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I Bought the 5 Best BJJ Rash Guards on Amazon (Here Is My Review)

Looking for the best bjj rash guards online?

Well, I bought the 5 most reviewed bjj rash guards on amazon and trained in them at my brazilian jiu jitsu gym over the past four weeks.

(see images of me wearing these rash guards in main pic above and below in each of the reviews)*

Some of the rash guards fit great and felt like a second skin during bjj training, and others felt restrictive, not very breathable, and, overall, just weren’t the best fit.

Best BJJ Rashguards – At a Glance

*Best Premium* – Future Kimonos (use code HEAVYONE15 for 15% off)

*My Personal Top Rash Guard for Beginners* – Sanabul

*Best Fitting* – Elite

*Best Overall*- Gold BJJ

Even though I own close to 2 dozen rash guards Sanabul rash guards are still some of my favorite (and are a great value for beginners)

In no-gi BJJ, rash guards are one of the recommended, and sometimes required clothing in class or competitions. These can also be worn underneath you gi during gi training.

Many BJJ practitioners use rash guards since they are versatile and practical for the intense training of bjj (when compared to training in a t shirt).

But why should we wear rash guards? What difference does it make and what are some of the qualities you should look for when buying a rash guard?

In this post, we’ll answer what you should look for when buying a rash guard, and we’ll show you the best bjj rashguards that you can find on Amazon based on my personally tried and tested reviews.

Finding The Best Bjj Rash Guard For You

Looking for the best bjj rash guard on amazon that is affordable and worth the money?

Well, I bought the five most reviewed rash guards on Amazon and have written detailed reviews to help you make your decision.

The top five most reviewed bjj rash guards on Amazon as of November 2022 are:

  1. Sanabul
  2. Elite
  3. Hayabusa
  4. Gold
  5. Fuji

Finding yourself the best rash guard for bjj would make training easier, help you move better, be easier to clean, and be less restrictive during training as well as improving your blood flow.

Before purchasing a rash gurad, it is best to look into and compare the many brands. You might also want to check its characteristics that provide comfort, will last a long time, and will serve you best in your bjj training.

Finally, don’t forget to check your school or academy’s requirement or preferred rash guard to use before anything else

Why You Can Trust This List

I’ve seen many other bjj rash guard reviews from people who just looked up reviews on amazon or reddit and just compiled a list.

What’s missing from their recommendations is that they don’t have first hand experience wearing and training in these rash guards.

To counter this, I bought these five rashguards, trained in them over the past 4 weeks, and have included detailed reviews – including positive features, negatvie features, and my final recommendations.

Keep in mind some of these recommendations will come down to preference, but I’ve included as much detail as possible to help you make a solid decision on which rash guard would be best for you.

Now lets get to it!

Best BJJ Rash Guards

*Best Overall Rash Guard* – Gold BJJ Rashgaurds

This has become my favorite rash guard to train in over the past couple weeks.

It has everything:

  • flexible
  • perfect fit
  • breathable
  • washes great
  • just tight enough without restricting
  • fit and style wise this is my favorite rashguard*

+ High quality
+ Soft and durable material
+ Keeps sweat in but still breathable
+ Mesh Fabric underarms
+ Available in all BJJ belt rank colors
– May run small around the torso
– Larger neck line

Gold has been one of my go to brands for bjj gear for some time, and this rash guard is no exception

This camouflage rash guard comes in both long and short sleeves – for the hot training here in San Diego.

With its sublimated design, there will be no peeling and cracking of logos and prints. 

This rash guard is made from ultralight moisture-wicking fabric and has flatlock stitching. A mesh in the armpit area makes it breathable, more flexible, and comfortable when you’re active.

Future Kimonons – Best Premium Rash Guard

If you’re looking to upgrade your rash guard and shorts for training Future Kimonos should be your first stop.

While these are more premium rash guards – as you may have guessed you get what you pay for. Future Kimonos stands above other more affordable gear like those from Sanabul and Elite in terms of fit and durability.

There’s a reason why many top athletes frequently wear their gear.

