist and prefer a heaviever weave and gi jacket, you can’t go wrong with Tatami. I think the “Tank” is 950 GSM double weave gi.)

Gold BJJ is a BJJ gear brand owned by different jiu jtisu athletes in San Diego, CA. Their gears are designed for and by martial artists. Moreover, they are known to be a reliable brand amongst jiu jitsu practitioners since they produce high performance gear and training tools for BJJ athletes. Hence, making them a realiable gi brand. 

  • It’s perfect for everyday Gi training
  • Their jacket is a medium weight 450gsm pearl weave, while the pants is 8oz ripstop pants with elastic “for the journey” drawstring waist closure 
  • Designed with a rashguard neckliner to keep the body cool even intense training days 
  • Light but heavy enough to be difficult to grip 
  • IBJJF legal

Fuji Sports

Let’s be honest, any midrange gi that costs ~$100-130 should be pretty similar, but what’s different with Fuji gi’s is that they last incredibly well for their price.

I bought the Fuji lightweight gi as my first ever gi (almost 5 years ago), and although I don’t train gi as often these days when I do my Fuji is one of the gi’s I still wear.

It luckily hasn’t had any major tears or rips which is rare for a lighter gi plus there hasn’t been any sweat or blood stain that I haven’t been able to get out.

While other gis may fluctuate on sizing and fit, Fuji gi’s for me always fit perfectly. I currently wear an A3 that fits great.

When wearing this gi, I felt it hit all of my marks without any blaring cons. It was about average cost, was durable, and washed well. It should certainly be on anyone’s list who is looking for a good overall gi.

Fuji is a great starter gi and just a solid, affordable gi to keep in your weekly rotation.

  • Made with midweight reinforced fabric that is very durable
  • Provides comfort even during the most intense matches and training
  • Mid weight stiff, thick collar and multi layered reinforcements 
  • Made with Fuji Sports premium cotton blend 
  • 100% IBJJF approved

Is Fuji a Good Brand for BJJ?

Fuji Sports is a good BJJ gi brand because it does not only produce aesthetically pleasing and comfortable BJJ gear but also very durable ones. Their products can be seen worn by professional athletes on the mats because they are heavy duty gear that can withstand the different situations.

Aside from that, their gear is also priced reasonably. You can get value for the money that you will spend. They have different products designed for different kinds of BJJ practitioners out there. 

93 Brand

93 Brand is a small company created and owned by BJJ athletes from New York. The name itself has a great backstory because it was inspired from the 1993 fight of Royce Gracie, where he dominated the octagon and proved Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an effective and versatile martial art. Thus, introducing the art to the world. 

The brand was put together by the creative minds of these East Coast BJJ athletes by creating a gear that exceeds that durability of expensive Gi brands but not having to break the bank because of its affordability. They also modified the standard sizing to make their gi brand more available to different grapplers out there. 

Their current and most famous BJJ Gi is the “Goose Feather” Lightweight Blue Jiu Jitsu Gi.

The unisex Goose Feather Gi is one of the flagship products of the Goose BJJ Gi line. It was designed to be reliable and competition ready. Aside from that, what makes this gear exceptional amongst many others are: 

  • 350gsm micro pearl weave jacket matched with 8oz poly/cotton ripstop blend with a round stretch drawstring 
  • Comfort provided to the practitioner because of the thick and wide EVA foam collar core 
  • There is a sublimated mesh lining, making it comfortable and breathable 


Origin is a fight gear brand made in America. These are definitely higher end gis, but if you’re ready to make the jump to a high quality gi, you really can’t beat Origin. I know for me, I probably won’t buy any other higher end gi in the future beside the ones from Origin.

Its light, very breathable, and crazy durable (you can also machine wash and dry this gi without it shrinking on you).

I know I usually throw my Origin gi right in the dryer and never had a problem.

The most popular Origin BJJ gi in the market today is THE PATH GI.

This is actually the first gi that I truly splurged on, and I don’t regret it at all. Simply put. I’ve felt that it just fit better than other gis and felt more comfortable to train in.

