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Sanabul Spats Review for BJJ

Sanabul is known for making some of the more affordable Brazilian jiu jitsu and martial arts apparel, but does the inexpensive cost of their spats equate to poor quality?

Our opinion: Sanabul Spats are the best of the more affordable options for spats out there. However, don’t expect more premium fabric or added features like rubber reinforced waistband, waistband drawstring, or rubber lined ankle openings. Plus their sizing can sometimes be a little off.

Main Takeaway

+ Pros / – Cons
+Very affordable
+Reinforced stitching
+Better than non jiu jitsu spats
– Thinner material
– May run a bit short
– Flimsy waistband
-Waistband seams may separate over time (not very durable)

My personal experience: While I’ve tried out a bunch of different spats, I would definitely rank these Sanabul spats above other made for BJJ spats in the same price range like those from Hawk or Elite (and definitely better quality and durability than non-martial arts spats like those from Under Armour, TSLA, and DRSKIN). However, don’t expect these to fit perfectly or last very long – they are just nice to keep as a backup pair.

wearing Sanabul spats in one of my white belt competitions

Why You May Not Like Sanabul Spats

Some of the main reasons why you might not want to buy these spats from Sanabul are:

  • If you want more durable spats
  • If you wants spats with flashier designs
  • If you want spats with added features like:
    • rubber lined openings
    • drawstring waistband

How Do They Compare with Other Spats and Compression Pants for BJJ?

Our Rating4.5/54.75/55/5*4/5
Standout QualityDesignsDurabilityFlatteringAffordable
Biggest ConDoesn’t offer many simple designsPricierNothing*Durability
Price Range$$$$$$$$
Our top recommended spats for BJJ*

While most spats in a similar price range are all pretty similar in terms of quality, you should buy spats if you like their design and fit.

Again, I feel like Sanabul spats are definitely a better buy than other spats at the more affordable price range, but if you want to upgrade to a more premium pair of spats I’d recommend going with Fuji or Hayabusa spats.

Vs Fuji Baseline Spats

What does Fuji have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Excellent fit
  • Drawstring waistband
  • Higher quality and durability

Overall Takeaway: You may want to go with Fuji if you want to upgrade to a pair of higher quality spats that are more durable and stay put thanks to the drawstring waistband. Also Fuji’s fit is just, overall, better.

Vs Hayabusa Spats

What does Hayabusa have that Sanabul does not?:

  • Rubber ankle liners
  • Reinforced rubber waistband liner
  • They feel like spandex mixed with leather (extremely durable and sweat-wicking)

Overall Takeaway: Hayabusa are definitely some of the more expensive spats, but if you really want premium feel, fit, and durability, they are some of the best out there. They just stay put, feel great, and last.

Vs XMartial Spats

What Does XMartial have that Sanabul does not?:

  • flashy designs
  • reinforces waistband
  • (however, they are slightly more expensive)

Overall Takeaway: If you prefer standout or bright designs, they you’ll probably prefer spats from XMartial – they are also slightly better quality than those from Sanabul. However, they do come at a slightly higher pricepoint. Plus since Xmartial isn’t on Amazon, you can expect slightly longer shipping times.

Is Sanabul a Good Brand?

Yes, Sanabul is a good brand. While I’m always weary of cheaper martial arts equipment (since bjj has a way of really testing the durability of clothing), I’ve been wearing Sanabul gear since I started Brazilian jiu jitsu in 2016.

For their price, you really can’t beat their quality. Again, I find both their quality and durability miles ahead more affordable bjj gear in the same price range.

I can’t really say anything bad about their gear or brand. They just make decent quality, simple gear that is affordable. Their gi, rash guards, and spats are usually in my weekly training rotation.

Hope this has been helpful, thanks for reading, and see you in the next one – Zack