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Are Premium Spats for BJJ Really Worth It? (Comparing Popular Brands)

If you have the money and want a higher quality pair of compression pants then yes, premium spats are worth it for Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and martial arts.

Premium spats are made from higher quality material, fit better, last longer, and have additional features that cheaper spats do not like nylon lined waistbands, drawstrings in waistband, nylon lined ankle openings.

With cheaper or more affordable spats the most common issues are:

  • poor sizing (running short on the legs)
  • non reinforced waistband
  • non reinforced seams
  • thinner material

Overall, cheaper spats are just severely lacking in durability so, for me personally, I’d rather buy a quality pair of spats once then have to replace cheaper ones multiple times.

In this post, we provide our recommended premium spats, compare brands of premium vs more affordable compression pants, and what to look for in a higher quality pair of spats.

Plus what are some good options for affordable spats that don’t break the bank.

Key Takeaways

Best Bang for Your Buck Spats: Fuji Baseline

Most Premium Spats: Hayabusa Geo

Best Affordable Spats: Sanabul Essentails

Again, premium spats are worth it since they use higher quality material, fit better, and last longer.

Our Rating4.5/54.75/55/54/5
Standout QualityDesignsDurabilityFlatteringAffordable
Biggest ConDoesn’t offer many simple designsPricierNothing*Durability
Price Range$$$$$$$$
ReviewLink to ReviewLink to ReviewLink to ReviewLink to Review
Our top recommended spats compared

Comparing Popular Brands of Spats and Compression Pants

Affordable Spats (from $->$$$)Premium Spats (from $->$$$)
JayefoGold BJJ
Hawk Under Armour
Comparing spats from different brands by price
Me wearing Sanabul spats (…you can see they run a little short*)

Fuji Baseline Spats

+ Pros / – Cons
+Flattering fit
+Comfortable material (88% Poly, 12% Spandex)
+Drawstring waistband
+ Good sizing
+Affordable price

Overall Takeaway: Fuji Baseline spats are very flattering and made of thicker and more durable material. They have an excellent fit and stay put thanks to the drawstring waistband. These are our most recommended spats.

Hayabusa Compression Pants

+ Pros / – Cons
+Awesome fit
+Thicker, high quality material (84% polyester 16% spandex)
+Silicone waistband liner
+ Simple and slick design
+ Excellent compression
– More expensive

Overall Takeaway: If you have the funds, Hayabuse spats are worth it. With nylon lined waistband and ankle openings these definitely stay put during training. However, if you want a more affordable option that is pretty comparable we recommend going with the Fuji Baseline spats.

Xmartial Spats

+ Pros / – Cons
+Standout designs
+Thicker, high quality material
+Rubber waistband liner
+ Good sizing (Size: L Fit perfectly for me at 6′ / 200lbs)
+/- About midrange on price point
-Most are not IBJJF legal

Overall Takeway: Xmartial is know for their bright colors and standout designs. Their spats are definitely higher quality than more affordable brands like Sanabul or Elite, but I would rank them slightly lower than other premium brands like Fuji and Hayabusa. So if you like their designs, they’re a decent buy

Sanabul Spats

+ Pros / – Cons
+Very affordable
+Reinforced stitching
+Better than non jiu jitsu spats
– Thinner material
– May run a bit short
– Flimsy waistband
-Waistband seams may separate over time (not very durable)

Overall Takeaway: In our opinion, Sanabul spats are the best of the more affordable spats. However, their sizing can sometimes run a little small, and they lack higher end features that other more expensive spats have like reinforced waistbands, reinforced seams, or drawstring waistband.

What Qualities or Features Do Premium Spats Have That Cheaper Ones Do Not?

Premium Spats or Compression Pants Usually:

  • Fit better
  • Are more durable
  • Offer better compression
  • Made from higher quality fabric
  • Sections may use aerated fabric for breathability

More Affordable Spats:

  • May run short
  • Are not as durable
  • May lose elasticity quickly
  • Do not include reinforced:
    • seams
    • waistband
    • ankle openings
FeaturePremium BJJ Spats (Compression Pants)Cheaper BJJ Spats (Compression Pants)
Material QualityHigh-quality materials such as multi-blend fabrics that offer durability, compression, and flexibility.Often made with lower-quality or single-blend fabrics that may be less durable and provide less compression.
StitchingReinforced stitching that is designed to withstand rigorous training and grappling.Standard stitching that may not be as durable and might come apart with intense use.
Fit and ComfortA more precise fit with ergonomic seams that enhance comfort and performance.May have a less specialized fit or sizing, potentially leading to discomfort or shifting during movement.
Moisture ManagementAdvanced moisture-wicking properties to keep the athlete dry and comfortable.Basic or no moisture-wicking capabilities, leading to potential discomfort when sweating.
Design and AestheticsOften include exclusive designs, collaborations with artists, and limited edition prints.May have more basic designs, with fewer options for customization or unique prints.
DurabilityDesigned to last longer, even with frequent use and washing.May wear out or lose elasticity more quickly.
Price PointHigher price due to the quality of materials and construction.More affordable
Technology IntegrationMay include features like UV protection, anti-odor technology, or thermal regulation.Unlikely to have advanced technological features.
Performance EnhancementMay offer specific compression levels to enhance muscle support and recovery.Unlikely to have targeted compression zones for performance enhancement.
table comparing different features

Do Premium Spats Really Make a Difference in Training?

No, premium spats will not make a big difference in your Brazilian jiu jitsu or martial arts training. However, they can provide slight more comfort and protection by offering compression, wicking sweat away, and helping you avoid mat burn or skin infections.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull my Elite spats from sliding down my waist or pull them down on my ankle when they ride up.

More affordable spats can do some of that, but due to sizing issues or lacking nylon lined waistbands or not having a drawstring, they can shift or move during training – making training more uncomfortable.

So if you have the funds, we recommend going with more premium spats for their fit, comfort, durability, and added features to keep them in place.

Hope this post has been insightful and see you in the next one! – Zack