Use our code HEAVYONE15 for 15% off

customizablelonger shipping times
top of the line designeshigher price point
offers matching sets
great fit
thin and breathable material

*Best Lightweight and Breathable Rash Guard* – FUJI Short Sleeve:

This is the first Fuji rashguard I’ve owned and man, is it lightweight and very breathable – it feels like I’m not wearing a shirt during training at all. It feels like second skin. I don’t feel any restrition in my movements.

This is the first time I’ve felt a rash guard like this. It got to be the polyester fabric, but I am a huge fan now.

  • extremely light material
  • very flexible
  • very breathable
  • washes great
  • this has got to be my favorite rash guard to train in

+ Super lightweight material (I can’t emphasis this enough)
+ Fits great
+ Soft and comfortable material and fit
+ Available in all BJJ belt rank colors
– May have to size up

This Fuji men’s short sleeve is made from 100% polyester.

It is very lightweight and comfortable because of its materials and underarm panels that help your arms to move well.

It has a simple design with a sublimated logo print on the front, serving a simple and minimal design.

It comes in all the belt rank colors: white, blue, purple, brown, and black.

*Best Affordable Rash Guard* – Elite

I’ve owned a couple Elite rash guards over the years as well as a pair of their shorts.

There’s a reason why this rash guard has over 13,000 reviews on amazon (most of them being positive).

They are a solid, affordable option with shorter sleeves and waist band plus a pretty great fit.

+ Affordable (great value for the price)
+ Good quality material
+ Anti-slip waistband
+ Available in rank-colored sleeves
+ Fits true to size
– Graphics are not sublimated and may peel

This rash guard is lightweight and comfortable and made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

The compression materials used in this product are anti-odor and have flatlock seams.

It also has an anti-slip waistband, so your rash guard won’t move around that much. 

You need not spend much money on a great quality rash guard. The Elite rash guard is perfect for all your training and sparring sessions.

*Best Rash Guard for Beginners* – Sanabul Essentials

This is my third Sanabul rash guard that I’ve owned. They are a good, affordable option with minimal design for any one no matter their experience or rank.

I’ve found that it runs a little larger and looser around the chest and arms so it’s great if you want your rash guard to be a bit more flexible around your chest, shoulders, and arms.

+ Affordable
+ Available in rank-colored sleeves
+ Mesh underarms
+ Quality flatlock stitching
+ Runs looser in the waist
– May want to wash separate at first to avoid color bleed in washter

Excellent features such as mesh underarms panel and graduated compression at the sleeves are what you get in the Sanabul Short-sleeve training rash guard.

Made of a wicking fabric that removes the sweat from your skin, you can freely and comfortably move without restraint.

It also has an added UV SPF 50, so you can use it for outdoor activities as well.

Hayabusa Geo Short Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard:

This is my first Hayabusa rash guard that I’ve owned. It’s a litte steeper in cost currently at $59 USD on Amazon.

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by this rashguard. I know it comes highly recommended, but I found it to run a little small, and be too tight, and actually felt a bit restrictive.

While the material does appear to be high quality, it also seems thicker which could lend to it feeling more restrictive during movements.

+ Made with multi-way stretch fabric
+ Silicone waistband
+ Reinforced flatlock stitching
– On the expensive side
– Sizing not the best (neck is narrow* and torse is long/loose)
– Runs smaller

This rash guard is durable and is made of a multi-way stretch fabric (84% polyester and 16% spandex) with flatlock stitching.

It maintains body temperature and serves well as a protective gear.

This rashguard is certainly of higher quality and with a great design, but for my taste it just didn’t quite hit all the marks especially when it came to sizing.

Raven Fightwear BJJ Rash Guard:

Raven fightwear is know for their standout graphics and unique style.

While they are high quality rashguards they come at a steeper price at ~$60.

Personally, their rash guards aren’t some of my favorite styles since I prefer the more minimal looks, but their quality is pretty solid.

The only issue I had with this is the sizing. I found that:

  • sleeves were a little too short
  • midseciont was a bit loose

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by this rashguard. I know it comes highly recommended, but I found it to run a little small, and be too tight, and actually felt a bit restrictive.