I’d also keep an eye out on the Origin site I know they do frequent deals and I bought my gi during their July 4th sale.

  • Standard and classic woven style Gi built by fusing different ideas, technology, engineering, biomechanics and the art of jiu jitsu
  • Atomic Twill GEN 2 material used for the pants. It is a high performing textile that can withstand abrasion, inside out moisture wicking and soil release 
  • Pre shrunk PolySynth yarn used to create the gear. This material is 10x stronger than pearl weave and 100x stronger than industry standard. 
  • Material allows moisture to pass but not be absorbed, making it the ideal description of what American Smart Pearl 3 technology
  • Built to last 


Tatami is one of the most popular fightwear brands in the market today. It is a UK based company founded by Lee Jones and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Gareth Dummer. Their brand aims to provide high quality yet affordable combat sports gear to show support to the different combat sports and its communities

As of today, one of its most popular and reliable BJJ Gi is the Tatami Fightwear Estilo. This product is all about having, 

  • 100% cotton fabric material used 
  • Pull on closure
  • A unique printed Jacquard pants drawstring
  • 550GSM pearl weave jacket paired with a 12 oz. canvas pants
  • Embroidered logos that can last a long time
  • Produced with inside sublimated neck lining
  • Woven tape lining on the cuffs and base of jacket
  • Tatami Y-Vent jacket technology
  • Available in different color ways


Kingz is another one of the top gi brands out there.

If you’re looking for a lightweight gi I’d check out there Comp v6, the Nano 2.0 or the Ultralight gis.

If you’re new to gi training we recommend checking out the KINGZ “The One” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. This gi is perfect for competitions and everyday training.

  • 400 GSM High Tech Pearl Weave jacket
  • Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
  • Made of one piece fabric for superior strength and durability
  • Synthetic heat resistant vulcanized rubber lapel insert
  • Soft cotton seam taping
  • 10 oz cotton material
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • Cord drawstring with 6 loops
  • 100% IBJJF legal 
  • Available in Blue/Black/White


Shogun is one of the bjj gi companaies out there that were made by fighters for fighters. Their gi’shave been tested by BJJ competitors and coaches before releasing them to the market. Therefore, ensuring high quality. Aside from that, what makes Shogun remarkable is the design they have. Each has its own unique design that makes it stand out. 

Their most popular BJJ Gi is the SHOGUN Fight Jiu Jitsu Gi. This BJJ gi is features 

  • Cotton fabric 
  • Drawstring closure
  • Premium crafted from 450g pearl weave cotton gi jacket. 
  • Branded woven tape to reinforce the base of the gi jacket and interior sleeve cuffs
  • Rash guard lining – Beautiful Dye-sublimated rash guard liner making it very comfortable during use
  • Ripstop Sturdy cotton pants for grappling. 6 drawstring loops.
  • Available in Blue/Black/White


If you’re looking for an affordable gi that will get the job done, Elite should be your go to. Its a solid affordable gi for beginners. If you don’t want to drop $100+ on a gi or maybe you only train gi once a week, I recommend this gi by Elite.

After I trained in this gi for a couple days, for its price, I can say its a great value and really cant anything overtly negative about it.

Elite is a company that offers fightwear gear for men, women, youth and kids. They are known to provide affordable martial arts gear without ever compromising its durability and reliability.

One of its most popular gear is the Elite Sports BJJ GI. This Gi is:

  • Made with 48% Cotton, 52% Polyester
  • Preshrunk fabric
  • Comes with a free white belt with stripe bar
  • Lightweight material that can reduce risk of rancid ordor and bacteria formation 
  • IBJJF legal


Sanabul is known for making affordable gis and bjj apparell. I’m a big fan of their rashguards.

The one thing I will note is that their gi feels like its on the heavier side. So if you want an affordable gi with a heavy jacket Sanabul is a good option. Their Sanabul Essentials V.2 gi to me was too heavy, but my brother prefers it and even though he owns other higher end gi’s he still wears his Sanabul gi.

