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Sanabul Rash Guard and Brand Review

Sanabul is one of the most common Brazilian jiu jitsu apparel manufacturers. If you train BJJ at all, I’m sure there are a couple people at your gym wearing their rash guards.

They are simple and affordable, but since they come at a cheaper price point, how does their quality measure up?

Our opinion: Sanabul rash guards are the best quality rash guards among the more affordable rash guard brands.

In this post we’ll breakdown their most popular rash guard – the Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard as well as their new Model Zero Kit plus an overall brand review.

Main Takeaway

Sanabul Essentials Rashguard in Purple
Sanabul Essentials Rashguard in White
+ Pros / – Cons
+Simple designs
+Aerated fabrics in arm pit
+IBJJF legal
+/- Tend to run a little looser in the mid section
-Doesn’t have a rubber waist liner
-Slightly thinner material than other more expensive rash guards

My personal experience: Between me and my two brothers who train BJJ, we’ve probably owned close to a dozen Sanabul rash guards. I’ve been training for almost 6 years, and their rash guards are still in my regular weekly rotation.

Why You May Want to Consider a More Expensive Rash Guard

While Sanabul rash guards are a good buy for the price there may be a couple reasons why you want to consider a more expensive rash guard such as:

  • If you want more graphics or different designs
  • If you want a thicker rash guard
  • If you want a different fit
  • If you want more premium features like:
    • rubber waistband liner
    • sublimated graphics

How Do They Compare with More Expensive Rash Guards?

First off, in terms of quality and durability, I’d rank Sanabul rash guards way above other more affordable brands like Elite, LAFROI, Hawk, and definitely ahead of the non jiu jitsu brands like Under Armour and TSLA.

I feel they are definitely comparable to the more expensive brands and are worth keeping in your rotation as an affordable rash guard that gets the job done.

However, if you want to upgrade to a more expensive rash guard, I recommend checking out Sanabul’s more expensive Model Zero rash guard or other rash guard brands like Gold BJJ, Fuji, or Phalanx.

Vs X Martial

What does XMartial have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Thicker material
  • waist band liner
  • bright and varied designs
  • sublimated graphics

Overall Takeaway: You may want to go with XMartial if you like their designs and want some extra features like a waistband liner. However, in terms of utility and durability, they are pretty similar to Sanabul.

Vs Future Kimonos

What does Future Kimonos have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Fully customizable rash guards
  • Offer different matching sets
  • Unique designs

Overall Takeaway: Honestly, Future Kimonos rash guards feel pretty thin and are pretty comparable to Sanabul (even though they are much more expensive). However, if you like the Future Kimonos designs you may want to consider them over Sanabul.

Vs Phalanx

What does Future Kimonos have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Varied and unique designs
  • More breathable fabric
  • Better fit

Overall Takeaway: Phalanx rash guards are a nice upgrade from Sanabul. I like how my Phalanx rash guard fits, but overall it’s pretty comparable to Sanabul.

Vs Gold BJJ

What does Gold BJJ have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Again, unique designs
  • Waistband liner
  • Runs a bit slimmer
  • Reinforced stitching

Overall Takeaway: Gold BJJ is another upgrade to consider if you like their designs and want a more premium rash guard. However, my Gold BJJ rash guard actually runs quite a bit tighter than my Sanabul one so I’d be sure to check the sizing and maybe consider sizing up.

Sanabul Model Zero Kit Review

+ Pros / – Cons
+High quality
+Simple designs
+Thicker material
-More expensive
-May have to size up

Sanabul recently released their Model Zero rash guard and shorts. This set was meant to be competitive with other more premium rash guard brands at a matching (more expensive) price point.

Overall, this is a solid set: The shorts have become my go to shorts for no gi classes. However the shirt runs a little small.

Is Sanabul a Good Brand?

Yes, Sanabul is a good brand for Brazilian jiu jitsu and martial arts apparel. I recommend them for any beginner who wants an affordable rash guard or even a more experienced athlete who just wants a decent rash guard in their rotation.

I’ve bought nearly a dozen of their rash guards (and spats) over the past 6 years of my bjj training, and I’ve never had a problem with quality or durability.

Plus I even own two of their gis that I train in, and they are some pretty decent quality as well.

If you want to check out our full rash guard review post with over 25 rash guards – take a look here

Thanks for reading – Zack