While the material does appear to be high quality, it also seems thicker which could lend to it feeling more restrictive during movements.

+ Standout graphics
+ Silicone waistband
+ Reinforced flatlock stitching
– On the expensive side
– Sizing not the best (short sleeves / loose around midsection)
– Thin material

LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard:

Lafroi is also known for thier unique graphics and sublimated designs.

Plust they are very affordable with one of their bjj rash guards running ~$22.

With nearly 12k reviews on Amazon, its a very popular choice for many and with good reason.

I found it be:

  • great fitting
  • definitely affordable
  • durable and comfortable

+ Made with multi-way stretch fabric
+ Affordable
+ Great desings
– May have some issues with lettering peeling
– Shorter length around trunk

Other BJJ Rash Guards

Phalanx Rash Guard

A lot of the guys at my 10th Planet gym are also a big fan of Phalanx.

Here’s a popular Phalanx Rash Guard

I have only owned one of these rash guards so I cant’ really speak to their quality in detail, but they seem to be made well and last for a long time.

You should, however, note that these are on the more expensive end and run ~$60 for a rash guard.

Xmartial Rash Guards

Another popular brand that I’ve seen are Xmartial Rash Guards.

Again, I haven’t personally purchased or trained in their rash guards so I can’t really speak to their quality from personal experience.

However, they offer a variety of unique designs that are definitely eye catching.

You can expect a rash guard from Xmartial to range ~$40-$60.

Scramble Tactic Rash Guard

Scramble is also another very popular rash guard manufacturer.

Their most popular rash guad is likely the Scramble tactic Rash Guard:

While I haven’t trained in any Scramble rash guards, I have owned one of their gi’s in the past. They seem to be a solid brand and make quality products.

You can expect to spend ~$60 on one of their rash guards including the Scramble Tactic rash guard.

Origin Rash Guard

Origin is a USA made brand of Brazilian jiu jitsu apparel and gear as well as other apparel.

From our research their rash guards and gear are definitely of high quality (I cannot speak in depth since I have not trained in one of them yet).

You can expect one of their rash guards to run about $60-$70 USD.

Here is one of their popular rash guards: Origin – The Path Rash Guard

What’s a BJJ Rash Guard?

What's a BJJ Rash Guard?

What is a bjj rash guard? How is it relevant in practicing BJJ?

Jiu-jitsu without the Gi, often known as “No-Gi,” has grown significantly recently. It is likely because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has established itself as one of the most practiced within the mixed martial arts (MMA) industry.

To see our full post on frequently asked questions about bjj rashguards take a look here.

Before, the only clothing used was traditional clothing called a “gi.”

But with the rise of No-Gi BJJ, it is now possible to participate while wearing rash guards, shirts, and shorts or spats.

BJJ Rash Guard is a shirt with a close fit that is often built of polyester, spandex, or other fabrics with a four-way stretch.

It comes in two types- the short and the long sleeves and some brands offer rank-colored rash guards that you can use in no-gi bjj competitions.

They are usually reinforced with flatlock stitching, ensuring durability that can withstand the opponent’s pull or grabs. 

Rash guards can be used in BJJ either beneath your gis or alone for no-gi bjj.

Should I buy BJJ rash guards?

The short answer is yes but..

A bjj rash guard isn’t necessary required for training (depnding on your gym of course). However, wearing a rash guard for training for both gi and no gi (especially no gi) will be much more convenient.

If you’ve trained in a regualr T shirt you know that a T-shirt:

  • can get in the way of training
  • become drenched and heavy in sweath
  • will constantly ride up and be caught in someones hand, foot, or head

So yes, if you train Brazilian jiu jitsu, you should buy a bjj rash guard since it makes training much easier.

Why wear rash guard BJJ No-Gi?

While many people usually wear a rash guard under their gi during gi training, a rash guard is especially recommend for no gi training.

No gi training is just training without the gi so you want to training in clothing that is tight fitting, moisture wicking, and doesn’t get in the way of training (like a loose fitting t shirt would).

Why should you wear a rash guard?

BJJ rash guards have vital benefits that every practitioner shouldn’t miss out. 