  • Made with 350 gsm weave
  • With belted closure
  • Comes with a free belt and rank of choice 
  • Preshrunk
  • Lightweight yet durable


Another one of the most known and successful fightwear brands in the market today is Venum. This is the brainchild of Frank Dupuis, a French e-commerce business man who saw potential in mixed martial arts gear. 

Today, Venum has become one of the most innovative brands, continuously searching for performance to make sure their products are of high quality with one of a kind design. 

Their Venum Contender Evo BJJ Gi is a reliable training or everyday Gi because of its features: 

  • Jaket is made with pearl weave 350gsm cotton
  • Pants in 230 gsm cotton also have several reinforcements, especially at the inside of the leg and the ankle.
  • Has several reinforcements at strategic points that strengthen it for increased durability.
  • Inner custom woven tape
  • Inner jacket screen print

What Makes Some BJJ Gi Brands Stand Out?

Sizing and Fit

There is no standard sizing or fit made for BJJ Gi. Each brand and depending on the material used, the sizing and fit can differ. 

Take note to never compromise comfort because you do not want your performance to be affected by ill fitted gear. 

Tip: Make sure to check the size chart of the item that you will be purchasing and measure yourself. One thing you also have to check is the type of material used. Some are already pre shrunk while others are not. Also, if you are competing, make sure your BJJ Gi adheres to the competition’s standard. 


Quality should never be compromised. Always make sure to find a Gi whose quality has been tried and tested already. This means that the gear is tailored to withstand the adversity on the mats on training days and competitions. Thus, making sure you get your money’s worth. 

Tip: Read or watch reviews, even better, try to ask some of your teammates.


Noticed some of your teammates still using the same Gi since the 1st time you met them? Well, this can mean many things. But, if you look at it, one of the reasons why they are still using the same old Gi is because it’s durable. 

The BJJ Gi is able to withstand the intense training and rolling sessions with efficiency. Therefore, it is important to purchase a BJJ Gi that has been tested for its durability on the mats


There are different price ranges for BJJ Gi brands out there. Some brands are consistently offering gear that is less than $100 while others sell them over $200. But what we can say is that, do not make the price the defining factor when it comes to the gear’s efficiency. 

Some of these BJJ Gi can be cheaper but can have the same features as the expensive ones. 

It does not matter how much your gear costs. That is one of the great things about BJJ. Once we enter the mats we are equal. The guy with the cheapest gear can submit the one with the most expensive gear or vice versa. 

So go and get something you can be comfortable using and have proven itself already. Read, watch and research to see which one suits you best. 


The weight of Gi will depend on different factors such as the type of material used and of course the size. Typically the bigger the BJJ Gi is, the heavier it will weigh also. 

Gi Type Average Weight of BJJ Gi 
Traditional Gi450gms
Lightweight Gi 400gms
Heavy Gi 800gms

Here are things to consider when it comes to the weight of your BJJ Gi:

  • Comfortability – Of course, you want to be able to move freely without any restriction because of the Gi 
  • Competition – Do know that during Gi competitions, you are being weighed with your uniform. Therefore, the weight itself is included. You must put into consideration your current weight and BJJ Gi weight so that you will not be disqualified for not making the cut. 


Traditional Gi will always be white. But nowadays, there are different variations when it comes to the Gi design and style. This variation can be different colorways or even material used. Aside from that, there can be some patchwork or embroidery in your BJJ Gi. This can be the brand, team’s logo or even just your preference. Moreover, there are also some that would have rash guard fabric inside for comfort and this is often a sublimated design. 