What are rash guards good for BJJ?

Below are some gathered reasons why you should be a rash guard:

  1. Moisture Wicking/ Quick Drying 
  2. Fight Skin Infections, Abrasions, and Matburn
  3. Reduce Injuries found when training a t-shirt 
  4. Compression Helps with Blood Circulation and Recovery

Let’s discuss this one by one.

1. Moisture Wicking / Quick Drying

BJJ rash guards are made from moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials or fabrics.

Moisture Wicking fabrics allow the transfer of your sweat to it and away from your skin, where it dries quickly and prevents it from soaking.

Imagine how convenient and comfortable it is to have this feature when training. You won’t need to wipe off your sweat every few minutes.

2. Fight Skin Infections and Abrasions and Matburn

BJJ is mostly about grappling. Because of this, you are often to be found on the ground or the mat.

It will expose you to friction, which may cause mat burns and abrasions, as well as skin irritations or infections from the dirt and bacteria found on the mat, which is unavoidable.

It will likely be avoided with a BJJ rash guard, especially with long sleeves. It is a gear designed as a layer of protection for you from these possible injuries or infections.

3. Reduce Injuries found when training a tshirt (injuries to fingers/toes getting caught in loose shirts)

Unlike rash guards, which are usually fit, shirts are loose, meaning opponents can quickly grab them, and their skin is bare and unprotected.

 In some cases, their fingers/toes might get caught or tangled, causing injuries to them or you. 

Wearing a BJJ rash guard, you don’t have to worry much about that. It can compress, which makes it fit you in the right amount of tightness. 

Other rash guard brands also have an inner elastic waistband.

4. Compression Helps with Blood Circulation and Recovery

The BJJ rash guard’s compression feature increases blood flow and circulation and decreases muscle vibration, all of which help to lessen the chance of muscle tears and injuries and boost your performance

At this time, it is unknown if compression clothing can speed up the recovery process. 

However, several studies have shown that wearing a compression rash guard has a positive influence on the rate of muscle recovery after training.

Despite this, wearing a BJJ rash guard and its compression technology can still be advantageous in various ways.

Should You Wear a Short Or Long Sleeve Rash Guard?

When it comes to rash guards, you will see a variety of different options both in short and long sleeve.

First off, it’s a matter of personal preference and style, but there are a few things that can help you decide which one to choose.

Short Sleeve Rash GuardsLong Sleeve Rash Guards
Good for ClimateHotCold
TemperatureKeeps you coolKeeps you warm
Friction reductionLess effectiveMore effective

If you live in a cold climate, then long sleeves may be the way to go. Not only will they keep you warm during your training sessions, but limit the amount of skin contact between you and your training partners and the gym mat. However, they allow for better gripping by your opponent when they grab your wrist or forearms.

In hot climates, short sleeves are usually the best option. They allow your skin to breathe and keep you cool while training. Plus, if you’re competing, wearing shortsleeves can give you an edge over your opponents since it would allow for less friction and gripping if they attempt to grab your wrists/forearms especially when you begin to sweat.

Ultimately though, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between short or long sleeves for Brazilian jiu jitsu – it honestly all depends on your preference.

For me personally, I prefer short sleeves since I usually run pretty hot especially during training.

How tight should your rashguard be?

As noted previously, your rash guard must be well-fitted and have just the right tightness.

It implies that it should feel like a second layer of your skin.

In addition, it should be appropriately tight and retain its ability to be breathable and worn in comfort. 

But if you prefer it to be loose, it is also totally fine.

Do rash guards stretch over time?

Excellent quality rash guards, particularly those made from polyester and spandex, are elastic and won’t lose their form that much over time. 

However, stretch it a couple of times if you feel like it starts to loosen.

Though stretching is inevitible, there are ways where you can prevent it. 

You can take care of your rash guard to make it last long, particularly how you wash them.

Which BJJ Rash Guard Color Should You Buy?

If you’re a BJJ practitioner, you may have asked yourself this question: Does BJJ rash guard color matter?

The answer is yes and no.

When it comes to IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) competitions, the color of your rash guard does matter and must correspond to your belt color. So if you’re a blue belt, for example, you should only wear a blue IBJJF legal rash guard.

Other than that, when it comes to training or competing in other organizations, the color of your rash guard typically doesn’t matter. You can choose any design or color that suits you as long as it’s comfortable and won’t interfere with your performance.

In some bjj gyms, they may also require you to wear your rank color on your rash guard as well.

However, it’s still recommended to stick with IBJJF compliant colors when possible because it shows respect for the sport and reflects well on the school you are representing.

What is the best IBJJF approved rash guard?

If you’re looking for the best IBJJF approved rash guard, then you want a rash guard that represents your belt color and rank.

Some of the best options for bjj rash guards that are IBJJF approved that include your belt rank are:

Specifically in terms of No Gi requipremens for IBJJF tournaments they state specifically:

“Both genders must wear a shirt of elastic material (skin tight) long enough to cover the torso all the way to the waistband of the shorts, colored black, white, or black and white, and with at least 10% of the rank color(belt) to which the athlete belongs. Shirts 100% the color of the athlete’s rank (belt) are also permitted.

Note: For black belts a small red area will be tolerated, but must not decharacterize the athlete’s rank color.”

What Material Should your Rash Guard Be?

Rash guards are a must-have for any BJJ practitioner. Not only do they provide protection from skin-on-skin contact, but they also help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool during tough workouts.

But with all the different types of materials out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

The most popular material used in rash guards is polyester or nylon and spandex, typically with around 80-95% polyester and 5-20% spandex for stretchiness.

This combination of materials makes it lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of grappling. In addition, many rash guards feature moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable even when things heat up on the mat.

For example the Fuji rash guard on this list is made from 100% polyster, and I can definitely tell by how soft it is.

Another popular material is bamboo charcoal fabric, which offers superior breathability and softness compared to traditional fabrics. It’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

At the end of the day, it’s really up to personal preference when choosing a rash guard material – what works best for one person may not necessarily do the job for another. So test out a few different options until you find something that fits your needs perfectly!

What Qualities to Look for When Buying a BJJ Rash Guard


Some things to consider when buying from a bjj rash guard brand are:

  1. Quality: A trustworthy brand will prioritize the quality of its clothing. This means using high-quality materials and ensuring that its products are well-made and durable.
  2. Reputation: A good reputation is built on consistent quality and customer satisfaction. If a brand consistently delivers high-quality products and exceptional customer service, it will earn a positive reputation that can make it more trustworthy.
  3. Transparency: Brands that are open and transparent about their manufacturing processes, sourcing, and labor practices are more likely to be viewed as trustworthy. They should be able to provide information about where their materials come from, how their products are made, and how they treat their workers.
  4. Social responsibility: Brands that prioritize social and environmental responsibility are more likely to be viewed as trustworthy. This means considering the impact of their manufacturing processes on the environment and taking steps to reduce it, as well as treating workers fairly and ethically.
  5. Customer service: A brand that is responsive to its customers’ needs and concerns is more likely to be viewed as trustworthy. This includes providing clear and helpful information about their products, addressing customer complaints promptly and fairly, and offering a hassle-free return policy.

While we are simply talking rash guards here, things like customer service, ability to return rash guard, and quality, should all be things to keep an eye for when considering buying a rash guard.

There’s reason why I trust brands like Gold BJJ, they make quality products and are quick to assist if one of their prodcuts or apparrel fall short.


Design will always play a part in bjj rash guards.

Do you prefer the simple designs of Fuji or Elite or do you prefer the standout designs of Xmartial.

Whether you are looking for a rash guard that is IBJJF legal or something more unique and eye-catching for a tournament, the design of your rash guard will be something that you notice first.

-When choosing a design, consider the colors, logos, or other artwork that will represent you.

-Also consider the type of martial art you practice: some styles have specific colors or symbols associated with them.

Selecting a design that resonates with your style can help to boost confidence and make sure you look your best during competition. (I know I feel like a power ranger when I have certain rash guards on.)