Types of Gi Weaves

Weave Type Description 
Single Weave 
Most basic and affordable Lighter compared to double weave but quite similar Comfortable and easy to maintain May not lang longer compared to others because of its durability 
Double Weave Same pattern as single weave but the pattern is repeated multiple times Durable and affordable Hard to grip Thicker stitching so can make one sweat more during use 
Gold Weave “Best of Both Worlds” : Combination of single and double weaveDurable as a double weave, but lightweight like a single weave More expensive compared to single/double weave Gi but it has great quality and durability like a lightweight gi 
Pearl Weave Most popular in the modern day BJJ Gi Extremely durable and lightweight Great for training and competition 
Ripstop Ripstop is the material used to reinforce materials in your BJJ Gi, most especially the pants Makes your BJJ Gi more resistant to ripping and tearing during intense training or competition 

Gi Material and Shrinkage

Gi material and shrinkage are always hand in hand. Typically, if your BJJ Gi is made with polyester, then they cannot be shrunk anymore. Meanwhile, cotton and hemp BJJ Gi can be shrunk and become 1-2 inches shorter than what it was originally. Lastly, there are Gi that are made with a unique fabric that makes it preshrunk already which means no adjustments will be made anymore when you wash your Gi in warm water. 

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Frequently Asked Gi Questions

What Gi colors are allowed in competition? 

International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the world’s biggest BJJ competition host. Most competitions actually follow their set of rules. Now, if you are thinking about joining a competition anytime soon. Here what should you know about the Gi colors that are accepted and recognized: 

  • White
  • Royal Blue 
  • Black

Keep in mind that you cannot mix colors when competing. If your top is white, then the pants must be white as well. Another thing that is not allowed is having a Gi with a different color lapel compared to the rest of the top. Lastly, make sure that no paint or paint mark is on your BJJ Gi. 

How to Find the Correct Gi Size 

Know that each brand is tailored differently. Thus, you can assume that your size in this certain brand may or may not be the size you have for another brand. Therefore, finding the right fit is essential. 

  • If you are buying online – Measure yourself and compare your measurement to their size chart. Feel free to inquire as well and look at reviews. Most people post comments about their height, weight and the size they got. 
  • If you are buying from a store –  You can either fit the Gi if they allow you, or you can measure yourself and measure the Gi in the shop as well just to see. Moreover, you can also search the sizing guide online prior to your purchase.

Here’s our full guide in finding the best BJJ Gi for you.

What Do Gi Sizing Abbreviations Mean?

Commonly, when you are purchasing your Gi, the size chart will use abbreviations. Look at the chart below in order to help you identify what these common letters are.

AbbreviationMeansGood for
AAdult (Men’s)
LLongsomeone who may be too tall for a certain size but too light for the next size up
SShortsomeone who is too heavy for a certain size up but too short for the next size up
HHeavysomeone who is heavier and prefers a wider fit in both jacket and pants
XLExtra Largesomeone who is heavier and prefers a wider fit in both jacket and pants – this is larger than the “heavy” size

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What’s the Difference Between Lightweight vs Heavyweight vs Competition Gi?

Gi Type Pros Cons 
Lightweight Weighs less than regular Gi Lighter and easy to use when you want to travel and train Great for hot weather Vulnerable to tearingMay not last long 
Heavyweight Built for extremes and heavier compared to lightweight Gi Durable Can restrict movement due to thickness
Competition Uses high quality material for competitions Light but not easy to break Great fit and improved mobility Durable and high quality Quite expensive comp

How Many Gis Should You Have?

There is no standard number of Gi that one should have. Although if you are training multiple times a week, then we recommend having two BJJ Gi. The reason behind this is that you want to always come in with a clean Gi. Moreover, sometimes because of the weather, your Gi may not dry yet so it will not be good to use it. 

We can say that your level of cleanliness is directly proportional to your GI collection size. The more resources you have, the better.

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What Gi Does Joe Rogan Use?

Joe Rogan prefers to wear a hemp gi. He has spoken about the gi he uses on his podcast and said it was the Datsusara Hemp Gi found here

What makes Hemp Gi awesome is that hemp can naturally fight microbes like staph and other different kinds of bacteria. It is also very breathable and can be 4 times stronger than cotton. It is great for rolling and can be very comfortable even during hot days. 

Hope this read is very helpful in helping you figure out which Gi to get for your next training session!

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Catch you next time!

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