Also take into consideration how comfortable the material is – this should be top priority if you’re practicing regularly. Breathable materials are great for high-intensity workouts, while heavier fabrics can provide extra support during competitions.

Comfort & Mobility

When it comes to martial arts, comfort and mobility are paramount.

You want a rash guard that won’t feel restrictive or uncomfortable—something that will allow you to move freely in whatever way your training demands.

There’s nothing worse than being hindered by a stiff rash guard, so look for one made from four-way stretch fabric, which will allow you to move and stretch without the worry of it losing shape.

  • Ventilated mesh fabric around armpits is also great for allowing your skin to breathe, while providing superior comfort at the same time.
  • It’s also important to consider how well the rash guard fits; if it’s too tight or too loose it can be really annoying and distract you from your training.


When it comes to finding the perfect bjj rash guard, one of the most important things to consider is its durability.

You want high-quality fabric, and reinforced stitching (also known as flatlock stitching) on the seams.

Many feature four-way stretch fabric, which allows the rash guard to be pulled and stretched without easily losing shape.

A rash guard is usually made out of a mix of polyester and spandex (in percentage terms 80 polyester and 20 spandex), so beware of anything made from other materials, as it may not be as durable.

If you’re serious about your martial arts training, then you need to make sure that your rash guard can stand up to the demands of your rigorous workouts week in and week out.

Look for extra features like mesh fabric around the armpits or anti-microbial treatments for added protection.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking technology is an absolute must-have if you’re serious about Brazilian jiu jits.

Not only does it keep you cool and dry during intense training, but it also helps to protect your skin from bacteria and other infections.

Moisture wicking fabric is designed to pull sweat away from your body, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the toughest of sessions.

It’s also great for keeping your skin safe from rashes and chafing, so all you have to worry about is technique instead of skin infections.

Specific Features to Look For:

Flatlock stitching

Flatlock stitching is a popular feature in bjj rash guards.

Flatlock stitching provides a smooth, flat fabric join that won’t cause any irritation while you’re training or competing. It also adds an extra layer of durability and strength to your rash guard so it can handle the toughest workouts.

Four-way stretch fabric

Four-way stretch fabric is an essential component of any high-quality martial arts apparel. Not only does it provide comfort and breathability during those long training sessions, but it also ensures that your rash guard has the flexibility and durability to keep up with you.

With four-way stretch fabric, your rash guard can move with you instead of against you as you train or compete.

The combination of of 80% polyester and 20% spandex provides ample stretch in all directions, meaning your rash guard won’t limit your range of motion during those intense workouts.

Plus, the spandex helps keep its shape for longer, allowing you to get more out of each rash guard.

Ventilated Mesh Armpit Fabric

Quliaty rash guards will use venitlated mesh fabric in the armpit to allow for better breathability.

You may not think it makes a big difference, but I found myself favoring brands that include this breathable fabric such as Fuji and Gold BJJ.

Its just an added bonus feature that really shows the quality of the brand and the rash guard.

Multi-panel construction

Multi-panel construction is a great feature to look for in any martial arts rash guard.

These rash guards are made from several individual panels that are stitched together, rather than a few large pieces of fabric. With its comfortable fit and extra security, multi-panel construction is an important feature to look for when shopping for your next rash guard.

This makes the rash guard fit more comfortably when you move around, as it moves with your body instead of bunching up or riding up. The multi-panels also help to keep the fabric snug and secure, so you can practice without worrying about it slipping or coming undone.

Sublimated graphics

Sublimated graphics is a durable way to include graphics on bjj rash guards.

Sublimation is a special type of printing process which uses heat and pressure to embed ink into a polyester fabric or surface, creating vibrant prints that won’t peel or fade or peel over time.

This makes it perfect for BJJ where your rash guard will be constantly subjected to tough and wet conditions each week.


A silicon or rubber waistband may not be common in all bjj rash guards, but it can defintely help keep your rash guard in place without it riding up.

There are a few brands (like Elite and Hayabuse) on the market that have anti-slip gel waistbands, which help keep your waistband snug during bjj training or competition.

The quality of these rash guards is typically better than most, as they went the extra mile to make sure their customers get the best product possible. Keeping an eye out for these anti-slip gel waistbands is a great way to ensure that you are buying a quality rash guard.

Antimicrobial and Antifungal Properties

If you’re serious about Brazilian jiu jitsu, you want to make sure your rash guard has the best protection possible.

The best rash guards come with antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which provide an extra layer of defense against skin infections.

-Antimicrobial fabrics are treated with silver ions, which are naturally occurring elements that can stop the growth of bacteria and even eliminate them completely.

-Similarly, antifungal fabrics are treated with zinc oxide, which is an effective treatment for preventing fungal infections.

Both features will help keep your skin safe and healthy while you practice martial arts – so you can stay focused on improving your skills instead of worrying about skin irritation or infection.

IBJJF compliant

If you’re looking to compete in IBJJF tournaments, you’ll want to make sure your rash guard is compliant with IBJJF regulations.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. There are plenty of attractive designs available that will still meet the requirements. To be IBJJF compliant, the rash guard must have at least 10% of your rank colour on it – which can range from black and white stripes for a beginner to a solid black belt for a more advanced competitor.

The good news is that many brands now offer vibrant patterns and colors, so you can find something stylish while still adhering to the rules.

Best Budget bjj Rash Guard

If you are looking for the best budgett bjj rashguard then our recommendations are:

I’ve purchased both of these rash guards in the past, and whil they are budget friendly, currently ranging ~$20 on Amazon, I was suprised by their value.

They are some of my favorite rashguards to train in – even compared to the more expensive big brand rash guards.

How to wash your bjj rash guard?

How to wash you bjj rash guard

Your rash guard may inevitably become dirty and sweaty throughout training, so you’ll need to wash it afterward.

In washing your BJJ rash guard, you must use cold water and light soap or detergent. 

You can hang them, air dry them or dry them on low heat, but avoid washing them in hot water. 

Also, if you wish to protect the fabric of your rash guard, refrain from using heavy-duty detergents or fabric softeners.

What’s the Difference between a Compression Shirt and Rashguard?

Both rash guards and compression shirts have a snug, form-fitting design. But there are a few key distinctions that set them apart.

A rash guard is well-fitted clothing. They are made of more durable polyester and spandex. They are designed to protect you from any potential burns or injuries.

On the other hand, Compression shirts are designed to fit closely to the wearer’s body.

Compression shirts are made from the same material. Still, they are thinner because they focus more on their weight and compression characteristics.

It increases blood circulation and pressure on muscles.

Rash guards also do and offer compression. In addition, it has reinforced stitching in the seams, which makes it more durable, and more panels that allow you to move freely. 

How We Picked These BJJ rash guards: Methodology Explained

At HeavyBJJ, we take pride in ensuring that our readers get the most comprehensive and accurate reviews possible. That’s why we take such a thorough approach when it comes to selecting the best rash guards for each review. Here’s how we did it:

We started with a list of over 100 brands and read through customer reviews on Amazon, popular online BJJ stores, Reddit, and the brands’ own websites. We then narrowed down our selection based on those reviews as well as features, fabrics, and creativity.

From there, I bought these bjj rash guards on Amazon and trained in them for atleast 4 weeks to gain personal experience with their rash guards quality and durability.

To make sure we had the most reliable information possible, we also used Fakespot to analyze products on Amazon with suspicious reviews or ratings. Then we compared all of this data to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each rash guard before making our final selection.

In short, picking these rash guards was no small feat! But by doing this research and analysis, we at, HeavyBJJ are confident that you’ll find the perfect rash guard for your needs here!

The 5 Best BJJ Rash Guards on Amazon – Conclusion

If you are in the market for a BJJ rash guard, then look no further. 

After extensive research, I found that the best rash guards are those that fit well and provide adequate protection from mat burn. 

I also believe that you can trust the list of brands I have provided, as they all have a reputation for quality and durability. 

Finally, if you are not familiar with what a BJJ rash guard is or why you might need one, please read on.

I hope this article provides everything you need to make an informed purchase decision. 

Thanks for reading, and see you at the next one! – Zack

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